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River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •
by Kathleen McCarthy

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

GovCorps Profit from Not Modifying Mortgages

I White House Wants FBI to
t has been discovered by real-estate funder of Media Matters and the Center for establish justifiable probable cause, prohibiting
professionals at Think Big Work Small Daily American Progress (credited with choosing and violations of our established rights, and/or abuses
( that banks are placing Obama’s administrative cabinet and czars). Have Unwarranted Access of power that would naturally abound without
refusing to modify mortgage loans because it is far
more profitable to let mortgages default so that the
One West purchased IndyMac mortgages from to Citizens’ Internet Activity such checks and balances.
the FDIC at a discount of 70 percent of the current Such actions are perpetrated under the guise
There is a new assault on Americans’ due-
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), balances (original loan amount minus payments), of the safety and protection of Americans, but in
process rights as defined in our Constitution,
using taxpayer money, can reimburse the banks then resells the properties after they have been reality are a wholesale subversion of that mission.
without which we are reduced to nothing better
and financial institutions for their losses under foreclosed upon at a much lower market value. If you agree, then notify your congressmen of
than a police state. Due process consists of
special agreements struck during the “financial The mystery has been the unwillingness of your absolute objection to this intrusion upon
Miranda and the right to an attorney, facing your
crisis.” One West to work out a loan modification with your right to privacy and due process. Promise
accuser/knowing what you are accused of, bail (if
A recent analysis of IndyMac’s new owner, the underwater homeowner, instead opting for withdrawal of both your vote and financial
warranted), a speedy trial by a jury of your peers,
One West Bank, exposed the financial benefit to foreclosure and selling the home at a severely support if such an abuse of authority is granted,
and a host of other processes that guarantee our
One West in letting mortgages go all the way to discounted rate to a third party. then keep your promise.
equality under the law.
foreclosure rather than modifying the loans or The reason lies in a crafty financial scam that But you had better object sooner than later.
The White House has proposed that the FBI
allowing short sales of the properties – selling the allows One West to recoup far more than its The administration is asking Congress to enact
expand its search-and-seizure authority over
property for less than the amount owed on the purchase price of mortgages from the FDIC; this expanded authority by October. It is not
U.S. citizens by allowing it to seize any and
loan. it actually makes a profit because the FDIC enough to complain to your family, friends, or
all of an individual citizen’s or U.S. company’s
In July 2008, IndyMac was taken over by reimburses One West’s losses on these foreclosed neighbors; you must make your wishes known
or organization’s “electronic communication
the FDIC, then sold to One West Bank. It is a properties via calculations using the original loan to your representatives, regardless of which party
transactional records” without a judge’s approval,
disingenuous name, because One West is not amount rather than the actual amount owed at the you support. Because if you do not voice your
which means without a warrant. Attached to this
a bank at all but a holding company created date of foreclosure, minus what it finally sold for. objection, then you must accept that a police
new authority is a gag order that would prevent
specifically to absorb IndyMac’s assets. Its owners It is another complexly arranged racket state is what you actually prefer for yourself and
those citizens or companies/organizations
include seven investors who are mostly Goldman that explains the huge lack of modifications to your children. You cannot have it both ways. Put
whose electronic activities were confiscated
Sachs alums, including the recently indicted John mortgages that prevails nationwide. There is a simply, you are no patriot if you are unwilling to
from disclosing the seizure(s) to anyone. (See
Paulson, accused of fraud against investors in a helpful chart that explains how this scam works participate in the most basic civic duty – express
deal between himself and Goldman Sachs. Other at, along with videos and your political wishes to those you voted to
What possible justification could exist for
owners of note are Michael Dell (Dell Computers) articles on the FDIC’s “Shared-Loss Agreement” represent you on such matters. The days of sitting
such expanded authority over U.S. citizens? If a
and George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire who that incentivizes what appears to be blatant on the sidelines are over if you don’t want to be the
citizen is suspected in the first place, there should
is one of the top five largest contributors to Obama criminal conduct by these unholy alliances I generation that history records as responsible for
be ample evidence to obtain a warrant. The
and the Democratic party, as well as the primary appropriately refer to as GovCorps. the final demise of American liberty.
whole point of a warrant is to force authorities to

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River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010


by Herb Strentz
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Political-Party Platforms Don’t

Matter, the Media Say, but ...
wo things you should know about the 2010 “the appointment of judges who respect the sanctity
platform of the Iowa Republican Party: of life.”
(1) The document of some 12,000 words But all this and more, many Iowa journalists say,
and almost 370 planks is a fascinating and provocative isn’t relevant because platforms don’t matter anymore.
read. The work is a great candidate for any time All platforms do is tell you who is in control of a
capsule so people 100 or more years from now can see political party and how they would shape public
how their ancestors approached issues of public policy. policy. B-O-R-I-N-G.
(2) The news media in general, and The Des The GOP platform is far from boring.
Moines Register in particular, continue to ignore party The platform invokes God seven times, the
platforms as irrelevant to the 2010 election. “family” 13 times – including three references to the
The state convention of the Iowa GOP came and family farm – marriage eight times, and “Christian”
went with news coverage given to the nominations of four times. While those are minuscule numbers in a
Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds for governor and 12,000-word document, they reflect the overall tone of
lieutenant governor. Little or no news coverage was the platform. So much so that a reader can be forgiven
given to the GOP platform. for thinking our Constitution itself recognizes God,
There seldom is. the family, marriage, and Christianity. But none of
However, one journalist paying attention to those words are in the U.S. Constitution.
political platforms over the years is Gil Cranberg, Not yet, anyway.
former editorial-page editor of The Des Moines The word “amendment” surfaces 22 times in
Register. Gil holds these quaint and apparently archaic the GOP platform, mostly because the Republican
notions that (a) people should say what they mean, leaders want to clarify current federal constitutional
and (b) people should be held accountable for their amendments and add several more to the state and
words. federal constitutions. Really, the Iowa GOP doesn’t
So even some 20 years ago, Gil was writing about want a constitution so much as it wants a 21st Century
how the religious right had taken control of the Iowa version of the Old Testament book of Leviticus – a
GOP. Contrast his observations in the early 1990s collection of laws to prescribe and proscribe how we
with the Register headline that in June proclaimed behave and relate to one another. The Iowa and U.S.
the “soul” of the Republican Party was up for grabs Constitutions are viewed not so much as checks upon
in the party’s primary election. As evidenced by government power as checks upon human behavior.
the platforms over the years, however, the religious Despite its avowed dedication to constitutional
right owns that soul. They work hard and turn out at principles, however, the platform misquotes the U.S.
caucus time when the party shapes its public policy. Constitution. The platform tells you the oath of office
Dedication and hard work pay off for them. for the President and others is in Article VI, but the
The mix of religion and politics is one reason the oath is in Article II. The platform tells you the oath
platform merits attention, more so than its Democratic ends with the vow, “So help me God.” But those words
counterpart. Also, the GOP platform suggests what are not in the constitutional oath. (The Constitution,
views Iowa Republicans will bring to the 2012 caucus of course, does say that no religious test is required for
process, when they will be in the spotlight in helping holding public office or public trust.)
determine who will be their party’s presidential But again, the Iowa news media don’t find any of
nominee. this interesting.
The GOP platform again calls for abolition of So presumably, Iowa reporters will not ask about
plank 7.46 – which calls for limiting terms of office
the federal Department of Agriculture, the federal
to 12 years – and if that applies to gubernatorial
Department of Education, the Internal Revenue
candidate Terry Branstad, who has already served 16
Service, the Federal Reserve, the Department of
years as governor.
Energy, and the National Endowment of the Arts,
While journalists will not hold Republican
along with getting the U.S. out of the United Nations.
candidates accountable for the platform, the state GOP
The platform also would abolish minimum-wage laws,
will. The platform says any candidate must agree with
academic tenure, OSHA, restrictions on smoking,
80 percent of the platform to receive financial support
no-fault divorce, and, of course, abortion, same-sex
from the party. That’s not a high hurdle because the
marriage, and any legal rights emanating from civil
platform does make sense here and there. For example,
unions. The 2008 platform called for “downsizing” the
the platform recognizes that “government works for
Iowa Department of Education. The 2010 platform
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

the people. ‘We the people’ do not answer to them.”

calls for abolishing it.
And the platform dares to suggest that Congress
All is not abolition. Creationism should be included
should know what is in the legislation it considers.
“with all science instruction” in public schools, and
What a concept – almost like people should know
Iowa’s 99 counties should not be consolidated. Parents
what is in the GOP and Democratic platforms. But
who send their children to private schools should
don’t count on the Register or TV news shows to tell
receive some form of public reimbursement for that
Sticking to its guns, the platform also would allow To read the Republican Party of Iowa platform, go
anyone eligible for a permit to carry a concealed to To download the Iowa
weapon to do so at any public elementary school, high Democratic Party platform, go to
school, community college, or university. Elsewhere in demplatform.
the platform, you wouldn’t even need a permit.
The platform does not call for the ouster of any Herb Strentz is a retired administrator and
judges who found the Iowa ban against same-sex professor in the Drake School of Journalism & Mass
marriages to be unconstitutional. But it does call for Communication.
 the impeachment of “activist judges” and advocates
by Rich Miller

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Quinn’s Negativity
Backfires on Him
overnor Pat Quinn was in rare form what this fellow is talking about. He wants
last week as he attacked state Senator to cut the school budget in Illinois, the
Bill Brady before his Republican education budget, by 10 percent. How are
opponent had a chance to get his own licks in. you going to fund the schools?”
Quinn was put in an extremely awkward Yeah, he laid it on pretty darned thick.
position by his budget director, who And considering the position Quinn
indicated to an out-of-state reporter was in, the property-tax angle might not
that the state’s income-tax rate would be have been a bad push-back. People are
increased to 5 percent from its current 3 probably more upset about the property
percent come January. Democrats were tax than any other tax in the state. If he has
predictably stunned by the political stupidity to divert attention from his own tax hike,
of such a thing, that’s the way to go.
and Republicans There is also little
were predictably
foaming at the
Quinn’s advertising doubt that large,
permanent cuts to
education and local
mouth with outrage.
The virulently
has been so crushingly government will
eventually lead to
anti-tax Brady
quickly scheduled
negative that people are property-tax hikes.
Then again, the
a press conference
and we all knew
apparently heading for negative messages
pushed by Quinn
what was coming:
unadulterated vitriol.
the exit doors. apparently haven’t
worked all that
The governor
well. The latest
explained to
Rasmussen poll has
reporters that his budget guru had been
Brady with a 7-percent (44-37) lead, even
“misconstrued.” Raising the income tax to
though Quinn has spent $2 million or so on
5 percent wasn’t his plan, Quinn declared,
viciously anti-Brady TV advertising already.
vowing to veto any tax-hike increase above 1
More ominously, the poll of 750 likely
percentage point.
voters taken July 26 found that a big chunk
But in between the defenses, the governor
of Quinn’s “must get” vote is now seriously
engaged in a full-throttled attack on Brady considering voting for a third-party
for proposing to cut education by 10 percent candidate. And there might be plenty of
as part of Brady’s across-the-board budget- those to choose from this year.
reduction plan. Quinn claimed Brady’s A staggering 23 percent of African-
proposed billion-dollar slash would force Americans, 19 percent of moderates, 14
the layoffs of “thousands of teachers,” crowd percent of Democrats and women, and
classrooms to the breaking point, and, 10 percent of liberals chose “some other
most importantly, cause property taxes to candidate” in the poll. Just one of those
“skyrocket.” You could barely count to three demographics – moderates – was in double
in between Quinn’s warnings about how digits in Rasmussen’s June 7 poll. Quinn’s
Brady would force property taxes through advertising has been so crushingly negative
the roof. (which tends to push people away), and
“I’m a person who wants to hold down his job performance has been so utterly
property taxes,” Quinn said. “If we want a abominable lately, that people are apparently
growing economy, we cannot have politicians heading for the exit doors.
from Bloomington running around Illinois That isn’t happening to Brady. His natural
telling people before an election nothing is base – Republicans, conservatives, men,
going to happen as far as tax reform when whites, and people making over $100,000
it comes to supporting education, but then

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

a year – are all still in the single digits on
after the election presiding over the biggest the “some other candidate” response. Just
property tax in Illinois history. 3 percent of Republicans are thinking of
“I don’t want to see these local property straying, for instance.
taxes go up,” he said moments later. “You’ve And it also isn’t happening to Quinn’s
got to be careful of these apostles of ‘no fellow statewide Democrat Alexi
tax.’ When they talk, they have their fingers Giannoulias. Not a single one of those
crossed, because they know the local “must get” Democratic constituencies is in
government is going to raise the property double digits on Rasmussen’s “some other
tax on people.” candidate” response for the US Senate
And he wasn’t finished. “I know that campaign.
there’s going to be false prophets running Pat Quinn’s worst enemy has always been
around Illinois saying, ‘We don’t have to Pat Quinn, and it’s no different now.
do anything, just stand still, cut the budget
of state government for education by 10 Rich Miller also publishes Capitol Fax (a daily
percent.’ Make sure that everybody knows political newsletter) and 
by Lynn Campbell,
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Open Seats Key as GOP Aims to Win

owa Republicans believe they can projects in all 99 counties as of July 20 and
regain control of the Iowa House in invested $705.4 million in flood-mitigation
the November election, although they and infrastructure projects.
agree with Democrats that the 16 seats left When combined with money that’s been
open because of retirements after the 2010 leveraged, “that means $1.32 billion of
legislative session will play a key role in projects are either underway, committed, or
determining who will call the shots over the completed,” the report says. “All of that has
next two years. been done without raising taxes and at the
Republicans note that they have the least-possible long-term costs.”
largest field of candidates since 1994 – when The report says that an early-July
they picked up 13 seats in the House – and telephone survey of I-JOBS contractors and
that 25 Republicans are running unopposed subcontractors indicates there are currently
compared to just 11 Democrats. more than 7,079 directly supported
“Republicans have a tremendous positions on the payroll of projects funded
opportunity to win back the Iowa House, by I-JOBS. And using various methods for
and the candidates we have give us a assessing economic impact, the number of
tremendous opportunity to win significant jobs supported ranges from 9,944 to 23,225
seats and knock on the door of winning back through December of last year, and from
the Iowa Senate,” said Republican Party of 15,724 to 36,764 for I-JOBS money granted
Iowa Chair Matt Strawn. and leveraged through the current fiscal
House Minority Leader Kraig Paulsen (R- year.
Hiawatha) said it’s too early for predictions, Governor Chet Culver’s staff at one point
“but we’re very optimistic that Republicans estimated the program would create as
will be back in a position to control the Iowa many as 30,000 jobs.
House,” and he said he doesn’t see a scenario Jeff Boeyink, the campaign manager
in which Republicans lose any seats. for Republican gubernatorial nominee
One GOP strategist speaking on Terry Branstad, criticized the new report,
background said he’s confident Republicans saying construction employment in Iowa
will win four of the 10 open Democratic is actually down 2,700 since the I-JOBS bill
seats and hold five of the six Republican was passed, and nearly 20,000 Iowans have
open seats, meaning Republicans would been added to the rolls of the unemployed
then still need to win four incumbent since the program began.
Democratic seats to hit 51 representatives “These are short-term construction jobs,
and gain control. Republicans also see the 35 not the long-term jobs Governor Culver
Democratic incumbents being challenged promised when he proposed I-JOBS,”
as an opportunity, compared to the just Boeyink said. “$1.7 billion for short-term
13 Republican incumbents who have construction jobs is not a great return on
Democratic challengers. investment for Iowa taxpayers. In fact, these
But House Majority Leader Kevin short-term jobs are costing Iowans over
McCarthy (D-Des Moines) said it’s rare to $240,000 apiece.”
lose more than one or two incumbents in an “I-JOBS is creating jobs today and
election. creating the conditions for long-term
“We feel good about our incumbents; we job growth,” countered Culver campaign
feel good about the work they do,” McCarthy spokesperson Ali Glisson. “But Terry
said. “We have them on an incumbent- Branstad already knows that because, in the
protection program, and every constituent past, he’s made the case for how programs
that contacts them they respond with a like this work.”
handwritten note or a phone call. We hope Glisson pointed to a 1983 news article
to have a decent outcome in the election.” that said then-Governor Branstad was well
Strawn noted that Paulsen has more on his way to fulfilling his jobs promise
than $200,000 cash on hand, compared to because of his investments in infrastructure.
much lower numbers for House Democratic “When Branstad wants to sell Branstad’s
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

leaders. “We’ve got a speaker of the House jobs program, estimates are fine to use,”
in this state in Pat Murphy who has $2,700 she said. “When Governor Culver’s
cash on hand at the last reporting period,” office actually calls the contractors and
Strawn said. “The House Democrat leader subcontractors to account for jobs created,
McCarthy has about $12,000.” according to Branstad, the program is
But campaign-finance reports show somehow supposed to be considered a
that Democratic leaders contributed large failure.”
chunks of their money to other Democratic
candidates. For an expanded version of this article, visit
I-JOBS Numbers Provoke This weekly summary comes from
Debate Over Impact, an online government
A new report from the Iowa Department and politics news service. Reporter Andrew
of Management says the state’s $875-million Duffelmeyer and other correspondents
 I-JOBS program launched more than 1,688 contributed to this report.
Recommended Bicycle Network
The map below, displayed on a full page in Chapter 9, shows existing multi-use paths and bicycle
lanes, on Marquette Street and Jersey Ridge Road, and recommended bicycle lane striping, pave-
by Jeff Ignatius

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

New Way
the City grows. The bicycle projects numbered on the map below (prefaced with a “B-” elsewhere
in this plan) are listed in Chapter 5 and are described more fully in Chapter 9.

Davenport’s Smart Transportation Plan and Its Roadblocks

Figure 4-2 Bicycle Master Plan Map

n an interview promoting his 2007 lecture at the Figge


Art Museum, urban planner Jeff Speck promised that Davenport in Motion
E 80

Bicycle Master Plan Map

his ideas would be “controversial.” He explained to me 76TH

that “most cities, for better or for worse, are being designed 34 26a 26a 26a VETERANS MEMORIAL

by their public-works departments, who state as the highest 26b 26b S

re T
rail 43 TER
13 VE Futu

objective the free flow of automobiles.” 38 49b

re T

Red Hawk ST

Three years later, the City of Davenport is on the cusp
Golf Course Prairie
Goose Creek Park

25 7c 39a 49a
59TH Heights

of approving a 10-year comprehensive transportation 37 41





plan called “Davenport in Motion” that draws from the


13 42

33 39a 40


philosophy Speck promotes. The shock is that it’s barely 23 23 7c
24b 24a


controversial at all.

24b 46TH
7b 40 13

10b re Trai
Highlights include returning Third, Fourth, Brady, and


38 10a l

37 14

1b 42
Harrison streets to two-way automobile traffic, adding bike

re T

33 32 9 36th

lanes and other pavement markings to create a citywide

HIC 35th
KO 13
44 7b Junge Park 32nd

4 C RY
c k r e ek Tra i l GR
Du Marquette Park Eastern
31 11 OV

network of cyclist-friendly routes, altering roadways 9 E Avenue



51 50 29th

50 12 Connection to

Emeis Park


“to ensure safe vehicle travel speeds and mobility for all

Duck Creek Park Duck Creek Trail

& eT &
Golf Course 30 22 rail
42 Golf Course

22 22


travel modes” (including foot traffic), and optimizing 22 Vander

Future Bike Lanes H 11 15 Veer RUSHOLME

Park ELM
36 35 21 46 LOMBARD H
1b 21
the downtown-parking situation. It also addresses two 29 Connection to

2 6 7a 8 Bettendorf
areas this article won’t: restructuring CitiBus to achieve


19 19 20 Bettendorf
36 19 15th
5 19
“significant improvements in efficiency and service quality 45 14th 12th

11 47


Fejervary 11th

12 Park

(frequency and hours of service),” and a plan for northwest 1a




8 Connection to


48 River Trail

Davenport. 48

4 17

Davenport in Motion is more than 900 pages long 18b 18b

Rock Island Arsenal

18a AP Centennial

(costing the city $330,110), but its overarching goal r


18b a i N 27b Moline KI


can be boiled down to this bit from its introduction: “a

27a 27b KIN
Park i MC

transportation system that is multi-modal, interconnected, 16 s
is Existing Bike Lanes
H Hospital


and supportive of a pedestrian-friendly urban community


Existing Multi-Use Paths


140TH JO



Restriping Projects CITY OF

where residents can access daily needs and activities by

LL Parks
Rock Island

28 ER for Bicycle Lane Addition


foot, bike, or transit.” (Download links for the plan can 27 Pavement Marking Projects
for Shared Street Designation (sharrows)


be found at To read an article

Credit Island Park
27 Path Projects &
Golf Course

Future Bike Lanes Streets
previewing Speck’s 2007 speech, go to (Street does not exist today)

speck.) Connection to
River Trail

Davenport in Motion is no panacea, and there are

roadblocks. The plan doesn’t include an overall price Source: AECOM
tag, and it of course still needs to be implemented.
The downtown-parking element remains problematic, DAVENPORT IN MOTION | BUILDING A 21st CENTURY TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM
as Davenport’s surfeit of parking makes it difficult to
encourage through scarcity modes of transportation
beyond the automobile. Because Brady and Harrison
are part of U.S. 61, changing them to two-way streets
would require approval beyond the city council. And
transportation is just one element of urban planning.
But the plan is tangible evidence that Davenport
has taken Speck’s criticism to heart. The free flow
of automobiles is no longer Davenport’s primary
transportation objective.

In the Mainstream
It’s worth noting that the substance of Davenport in
Motion isn’t a surprise, given whom the city selected to

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

write it: the transportation planners of Nelson\Nygaard
Consulting Associates, which specializes in the sort of
sustainable development that Speck preaches. (Speck’s
company also contributed to the plan.)
But Dan McNeil, a member of the Quad Cities
Transportation Alternatives Group, said he was “pleasantly
surprised” that Nelson\Nygaard was chosen in the first
place, and “that the [city] council has been so supportive.”
After Speck spoke in the Quad Cities, McNeil said, it was
reasonable to ask what would come of it. McNeil credits
Davenport City Designer Darrin Nordahl for advocating
a modern approach to transportation planning. “They’re
very lucky to have a progressive thinker in that position,”
Continued On Page 18

Vol. 17, No. 758
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

August 5 - 18, 2010

by Mike Schulz

The Soul of Wit 532 W. 3rd St.

Davenport IA 52801
Lora Adams on the Curtainbox Theatre Company’s Cancer Drama, and Her Own Struggles with the Disease (563)324-0049 (phone)
(563)323-3101 (fax)
(Author’s note: I’m a proud like to do this show. Let’s
ensemble member of the work around your crazy Publishing since 1993
Curtainbox Theatre Company, schedule.’” The River Cities’ Reader is an independent newspaper
and along with interviewee The resulting production, published every other Thursday, and available free
Lora Adams, am serving as co- says Adams, was a throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.
associate producer on Wit.) considerable success – “We
sold very well, between © 2010 River Cities’ Reader

hen you hear 100 and 120 a night” at
that word Rivermont Collegiate – and DEADLINES
– cancer – it’s its director was especially • To purchase a display ad,
very surreal,” says WQPT-TV pleased that audiences ( 5 p.m. Wednesday
Director of Marketing Lora embraced Wit’s inherent, • To purchase a classified ad,
Adams, regarding her 2008 unforced positivity. ( 10 a.m. Monday
diagnosis with the disease. “For me, Wit wasn’t so
“There’s a moment when the much about cancer,” she
reality of it not being a television says. “It wasn’t so much PUBLISHER
show, or not happening to about this woman dying, Todd McGreevy
somebody else’s family, has to and the journey in that
sort of settle in. You have that Corinne Johnson in Wit dying, but how wonderful it EDITOR
moment of ‘Holy crap.’ And then for Davenport’s New Ground Theatre was that she had lived. That Kathleen McCarthy
once that happens, you move forward.” – a production that, like the play’s present she had impacted so many lives with her
Adams is describing her own experience, incarnation, also starred St. Ambrose passion for her work. Love her or hate her, EDITORIAL
but she could also be describing the opening University Theatre Professor Corinne she was certainly passionate about what she Managing Editor: Jeff Ignatius •
Johnson as Vivian. And Adams says Arts Editor, Calendar Editor: Mike Schulz •
minutes of Wit, the Pulitzer Prize-winning taught.”
drama that Adams is currently co-associate that when Curtainbox Artistic Director As much as she loved the play, however, Contributing Writers: Amy Alkon, Rob Brezsny, Lynn Campbell,
producing for the Curtainbox Theatre Kimberly Furness “talked about doing Adams didn’t necessarily plan on revisiting Luke Hamilton, Rich Miller, Jill Walsh, Thom White
Company. (The show runs August 12 Wit again” with Broadway veteran Philip it. Yet several years later, she was forced into
through 29 at the Village of East Davenport’s William McKinley directing, “and then revisiting its subject, when a routine physical ADVERTISING
Village Theatre.) Written by Margaret talked about Cory doing it again, that was revealed a series of lumps on Adams’ Account Executive:
certainly very intriguing. Chris Walljasper •
Edson, the play concerns a middle-aged thyroid, a discovery that led to a sonogram
“So we went to lunch, and she said, Advertising Coordinator: Nathan Klaus
college professor recently diagnosed with procedure, which, in turn, led to a biopsy.
stage-four ovarian cancer, and follows her ‘Would you like to associate produce, “Then the phone call came,” says Advertising rates, publishing schedule, demographics,
through her hospitalization, her radiation because of your personal experience with Adams. “I got a message to ‘Call us back and more are available at
treatments, and – as she explains to the the show, and your personal experience with immediately.’ And I thought, ‘Well, this can’t
audience in her opening monologue – her cancer?’ And I said sure. I was happy to help be good.’ Your head immediately clicks
eventual death. out any way I could.” and you go, ‘They’re gonna tell me I have PRODUCTION
Yet despite Wit’s subject matter, neither It was New Ground Artistic Director cancer.’” Art Director, Production Manager: Shawn Eldridge •
the work nor its leading character, Vivian Chris Jansen who first introduced Adams to She did. “I literally sat down and the
Edson’s play. “She had given me Wit,” says Graphic Artist - Nathan Klaus
Bearing, is unremittingly dour. Called doctor said, ‘I’m sorry – you have cancer.’” Production/Design Interns - Nathan Kuhn , Julie McDermott
“brutally human and beautifully layered” Adams, “and I read it, and my first thought (It should be noted that, barring the first
by the New York Times, Edson’s 1999 off- was, ‘Oooo ... I don’t know that I’m up to two words, this is exactly how Vivian’s ADMINISTRATION
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

Broadway hit is also a poignant, mordantly the task of this play.’ Because, you know, physician breaks the news to her in Wit. Business Manager: Kathleen McCarthy
funny, and ultimately comforting play, one sometimes you read something and you just “At least my doctor added the ‘I’m sorry,’” Office Administrator, Classifieds Manager, Circulation Manager:
that Adams believes has the capacity to know you want it to be perfect.” She thought, Adams says with a laugh.) Rick Martin •
however, that greatness could certainly be Distribution: William Cook, Cheri DeLay, Greg FitzPatrick, Tyler
speak to everyone. Adams was diagnosed with papillary Gibson, Daniel Levsen, J.K. Martin, Jay Strickland
“It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t been achieved with the right actress in the lead, carcinoma, and says that while “this
touched, in one way or another, by cancer,” “because this show rises and falls on Vivian.” cancer is not like others – you don’t get
she says. “And I think what Wit does is Enter Corinne Johnson. Literally. “Cory chemotherapy in the traditional sense,” her
allow an audience the opportunity to at came in,” says Adams, “and I was told right experiences during treatment did oftentimes
least experience it without as much emotion off the bat that she loved the play, but that mirror those of Wit’s Vivian Bearing,
as you’d feel experiencing it personally. It her schedule was crazy, and she really wasn’t particularly the one expressed in Vivian’s
prepares them.” going to be able to do it. But I gave her a line “You cannot imagine how time ... can
Before Wit’s Curtainbox staging or her side to read, and within, I don’t know, a be ... so still.”
own 2008 cancer diagnosis, frequent area nanosecond, that was it. It was luminous. “There’s a sameness to the days,” says
performer and director Adams helmed She was Vivian. And so we sat down and I
a 2002 presentation of Edson’s drama said, ‘Okay. I want you in this. You would Continued On Page 21

Movie Reviews

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

by Mike Schulz •

Guess-Who’s Coming to Dinner

THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT something he shouldn’t – which is often. It’s about
Nic’s shocked, paralyzing discovery of a betrayal, the
In general terms, explaining what director Lisa
jovial discussion around her slowly shifting into a
Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right is “about” is a
barely audible rumble.
pretty easy task: 18-year-old Joni (Mia Wasikowska)
The Kids Are All Right is, in short, about dozens
and 15-year-old Laser
upon dozens of brilliantly
(Josh Hutcherson) – the
textured and memorable
children of a contented
details. The tenuous yet
and devoted lesbian
indescribably forceful
couple (Annette Bening’s
bond between parents
Nic and Julianne Moore’s
and children, the loving
Jules) – arrange a first
struggle that constitutes
meeting with their shared
daily existence between
sperm-donor father
long-term partners, the
(Mark Ruffalo’s Paul),
self-inflicted wounds that
and through several Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Josh come with trying, and
more meetings, watch as Hutcherson, Mia Wasikowska, and Mark failing, to be your “highest
his casually disruptive
Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right self” – these are the
presence gradually,
subjects that Cholodenko,
irrevocably alters their family dynamic. Yet while
Blumberg, and the film’s overwhelmingly fine
this is an accurate, if simplified, plot synopsis, it
ensemble so adroitly tackle in this stunningly big-
doesn’t come remotely close to explaining what this
hearted and truthful work. Like life, The Kids Are All
buoyant, original, altogether extraordinary dramatic
Right is really funny, and really sad, and something
comedy is actually about.
you really don’t want to be over, and for all of its
It’s about the kids’ faces during their introductory
aforementioned, beautifully realized moments and
lunch with Paul: Joni’s wide-eyed, unfettered
themes, there’s one other thing that the movie is
happiness revealing that she’s finally found the Cool
about: perfect.
Dad she didn’t even know she was looking for;
Laser’s reserved fascination suggesting an adolescent
desperate to connect yet terrified of connecting DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS
too quickly. It’s about Paul’s tentative yet nearly Maybe it’s just my natural aversion to French
instantaneous rapport with these kids, and the way farce, but for all of the frequent cackling at my
he says goodbye after that lunch, giving Joni a hug screening of Dinner for Schmucks – adapted from
and Laser a handshake followed by an awkward, Francis Veber’s French-language smash The Dinner
trying-to-be-fatherly squeeze on the shoulder. (If the Game – I found it damned near impossible to
casting of Mark Ruffalo as this sweet, scruffy, laid- join in. To be sure, director Jay Roach’s leads at
back, sometimes dangerously irresponsible organic least offer some pleasure. Playing a pathologically
farmer seems a little too obvious, it’s also for good clueless IRS agent with a side interest in (and
reason: Were the role not played by Ruffalo, you’d astonishing gift for) taxidermy, Steve Carell, even
spend the whole movie wondering why it wasn’t.) after 100-plus episodes of The Office, still finds
It’s about the way that Nic, at the first dinner ways to surprise you into giggling with his flawless
they’re hosting for Paul, watches Jules as she rambles approximation of a well-meaning nitwit. And as
on about her latest business venture, her wary squint the nice guy roped into bringing this wiener to a
signifying, “Please don’t embarrass us in front of career-making soirée, Paul Rudd pulls off straight-
the sperm donor.” It’s about Jules’ subtly mortified man apoplexy with aplomb, and has a hysterical
realization that Nic, trying too hard to be pleasant bit in which he attempts to walk after dislocating
with Paul, is just barely masking her utter contempt. his back. Yet I found Dinner for Schmucks itself
It’s about the women’s continual, comically oblivious exhaustingly labored and senseless – it’s impossible
reliance on therapeutic shorthand, peppering their to believe that Rudd’s seemingly sane, gallery-
conversations with “I feel like there’s some subtext curator girlfriend (Stephanie Szostak) would be in

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

here” and “Maybe it hasn’t risen to the point of thrall to the specious “talents” of Jemaine Clement’s
consciousness for you yet” and “I know I haven’t preening-egomaniac artiste – and initially amusing
been my highest self lately.” (Written by Cholodenko sequences drag on for such an achingly long time
and Stuart Blumberg, Kids’ smart, biting, literate that I, for one, began to resent them; the usually
script lightly satirizes its characters without ever great Zach Galifianakis, in particular, is forced
once stooping to mockery.) to wear out his welcome. Then, too, the movie’s
It’s about Joni’s anxious, rebellious uncertainly closeups are oppressively close, and the slapstick
as she drunkenly approaches a high-school crush. is poorly staged, and Ron Livingston and Larry
It’s about Laser’s heartbroken anger after deciding Wilmore and ventriloquist comic Jeff Dunham
that his best friend is, in truth, a colossal prick. It’s are badly wasted, and Lucy Punch delivers a
about Jules’ hilarious attempt at explaining to Laser hideously unappealing performance, and the
why lesbians would watch man-on-man porn. inevitable maudlin sentiment doesn’t jibe with the
(“Wouldn’t you rather watch naked girls?” “You early, laugh-at-the-dweeb meanness, and ... . Okay,
would think.”) It’s about Paul’s reflexive, I-can’t- maybe it’s not just my natural aversion to French
believe-I-just-did-that laughter every time he does farce.
Listen to Mike every Friday at 9am on ROCK 104-9 FM with Dave & Darren 
By Thom White
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Model Twain
Big River, at the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre through August 8

o paraphrase one of Big River ’s best- deserves a mention.) Rob Engelson and
known lyrics, I’ve been waitin’ for Michael Oberfield are quite the pretentious
the men to shine on the Clinton Area pair as the Duke and King, respectively.
Showboat Theatre stage all summer long. And Isaac Jankowski, who can’t be more
In my estimation, and with the exception than 18, manages to transcend his youth in
of a few notable performances – Antwaun his portrayals of both the upstanding Judge
Holley in Rent, Michael Oberfield in Show Thatcher and the uneducated Silas Phelps.
Boat – the male actors haven’t really held Big River isn’t, however, a boys-only club.
their own against the female actors this For one thing, it’s directed by a woman
season. That is, until Big River; on Saturday – Jalayne Riewerts’ show is well-paced
night, every single male performer in Mark and always interesting, even as the script
Twain’s boy-centric tale of Huck Finn and songs ebb and flow between fun,
offered a noteworthy performance. dramatic, dark, and dull. For another, there
Even before the production started, I are women in the show, well-portrayed by
was grateful to see Holley cast as Jim, the Riewerts’ female cast members. Sandee
runaway slave. Holley’s Showboat roles Cunningham, in particular, possesses a
have been smaller than I would’ve preferred commanding stage presence as the toe-the-
ever since Rent, so I was glad we’d be line Widow Douglas and the warm-hearted
seeing more of his talent showcased in this Sally Phelps. And while her role doesn’t
musical. And did we ever, particularly his offer Amber Grey much opportunity to
vocal talents. While his projection could’ve showcase her acting ability, it does show off
been louder, Holley’s singing has a smooth, her singing ability; her performance of “The
rich sound that’s pitch-perfect on every Crossing” is haunting, while her “How Blest
song. We Are” carries with it a deep sadness.
The moment Mike Detmer opened
All of these great performances, though,
his mouth, I knew his seemingly natural,
are presented on a set that left me with
boyish charm was well-suited to the
a mixed impression. To start with, it’s
role of Huck. Dietmer positively exudes
somewhat aesthetically off. Riewerts, who
youthfulness and joy, and his Huck could
also serves as the show’s set designer,
do no wrong in my eyes, even when his
created a three-tiered series of platforms
character was doing plenty of it.
shaped like piers, but covered in a gray,
Nick Lee’s “Hand for the Hog” finds
foamy substance that suggests rocks and/or
the actor giving his best performance
caves. The space beneath the platforms,
of the summer. Singing as Tom Sawyer
lauding the virtues of the hog, Lee’s pacing however, is masked by streamers, creating
and comedic timing couldn’t be better, vertical stripes of gray and green that left
and elicited well-deserved laughs from me baffled. (Why stripes?) Yet while its
the audience. It was a thrill to watch as look makes no sense, the design itself is
Lee deftly used vocal pauses and facial ingenious, with the streamers allowing set
expressions to convey the number’s comedy. pieces – such as Jim’s and Huck’s raft and
Ryan Nelson, however, almost steals Pap’s camp – to be hidden beneath the
the show as Pap Finn, throwing himself platforms and quickly pushed out for use.
into the character’s crass, drunken nature, I enjoyed Showboat’s Big River a lot more
and playing it big in while displaying than I expected to, considering that the
full commitment to the role. Nelson soundtrack’s bluegrass and country style
commands your attention as he stumbles drives me a little nuts, and initially lowered
his way across the stage, swigging from a my expectations. So, too, did this summer’s
jug of moonshine, and manages to make previous performances by the Showboat’s
his singular solo song, “Guv’ment,” even male actors, which have been, for the most
funnier than written through his inebriated part, adequate. Big River, though, showcases
the reason these men are on Clinton’s stage
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

Derrick Bertram’s delivery of “Arkansas” this year.
adds a lot of fun to the proceedings, with
his big smile and exuberant choreography. For tickets and information, call (563)242-
(Big River’s program doesn’t list a 6760 or visit
choreographer – except for Patrick Stinson
on two songs – and that’s too bad, as Thom White covers entertainment news for
whoever handled the additional dancing WQAD Quad Cities News 8.

by Jeff Ignatius

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The Confidence to Explore
The Watson Twins, August 18 at The Speakeasy

hen Jenny Lewis, the singer of Fire Songs. “By the time we got off the road
the indie-pop outfit Rilo Kiley, with Rabbit Fur Coat, we knew that we had
released her 2006 solo debut a stack of songs, that we wanted to make a
Rabbit Fur Coat, she credited the album to real record,” Leigh said. “It ultimately gave
Jenny Lewis with the us the courage to
Watson Twins. do that, to have this
That small act experience on the
of generosity is the road, the musical
primary reason that confidence to feel like
the Watson Twins vocally we can pull
– who will perform a this off, and we have show something to offer.”
at The Speakeasy on Fire Songs
August 18 – have their certainly has its
current visibility. strong points, but
This isn’t to say as
Chandra and Leigh Watson
the Kentucky-raised said, the album
identical twins based in Los Angeles didn’t “highlighted those voices primarily by
play an important role on the record, stripping everything else away, leaving
but the Watson sisters (to put it bluntly) their vocals to anchor subpar songs, and an
provide backing vocals for Lewis’ songs. Yet anonymous musical backdrop ... .”
there they are behind Lewis on the cover, in “Fire Songs was a very safe record for
setting and dress suggesting the creepy dead us to make, and we needed to make a
girls from The Shining all grown up. And a safe record because we weren’t there yet,”
little less creepy, and a lot less dead. Chandra said. “We needed to do what we
The Watson Twins certainly didn’t felt comfortable in doing, and where we had
expect that kind of exposure from the come from with the music. ... With Talking
project. “We really loved the songs, and our to You, Talking to Me, we were ready to
collaboration ... came very easy,” Chandra push ourselves in a different way.”
Watson said in a phone interview last week. Talking to You, Talking to Me is the
“Lewis is a very modest person, and she Watson Twins’ new album, released in
wasn’t really making that big a deal out of February. It announces itself immediately
it.” with “Modern Man” and “Harpeth
“It had the feeling of a side project,” Leigh River,” both of which put those voices in
Watson said. “Rilo Kiley was starting to the service of the songs, rather than the
really get big at that point.” But Rabbit Fur other way around. Spin called the album
Coat was well-reviewed and a hit for an “a massive improvement. Taking a cue
indie record, and “two months of touring from Shelby Lynne, the Watsons consult
turned into a year on the road,” Leigh said. vintage Southern styles for inspiration,
The Watsons sang in the church from incorporating touches of country and
age nine but found alternative music in plenty of hot-blooded soul. The only
their teenage years, resulting in a style that problem with ‘Calling Out,’ ‘Forever Me,’
mixed the two. “The music that we were and other alluring tracks is that they end
writing had more of that indie vibe to it, too soon ... .”
but the vocals still held onto that more Chandra credited the freewheeling
gospel-sounding cadence,” Leigh said. “The nature of the album to the tour time
thing that we honed the most in singing in supporting Lewis, Southern Manners, and
church was harmonies; that was probably Fire Songs: “When you spend a lot of time
the biggest carryover. It was more tonal and on the road, something happens to you as
vocal performance and harmonies than the a performer where you gain confidence,

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

music itself.” and you really get to know yourself and you
The twins arrived in Los Angeles in 1998 get to know your voice. We really found a
with their eyes on a music career. The years confidence in ourself to explore.”
between their California arrival and their
national “arrival” involved singing in the The Watson Twins will perform on
band Slydell, making connections, learning Wednesday, August 18, at Circa ’21’s The
to record, and exploring different styles of Speakeasy (1818 Third Avenue in Rock
music. “I consider that our musical college Island). The bill also includes Tennis, Ferraby
experience or grad school or whatever you Lionhart, and Idpyramid. Tickets to the
want to call it,” Leigh said. Slydell broke 7 p.m. all-ages show are $8 in advance
up – after three albums – at about the time and $10 at the door. For tickets, e-mail
Lewis was looking for backup singers.
The Watson Twins released the EP
Southern Manners at about the same time as For more information on the Watson Twins,
Rabbit Fur Coat, and touring behind those visit or
led to the pair’s debut full-length, 2008’s thewatsontwins. 11
R 10
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By Thom White

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Jokers! Wild!
Ecclesiazusae, at Lincoln Park through August 8

enesius Guild’s Ecclesiazusae is but are incredibly amusing and endearing in
perhaps the most ridiculous thing I’ve their imperfection, and the songs also offer
ever seen on a local stage, and that’s a welcome change of pace in the midst of
what I found so charming about it. so many monologues. My personal favorite
Inspired by among the
Aristophanes’ women,
Greek comedy however,
about women was Flaherty,
taking over who was so
Athens, impressive in
Genesius Guild’s her comedic
production is delivery, and
a hodgepodge boasted such
of pokes and stage presence,
jabs at local that my
icons, including jaw literally
Genesius Guild dropped. Why
itself. Director is this the first
and writer Don time I’ve seen
Wooten’s show Michael Phillips, Lisa Pilgrim, and Claira Hart this woman
lampoons Mary perform?
from Good’s Furniture, Circa ’21’s Bootleggers, She’s so captivating, so comically adept, that
Quad City Music Guild, Bill Wundram, and I’d welcome seeing her in every comedy
many more familiar faces and groups. produced in the Quad Cities from this point
Sunday night’s performance marked my forward.
first time seeing one of Genesius Guild’s While the women shine, they don’t entirely
season-ending comedies, and I had very little overshadow the men. Michael Phillips and
idea of what to expect beyond (as I was told) Joe Curtiss are particularly delightful as the
Guilders running around on stage acting silly. French Army (familiar characters to fans of
The show is certainly silly, but it’s also witty Monty Python & the Holy Grail), while Bob
and jovial, the entire production playing like Hanske’s Blepyros, Earl Strupp’s Pheidolos,
a celebration after a summer of hard, serious and Michael Miller’s Chremes continually
work. And yet, it’s not exclusive; I felt like one-up one another, fighting over everything
Genesius Guild was letting me be part of the from the show’s plot to which of them is the
fun, and not condescendingly allowing me to play’s dirtiest old man.
watch the group’s revelry. There were inside Andy Curtiss counters them with the play’s
jokes in spades, but they weren’t so inside that most sincere character; the actor doesn’t play for
most members of the audience wouldn’t be in laughs in his role as Epigenes, but is charmingly
on them, as well. likable. That is, he is until he portrays one of
The evening begins with Bryan Woods the Oracles alongside Bryan Woods and Sarah
setting the stage as the Stage Manager. Murphy, when the trio’s parodies of Glenn Beck,
Deftly spouting sharp, often self-deprecating Bill O’Reilly, and Rachel Maddow unashamedly
comedic lines, Woods kicks off the evening’s induce laughter at the expense of the
laughter with not just chuckles, but hearty commentators. So, too, does Ken Roberts’ turn
guffaws. Pat Flaherty, Hanna Munden, Joe as Rush Limbaugh, while Don Faust is equally
Curtiss, and Melita and Philip Tunnicliff hilarious as Billy Wonder, an amicable mockery
then follow as the Bootlickers, hilariously of Bill Wundram.
parodying Circa ’21’s performing wait staff, The only cast member who felt a little off
and responsible for two of the night’s jokes on Sunday night was Earlene Gould, who
that caused me to wince a bit (while laughing) portrayed Anne Hathaway portraying Mrs.
at their pointed nature. Shakespeare (if I caught her character’s

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

Andrea Braddy takes on Mary from Good’s introduction correctly). Gould could stand
in a mocking monologue as Mary Monotone, to tighten up her pacing, which would keep
and thrives later in the play as Grizzly Mom, the comedy from falling a bit flat during her
quickly recognizable as Sarah Palin. Braddy’s monologue, but otherwise, the show was
looks give Tina Fey a run for her money in funny from start to finish, and oftentimes
portraying the Tea Party darling, and Tim downright hysterical. I’m stingy with my
Miller – like Braddy, costumed to perfection standing ovations, but I was so delighted by
– is consistently funny as the hunchbacked, Sunday’s performance of Ecclesiazusae that
leg-dragging, non-speaking Igor. this was one of the rare occasions when I
As for the women central to Ecclesiazusae’s actually wanted to lead one.
storyline, Lisa Pilgrim’ Bedraglia and Patti
Flaherty’s Praxagora lead a chorus of singing, For more information, visit
dancing, speaking-in-unison housewives
intent on overthrowing the government. Thom White covers entertainment news for
Their musical numbers aren’t very polished, WQAD Quad Cities News 8. 13
What’s Happenin’
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Theatre Movies Music

The 25th Annual Putnam Hardacre Film Festival An Evening with Brenda Lee
County Spelling Bee Hardacre Theater Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention Center
Harrison Hilltop Theatre Friday, August 6, Friday, August 12, 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, August 12, and Saturday, August 7 chase balls outside of Wrigley Dear Brenda Lee:
through Saturday, August 28 Field”;
Timber Lake Playhouse
Thursday, August 12,
A s usual, this summer
at the cineplex has
been pretty chockablock
• Between Floors, which
“traces the human condition
through five stuck elevators
I just read that you’ll be bringing your
legendary pop, country, and rockabilly
stylings to the Quad-Cities Waterfront
through Sunday, August 22 with sequels, remakes, and and the people trapped inside Convention Center on August 12, and I
Putnam County Spelling Bee will adaptations of TV series. So them”; have to tell you: I think I love you again.

Y up, you read that correctly: ever be identical ... not even those if you’ve been hankering for • Cleanflix, which “explores I know you don’t need me for anything
Davenport’s Harrison Hilltop performed at the same venue. In more original material and companies that make R-rated anymore, not since we were whispering
Theatre and Mt. Carroll’s Timber Lake addition to its pint-sized characters, are maxed out after catching films ‘clean’ for families and sweet nothin’s and rockin’ around the
Playhouse will both open productions the show employs a handful of Inception for the ninth time, religious groups”; and Christmas tree at Ruby’s Lounge in
of The 25th Annual Putnam County audience volunteers at every you’ll definitely want to make • World’s Largest, which Kansas City, and that as usual, I’m just
Spelling Bee on August 12. And this performance to take turns spelling your way to Tipton, Iowa, “profiles one town’s four-year a dum dum – Fool. No. 1 – for feeling these
is one of those times when stepping with the kids on stage, meaning that on August 6 and 7, when struggle to build the world’s emotions. But every now and then, those m
down from my theatre-reviewer you – yes, you! – might wind up the the town’s Hardacre Theater largest lava lamp.” you loved me make me think that losing y
tenure seems like the stupidest bee champion at the show’s climax. presents the 13th-annual And among the short films, Didn’t we do it good?
decision on Earth, because I can’t Don’t hold your breath, though. Hardacre Film Festival. the lineup includes such You’re always on my mind, so I come to
Words used to trip up past Putnam Designed as a showcase intriguing titles as A Complex hand, because I was born to be by your side
think of many other musicals I’d be
for cutting-edge independent Villainelle, An Affair with you take me for a left-over love, but I want
quite so excited to see in two separate County contestants have included
and underground works, the that’s all you gotta do to guarantee that I a
venues over the same weekend. “hasenpfeffer,” “diethylamide,” and Dolls, F-Word Pizza, and The
more. (Sometimes I wonder if everybody lo
For one thing, the show itself “weltanschauung,” and I’ll give anyone yearly festival screens works Cow Who Wanted to Be a
from local, national, and know I’m coming on strong, but you can d
is outstanding. Nominated for six five dollars who knows how to spell Hamburger. I’d recommend
Break it to me gently, Brenda. If this is o
2005 Tony Awards, two of which it those wo – . international professionals catching that last one before wins, but I’ll still say, “Thanks a lot,” and
won, book writer Rachel Sheinkin’s Damn. I keep forgetting that and amateurs, with this year’s Hollywood inevitably what I can get – that dynamite time alone
and composer William Finn’s just because these things are lineup giving audiences the turns it into an animated In the meantime, I’m hoping I’m enough
collaboration is a wildly hilarious and conversational, it doesn’t mean we’re chance to view eight debuting entertainment directed by all I can say is ...
unexpectedly poignant reenactment actually conversing. features and 16 shorts over a Rob Zombie. I’m sorry. So sorry.
of a middle-school bee; the Wall Timber Lake’s production runs mere day and a half. The Hardacre Theater
Street Journal called it “a super-smart through August 22, while Harrison Among the feature films on is located at 112 East Fifth Your used-to-be,
show that is also a bona fide crowd- Hilltop’s continues through August the 2010 schedule: Street in Tipton, and further Johnny One Time
pleaser,” and Variety magazine wrote 28; tickets to the former are available • American Grindhouse, information on tickets and
that this musical “is so generously by calling (815)244-2035 or visiting which “traces the history of the weekend’s schedule An Evening with Brenda Lee tickets are $15 in adv
warm-hearted, only the most bitter, and the exploitation film”; is available by calling and inclusions from the Rock & Roll and Country
misanthrope could resist its charms.” reservations to the latter can be • Ballhawks, which “tells (319)325-3974 or visiting 41 aforementioned hits can be heard by calling (80
But for another thing, no two made at (563)449-6371 or visiting the story of Cubs fans who
productions of The 25th Annual

"A Novel Journey: From Concept to Editor's Desk"

Midwest Writing Center's Novel Writing Workshop Series
A six session workshop covering synopsis, plot, dialogue, characters,
conflict and self-editing with internationally-published authors
Susan Coppula and Kim Ostrom.
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

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by Mike Schulz

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

the theatre and murder.
Both a parody of whodunits and the genuine article, Curtains finds
a dogged detective (and major fan of the stage) trying to solve the What Else
Prospect Park Auditorium
killing of an untalented diva immediately after her curtain call. The
suspects include her co-stars, her director, and her stage manager, but
even if you can identify the culprit, chances are excellent that Music
Is Happenin’
Friday, August 6,
through Sunday, August 15
Tyler Finley, Shana
Lavino, and Curtis Guild’s gifted cast – which includes Mark McGinn, Wendy Czekalski, MUSIC
Jim Seward, Tom Vaccaro, Andrea Millea, Shana Lavino, and more Friday, August 6 – Collin Raye.

than a dozen additional, familiar Prospect Park talents – will keep Platinum-selling country artist in concert.
uad City Music Guild wraps up its summer season with a Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention
you guessing as to who most successfully knocked the audience dead.
production of Curtains, running at Moline’s Prospect Park Center (1777 Isle Parkway, Bettendorf).
And if all that isn’t reason enough to attend, let’s not forget about
Auditorium August 6 through 15. I haven’t seen the show before,
the presence of Curtains’ theatre critic, or the fact that it actually 7:30 p.m. $15. For tickets and information,
but I understand that one of the characters in this mystery musical/
features a song about theatre critics! I understand that it’s called call (800)843-4753 or visit Bettendorf.
comedy is a theatre critic, so I’m expecting lines of Music Guild
“What Kind of Man?”, and it’s sung while the cast is reading their
patrons to reach around the block. After all, as Reader reviewer Thom
show’s review, and I just found its lyrics online. Let’s see ... : “What Friday, August 13, and Saturday,
White and I can attest, who doesn’t love theatre critics?!
kind of mom would raise her boy like that? / Who’d want her baby August 14 – Ya Maka My Weekend.
Nominated for eight 2007 Tony Awards – with Frasier star
David Hyde Pierce earning the Best Actor trophy for his Broadway to destroy like that? / Who could be jerk enough / Hard up for work Annual celebration of Caribbean and
performance – Curtains was the last collaboration between the enough / To want a job like that?” Jamaican culture, with food vendors, arts
legendary duo of John Kander and Fred Ebb (the latter of whom Wow. Have fun with that review, Thom. and crafts, and live music by reggae bands
passed away in 2004). It also blends the two subjects you’d most likely For Curtains information and tickets, call (309)762-6610 or visit including Rebel Roots, Dub Dis, and the
misty memories of when expect from the composer/lyricist team behind Cabaret and Chicago: Now Generation Band. The District of
Rock Island. Friday 5 p.m. gates; Saturday

you was a little unfair.
that their songs have been heard in such varied entertainments as the noon gates. $8/day, $12/two-day pass.
you with heart in movies Herbie Fully Loaded and Nancy Drew, and the TV series Gossip For information, call (309)788-6311 or visit
e. That’s all right if Girl and All My Children.”
to be wanted, and Rooney “Right. Right ... .” Sunday, August 15 – Lois DeLoatch.
ain’t gonna cry no The Redstone Room “I’d definitely mention that the group has toured nationally with Jazz vocalist and songwriter performs and
oves me but you.) I Friday, August 6, 7 p.m. such acts as the Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson, Weezer, The Strokes, educates as part of Polyrhythms’ Third
depend on me. and Tally Hall, and that Rooney is currently on tour in support of its Sunday Jazz Matinée & Workshop Series.

our last time, nobody ey, Mike, for the next third full-length album – Eureka – which was released on June 8.” The Redstone Room (129 Main Street,
be grateful for takin’ issue, I’d appreciate it if you did a What’s Happenin’ piece on “Of course. Sure ... .” Davenport). 3 p.m. all-ages workshop
with you. Rooney, who will be at Davenport’s Redstone Room on August 6.” “And if you want to, you can even note that the band is named – $5/adult, children free; 6 p.m. concert
for you, and I guess after the character Ed Rooney, the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. – $10-$15. For tickets and information, call
“Really, Jeff?! Excellent! I can’t wait to get started!”
“I’d like you, of course, to provide a little background information That’s a fun piece of trivia.” (563)326-1333 or visit
about the band, so make sure to write that it’s a five-piece pop/rock “Yes. It definitely is. Yes ... .” and For a 2008 River
outfit based in Los Angeles, formed in 1999, and composed of “What’s the matter?” Cities’ Reader feature story on DeLoatch, visit
guitarists Robert Schwartzman and Taylor Locke, bassist Brandon “ ... ”
Schwartzel, keyboard player Louie Stephens, and drummer Ned “You thought Mickey Rooney was coming to town, didn’t you?” Wednesday, August 18 – The Watson
Brower.” “I mean, come on, I’ve seen Pete’s Dragon 25 times!” Twins. Independent musicians in a concert
vance and $30 at the door,
“Oh. Um. Okay ... .” sponsored by Daytrotter, performing with
y Music hall-of-famer’s
00)843-4753 or visiting “You’ll probably want to mention that Rooney was a headliner Rooney performs the Redstone Room alongside openers Deluxe Republic
at the 2003 Lollapalooza festival, that its musicians earned national and Slip Silo, and more information and tickets are available by calling Continued On Page 17
recognition when they cameoed in a 2004 episode of The O.C., and (563)326-1333 or visiting

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

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Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

What Else Is Happenin’
Tennis, Ferraby Lionheart, and Idpyramid. of the Growing Up Lutheran books that
The Circa ’21 Speakeasy (1818 Third Avenue, inspired Church Basement Ladies. Radisson
Rock Island). 7 p.m. $8/advance, $10/door. For Quad City Plaza Hotel (421 West River Drive,
tickets and information, call (309)786-7733 Davenport). Noon. $20-$22. For information
extension 2, or visit or reservations, call (563)324-1410 or visit
Thursday, August 5, through Thursday, EVENTS
August 26 – 8-Track: Songs of the ’70s. Friday, August 6 – Flamingo Fling. An
Full-length musical revue starring the Quad auction of the works in the annual Flamingo
Cities’ performing wait staff, the Circa ’21 Follies exhibit, with appetizers, a cash bar, a
Bootleggers. Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse raffle, and live music by the Fry Daddies. Quad
(1818 Third Avenue, Rock Island). 7:15 p.m. on City Botanical Center (2525 Fourth Avenue,
Thursdays. $46.28. For tickets and information, Rock Island). 6 p.m. $10-$15. For information
call (309)786-7733 extension 2, or visit and tickets, call (309)794-0991 or visit
Thursday, August 5, through Sunday, Thursday, August 12, through Saturday,
August 15 – Christmas Belles. Southern farce August 14 – 24th Annual Tug Fest. Yearly
about squabbling siblings, directed by John “grudge match” festival between LeClaire,
VanDeWoestyne. Richmond Hill Barn Theatre Iowa, and Port Byron, Illinois, featuring
(Richmond Hill Park, Geneseo). Thursdays- live music, a parade, a 5K run/walk, food,
Saturdays 7:30 p.m.; Sundays 4 p.m. $10. For vendors, children’s activities, a fireworks
tickets and information, call (309)944-2244. display, Saturday’s 1 p.m. tug-of-war over
Thursday, August 12, through Sunday, the Mississippi River, and more. Held at the
August 29 – Wit. A Curtainbox Theatre LeClaire and Port Byron levees. In Iowa:
Company production of Margaret Edson’s Thursday 6 p.m. gates, Friday 4 p.m. gates,
Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, directed by Saturday 7 a.m. gates. In Illinois: Thursday 5
Philip William McKinley. Village Theatre p.m. gates, Friday 3 p.m. gates, Saturday 7 a.m.
(2113 East 11th Street, the Village of East gates. $3/day. For information, call (563)289-
Davenport). Thursdays-Saturdays and 3946 or (309)314-0556, or visit
Tuesdays 7:30 p.m.; Sundays 3 p.m. $12-$20. Saturday, August 14 – Living Lands &
For tickets and information, call (563)322-8504 Waters’ Xstream Cleanup. Annual Quad
or visit Cities-wide volunteer cleanup of creeks,
Thursday, August 12, through Sunday, drainage ways, and sections of the Mississippi
Sunday, August 22 – Sunday in the Park and Rock rivers. River Action (822 East River
with George. Composer Stephen Sondheim’s Drive, Davenport). 8:30-11:30 a.m. Free. For
Pulitzer Prize-winning musical about romance information and to register, call (563)468-4218
and pointillism. Clinton Area Showboat or visit
Theatre (311 Riverview Drive, Clinton). Sunday, August 15 – Homegrown
Thursdays-Saturdays 7:30 p.m.; Sundays Iron Chef Final Showdown. Fundraiser
and Wednesdays 3 p.m. $16-$20. For tickets for Scott Community College programs
and information, call (563)242-6760 or visit and scholarships, in which the four Market Competition winners will prepare a dish to

LITERATURE be judged by two judges and visiting chef

Paul Virant, who will also offer a cooking
Wednesday, August 18 – Janet Martin demonstration. Isle of Capri Convention
Presents “Hot Flashes, Hot Pads, & Hot Center (1777 Isle Parkway, Bettendorf).
Dishes: A Humorous Look at Growing 11 a.m.-2 p.m. $40-$50. For tickets and
Up in the Late ’50s.” The Midwest Writing information, call (563)441-4063 or visit
Center hosts a program with the co-author

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

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Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

New Way
he said. sprawl “essentially guarantees that you won’t south ones. Basically, it’s an arterial system; Congestion, Nordahl said, is the primary
“We really wanted a multi-modal plan – so a be able to utilize much more cost-effective you’ll be able to get around Rock Island by objection he has heard to making Harrison
plan that doesn’t just address automobile traffic means of transportation – like transit, like bike, but you’ll likely need to go significantly and Brady two-way streets. But it’s also a
... ,” Nordahl said last week. “We really wanted cycling, like walking ... .” out of your way. Davenport’s plan would create concern wherever road diets are proposed.
an element that addressed our transit system, That speaks to a larger issue: Fundamentally, more of a web, making travel more direct, But Nordahl said that slower-moving traffic
biking as transportation, as well as walking as Davenport can’t change itself without also quicker, and safer. doesn’t necessarily mean a longer travel time;
transportation. And also parking. We know addressing its development patterns. “You can’t In some cases in Davenport, streets would because following distances between vehicles
that you can’t give people an abundance of free divorce land-use planning from transportation merely have bike lanes added. In other are less at decreased speeds, a “slower” road
parking and expect them to ride the bus or planning,” Nordahl said. “They’re inextricably situations, though, the bike lanes would be might actually move more cars.
walk or bike.” linked. ... That is part of a much, much larger added as part of “road diets” or “complete Still, he said, “there is a perception that if
Davenport in Motion doesn’t make the city policy discussion. ... streets” – which involve altering traffic in they [Harrison and Brady] go back to two-
cutting-edge, but it certainly puts it ahead of “The land-use patterns have to change. ... As addition to painting bike lanes. way, it will take as long as 15 minutes to get
the other Quad Cities. Thomas Brennan, a long as we continue to develop greenfield sites Road diets, Brennan said, are correctives to from Locust Street to the downtown.” Some
principal with Nelson\Nygaard and project at very, very low densities, far from where the streets designed to handle more traffic than congestion is anticipated on Locust Street and
manager for the Davenport in Motion jobs and the core of goods and services and they’re actually carrying. Economic retraction Central Park Avenue, he said, but “people’s
consultant team, said that if the plan were our universities are, then it’s going to be tough in recent decades, he said, has resulted in perception that it’s going to triple or quadruple
implemented today, “you’d probably be on the to see any measurable gain. That’s not just for “significantly overbuilt streets that are singular the [travel] time ... is unfounded. ... There
leading edge in terms of cities your size. But Davenport. That’s city-building in general. in their purpose and have become a detraction might be some delay, but it’s probably going to
given what we’re seeing around the country, We have to figure out how we can encourage to safe pedestrian travel downtown and some be measured in seconds and not minutes.”
as the plan gets implemented over time, you’re developers to invest in the central city and of your core neighborhoods like the Hilltop, as Almost by definition, though, the type of
more likely to be in the mainstream.” along those streets where we tend to have high well as a challenge for retail, street-front-level transportation system outlined in Davenport
“We know that this is the way communities transit use. ... local business.” in Motion requires slower-moving cars, which
are going to be designed,” McNeil said. “So “That’s going to be difficult,” he said, and Road diets typically convert streets from will sometimes translate into longer travel
cities have a choice: to be on the front end in will require willpower from the public and the four lanes of automobile traffic to three – times. “What they’re asking is: How much
planning – Davenport is – or be behind.” city council. including a center turn lane – and add bicycle congestion can you live with?” Nordahl said.
Nordahl said he expects that the council lanes. Even if it makes some trips five minutes
will approve the plan as a whole, perhaps with
some adjustments on the issues of downtown
Simple Modifications For example, downtown streets are 55 feet
wide curb-to-curb, Nordahl said. So the plan
longer, McNeil argued, the benefits of this
holistic approach to transportation are worth
parking and converting one-way streets to Implementing much of Davenport in recommends reconfiguring most downtown the cost: “To have a better community, I think
two-ways. He said he’s hoping for passage by Motion, though, is relatively easy, involving streets for one travel lane in each direction and it’s worth an extra five minutes.”
the end of August, but that depends on how little more than paint. a turn lane (each 10 feet wide), five-foot-wide Beyond the congestion and speed issues
quickly Nelson\Nygaard can incorporate “We have within our power [the ability] bicycle lanes on each side, and 7.5-foot-wide inherent in converting one-way streets to two-
feedback from public meetings that were held to make some simple modifications to parking lanes on each side. ways, the Third, Fourth, Brady, and Harrison
through August 2. our streets and hopefully see some great This configuration would make bicyclists projects are more costly than most roadway
Just as McNeil was “pleasantly surprised” improvements in the way people choose to feel safe on city streets – both because of modifications recommended in Davenport in
by the consultant choice and the council move around,” Nordahl said. “The majority dedicated bike lanes and because of slower Motion.
reception,” Brennan said Nelson\Nygaard of the recommendations that they have here traffic. “Narrowing traffic lanes certainly Nordahl estimated that adding the
was “pleasantly surprised by the appetite of involves re-striping.” helps,” Nordahl explained. “Introducing necessary signals to Third and Fourth streets
the city for change” – including citizens, staff, “A lot of what we’re recommending are elements of surprise, like if you see a lot of – which is suggested as a first-year Davenport
and the city council. “It’s often staff that does projects on streets that will need to be rebuilt people on the street ... , that helps slow traffic in Motion project – would cost between $1.2
the hiring,” Brennan said, “and it’s not terribly anyways,” Brennan said. “You’re just spending down. The presence of bicyclists tends to slow million and $1.5 million. Re-signaling the
uncommon that once you start working with differently.” traffic down,” as do street trees and parked Brady/Harrison corridor – slated for year two
the community, there’s a decent amount of Nordahl said it hasn’t been decided whether cars. or three – would cost a similar amount, he
resistance to a different model, or a different re-striping would happen as its own capital All of those things would bring downtown said.
approach.” project, or on a street-by-street basis during streets close to being “complete streets,” which Concern about Brady and Harrison
Adopting the transportation plan is just the normal road maintenance. Nordahl explained have four components: a congestion makes that project more difficult
first step. While Davenport in Motion outlines In nearly all cases, re-striping will involve balance of pedestrians, bikes, and motorists; than most of the other recommendations
and prioritizes projects for 10 years, council adding bike lanes. The city already added bike safety; comfort; and interesting things to look – and not just at the council and community
action will still be required on individual lanes on Jersey Ridge Road and Marquette at. levels.
projects. The city expects that some projects Street, and those provide examples of the city’s And the combination of slowing traffic And here you can see the tension between
can be funded through grants, and others can new bicycle-friendly approach. down and introducing more bicycle and foot traditional car-moving transportation
be integrated into normal road maintenance. “People do want to bike,” Nordahl said. “We traffic is arguably good for businesses. Drivers planning and this new way. Additional
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

The remainder will likely be part of the city’s can encourage people to start using alternate and car passengers will see more storefront congestion on Brady and Harrison might
capital-improvement budget. modes of transit if we at least provide safe, businesses, and bikers and pedestrians will, be good for the community – “because it
On the funding question, Brennan said comfortable facilities for them. ... We have a too. And that effect would be multiplied on means there’s lots of other sorts of traffic,
Nelson\Nygaard “didn’t even try to put long way to go on providing those safe and Third, Fourth, Harrison, and Brady streets [and] businesses get better visibility ... ,”
together a total plan cost.” comfortable facilities.” with two-way traffic. Nordahl said – but the Iowa Department of
There are several reasons for this. For one Looking at all the re-striping projects in Transportation could nix it. “They’re extremely
the transportation plan, it becomes clear
thing, material costs are changing rapidly.
More importantly, he said, “a lot of the types that Davenport in Motion aims to create a Congestion Concern skeptical that reverting to two-way is good,”
he said, because it’s looking at a different set of
of projects that we’re recommending that relatively dense network of clearly marked There’s a cost to all of that, though: Slower criteria: uncongested automobile traffic versus
promote mode shifts are actually long-term bicycle routes. traffic can lead to congestion. a roadway system geared toward business
cost-saving measures. The most expensive It’s instructive to compare the plan’s bicycle “A lot of cities around the country are visibility, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
thing the city could do is continue to grow its elements to Rock Island’s 2009 Bikeways Plan. accepting very high levels of congestion in
(See the maps on page 7.) Rock Island’s plan downtowns and retail streets because they’re
land development like it has the last 20 years.”
The suburban model is expensive in terms of outlines projects that would essentially create realizing that very slow traffic is a benefit to The Parking Catch-22
infrastructure and services, he said, and its four east-west bicycle routes and four north- businesses,” Brennan said. At least the state could theoretically be
a new approach for building transportation infrastructure in developing parts of Davenport – one
that is included in the City’s long-range planning effort for the Northwest Quadrant. The follow-
ing map shows the recommended street projects.
by Jeff Ignatius

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

in Chapter 8. The project numbers are denoted as either a downtown street project (“DS”)
or city-
wide street project (“S”). A full-page version of the map is included in Chapter 8.

convinced to support the conversion

Figure 4-1 Recommended Street Projects
Figure 8-4 Street Projects Davenport in Motion Recomended Street Projects
of Brady and Harrison to two-way
Project types
streets. Davenport’s downtown-parking
Downtown Street
situation is a problem because there “Complete Street” Projects
might be no solution that meets Two-way Conversion
everybody’s goals. The city wants W 76TH ST Ramp removal
parking-meter revenue to help pay V
927 V
S-46 W 76TH ST S-46 80 Intersection redesign

off parking-ramp debt, but Nelson\ W 67TH ST S-57 61 H S T VETERANS MEMORIAL PKWY
S-28 Citywide Street
Nygaard believes that in Davenport’s Connectivity Improvements

W 60TH ST W 61ST ST S-51 S-21
S-45b Green Street
situation, free parking is better for S-54 S-54 S-45a



280 Road Diet

downtown. W 53RD ST S-52
S-39 S-39
Two-way Conversion S-62
Nordahl isn’t sold on no-cost street

6 S-60
INT-4 Street Redesign
W 46TH ST W 46TH ST E 46TH ST S-33 S-23
parking. “Getting people on the street, S-35
Future grid reconnection S-13



just to create a sense of vitality – that S-4a

S-4 S-4
E 39TH ST Intersection improvements

has appeal to me,” he said. But he’s not W 35TH ST

k Cr e e k Tr a i l
S-12E 34TH ST

sure that free parking will lead to more S-27

Intersection redesign

HIC S-58 E 29TH ST
people downtown. “I think we need

S-61 S-11
S-26 S-5 ROV S-5
to actually provide stuff for people to D S-1 S-59



come downtown,” he said. “I think the S-7a


cost of parking plays a role. ... I’m not

sure what the answer is.” VER

According to Davenport in Motion, RD

the city has 4,446 downtown parking HAM

spaces – 1,675 of them on the street. It
found weekday peak-demand usage in

July 2009 of 33 percent – 28 percent on

the street and 36 percent in lots and the



city’s three garages.


S-1 S-1
Davenport in Motion suggests an DS-7


optimal on-street-parking usage of DS-5
3RD ST DS-2 DS-3 DS-10 DS-12
85 percent on each block – giving the DS-1 DS-4 DS-8
appearance of downtown health while INT-1
DS-9 INT-2

still making parking convenient. To V

that end, Davenport late last year began
bagging its downtown meters and
GIS Data Source: City of Davenport, IA
offering free parking as a pilot project.
This was called a “right-pricing” or reducing the size of surface parking lots to ramps are dependent on parking revenue of all at an annualized rate of $360,000 since free
strategy, with the idea of finding meter rates drive on-street and ramp demand, but “we sorts for their debt service. downtown parking was instituted.
that would achieve optimal on-street usage. Funding Complete
don’t have Streetsrestrict
the ability to [significantly] According to Davenport Finance Director At that rate, Guard said, the city’s Parking
The plan was to start with free parking, identify parking even if we wanted to, because we have Alan Guard, ramp utilization including Fund would be wiped out in two years
contiguous blocks of high usage, and return
The current
too much system
of it,
” of
Nordahl funding
said. roadway
“Downtown projects RiverCenter in Iowa
event is a
parking challenge
and hourly to
meterscommunities covering such as Davenport
the ramp-debt-service shortfall. That
those areas to metered parking. But the vast that would
parking, like
we’reto create
stuck with Complete
what we got. ... Streets
The on
at the state
other highways
two ramps is through
presently about urban41 areas has or
led on
some a network
aldermen to of com-
suggest uncovering
amount of parking in downtown Davenportplementary roadways. Although creating such a network can save money by avoiding expensive roadwayto boost
consultants said that we probably should have percent. To meet parking-revenue projections, downtown’s parking meters purely
rethought building those [two] ramps [that “the overall utilization of the ramps ... probably parking revenue.
meant that the right price was nothing widening projects,
opened in 2003].
At the time,
there was
is generally
likely needs
to be
in the 75-percent
for this range,
in That’s counter to the Nelson\Nygaard
throughout downtown. “You keep lowering
your price until you get high utilization, butA already
currently too much
pending parking.
bill in” the Iowa House addition
would to
enact some level
an of
“Iowa revenue Complete for on-street Streets recommendations,
Act” (HF 2506). but this 1 is one example
The leg-
Free street parking affects city coffers parking ... ,
” he wrote in an e-mail. “ Offering of what might happen when the progressive,
since we do have so much parking, utilization islation would require highway projects in urban areas to accommodate “all users of the road including mo-
never meets that minimum criterion,” Nordahl in three ways: It reduces meter revenue, it free two-hour parking is like cutting off one noble ideals of Davenport in Motion meet
public transit users, bicyclists,
revenue from fines, and it drives down and pedestrians of all ages
leg of a three-legged stool. The stool will fall and abilities.” The bill could help
budget and political realities. As Nordahl cities such said,
said. “So we don’t charge for it.”
Davenport in Motion recommends replacing
as Davenport fund Complete
usage of city-owned parking ramps. Streets
And those projects over.and/or
” Guard said develop
parking revenue a network has dropped of complete “It is a streets
money issue. in”two ways:
t The bill would set up a complete streets fund to facilitate projects on secondary and municipal roads.

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

t The bill provides several criteria for roadway facilities to be exempted from the policy, including a network
of complete streets in proximity to a highway project that fulfills the purpose of the policy. This criteria
could make it cost-effective for a state DOT to allocate funding for such an alternative network of streets.


River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Continued From Page 8 by Mike Schulz

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

The Soul of Wit depleting diet eradicating her short-term
As with Vivian, what helped Adams
Adams. “With any kind of catastrophic treatments – although, unlike Vivian in the through her treatments was keeping her
hospital, Adams was at least allowed to be memory, “it was impossible to follow the
illness, you know, one day rolls into the sense of humor. “You just have to laugh
isolated in her own home. plotline for a movie. Or to read a book –
other – there’s no real morning, noon, night through it,” she says. “What else can
“I went to the den in my basement,” you’re just reading the same page, the same
kind of thing. Because you’re continually you do?” And also helping was a perk
she says, “where I had a little refrigerator, page, the same page. And I thought, ‘God,
going to the doctor and coming home and unavailable to Wit’s central figure: her
and a little microwave, and my computer, these are the longest days of my life.’ And
getting poked and prodded ... . There’s ability to continue working.
and I thought, you know, ‘It’s gonna be a the nights were worse. It was like, ‘Is it ever
no real sense of time. There’s just this “I knew I’d be tired,” says Adams, “I
cakewalk. I love to read, I love to watch going to get light out?’ I mean, every night. I
continuum of yuck, you know?” knew I’d be out for a couple days with
movies ... . How tough is this gonna be?’” was just out of my mind.
And Adams says she felt that continuum surgery, I knew I had treatment to go
She quickly discovered, however, that “And I was only dealing with four days
most acutely during the four days she spent through, and blah blah blah. But work is
with her radiation treatments and nutrient- of isolation,” she adds. “In the long run, I’m
in isolation following her radiation-tablet something that’s always sort of saved me.
pretty damned lucky.”
You always have that choice: Do I go sit in
the corner and drool all over myself and
cry, or do I just pick myself up and keep

What if you could look younger?

“That doesn’t mean you’re never scared,”
she continues. “That doesn’t mean you’re
never concerned. It just means, if I have it,
L A S E R T R E AT M E N T S N O W AVA I L A B L E I N D AV E N P O R T! I’m living with it, not dying of it. That’s the
choice that I think you have to make.”
And it’s a choice that Adams is
continuing to make. “All my tests were
Wrinkles coming along well,” she says of her
physical checkups following the 2009
Tightening news that she was cancer-free. “My
Face Veins
EXPERIENCE body scan was good, they couldn’t find
anything, everything had been moving
Makes The Real Difference. along very well – except my last test. That
Soderstrom^ŬŝŶ/ŶƐƟƚƵƚĞǁĂƐŽŶĞŽĨ one, which had been coming out negative,
$FQH6FDUV ƚŚĞĮƌƐƚŵĞĚŝĐĂůĨĂĐŝůŝƟĞƐƚŽŽīĞƌůĂƐĞƌ is now positive. Which means I have to go
Unwanted Hair back for more tests in early August, and
if it turns out I have something they’re
‡%LNLQL not happy with, I’ll have to do some more
radiation. We’ll see.”
ƉƌŽŐƌĂŵƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͘ Yet Adams, who describes herself as “by
and large, a pretty darn hopeful person,” is
+DLU5HGXFWLRQ maintaining an upbeat attitude toward her
ŶƵƌƐĞƐ͕ĂŶĚĞƐƚŚĞƟĐƐƚĂīƵƐĞƐƚĂƚĞͲŽĨͲ latest diagnosis – one aided, ironically, by
ƚŚĞͲĂƌƚůĂƐĞƌ;ŶŽƚůŝŐŚƚͿƚĞĐŚŶŽůŽŐLJƚŽ a play about cancer.
Psoriasis ƉƌŽǀŝĚĞĂǀĂƌŝĞƚLJŽĨůĂƐĞƌƚƌĞĂƚŵĞŶƚƐ͘ “There’s something really nice and
comforting about the camaraderie and
Warts Your face is our specialty... ... the whole process of putting a show
together,” she says. “I have nothing nearly
and so is the rest of you! as catastrophic as what the character in
6XQ6SRWV Wit is dealing with. But that camaraderie,
and being around friends and people I
know, and watching young people have
this experience ... . I mean, there’s this
certain element that allows you to sort of
sit there and just be grateful.”
Wit is being staged at the Village Theatre
EŽƚĂůůƐĞƌǀŝĐĞƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞĂƚĂůůůŽĐĂƟŽŶƐ͘ August 12 through 29; performances are at

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

7:30 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Tuesdays,
and Thursdays, and 3 p.m. on Sundays.
For information and tickets, call (563)322-

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River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

August 6 & 7 Smooth Groove August 13 & 14 Blue Collar Band

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Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010
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busybodies August 5, 2010

Edited by Justin Lynn Morris July 22 Answers: Right
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ACROSS 96. XXXIX + XXII 33. Trap

1. Creature with toxic skin 97. Absinthe ingredient 35. Scruggs and Holliman
5. Cheerio! 99. Inscribe 36. Celestial phenomenon: 2 wds.
9. Follower of Haile Selassie 101. Nostril 38. Darth _
14. Doubtful 103. Rest 39. Coeur d’_
18. Household worker 104. Edible seed 40. Certain practice area: 2 wds.
19. Originate 106. Dorothy from Kansas 43. Homegrown
21. Ordinary 107. Assembly-line technology 44. Nemesis
22. Khartoum’s river 109. Pierce 47. Pip
23. Lift 110. Snare 49. Blackmore’s heroine
24. Vessel for a speed contest: 2 wds. 113. Friend to Pythias 53. Clothing
26. Aerie’s location 114. Scrutinize 55. Bit of salt
27. “The Count of Monte -” 117. Propelled a rowboat 58. Comparable
29. Onetime Egyptian leader 119. _ than life 59. Makes tight
30. Engine housing 122. Running noose 61. Scuts
32. Approaches 123. Kid’s collectible: 2 wds. 63. Prepared apples
34. Titled ones 127. _ facto 66. Taps repeatedly
37. Sparse 128. Put cargo aboard 68. Burn
38. Roving one 129. Greased 70. Lachrymal secretion
41. Wife of Jacob 130. Horse opera 72. Related on the maternal side
42. Base hit 131. Explorer’s ship 75. Brazilian port
45. Snowcapped peak 132. Food fish 76. Absurd
46. Zooms 133. Parts 77. Stomach remedy: 2 wds.
48. Flynn of filmdom 134. Shade of blue 79. High time
50. Fruit of a vine 135. Unmatched thing 81. Something for a pastry chef: 2 wds.
51. _ volente 82. Like a biohazard
52. Partner of true DOWN 83. Moles
54. Knockabout 1. DEA agent 86. NASA rocket
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

56. Recipe direction 2. Noble’s title 88. Despotic king

57. Organic compounds 3. Summer-fun item for the kiddies: 91. Barred legally
60. Great name in tennis 2 wds. 93. Muscles
62. Lath 4. “The Old Man and _ _” 95. Racy humor
64. Viet- _ 5. Dasheen: 2 wds. 98. Hibernia
65. Depended 6. Mr. Parseghian 100. Showed again
67. Whims 7. Twitches 102. Intoxicating drink
69. By nature alone 8. Far East man 105. Reader at church
71. A Carpenter 9. Cattle thieves 108. Piemonte’s capital
73. _ passim 10. Residue 111. Jason’s ship
74. Pearly substance 11. Take to court 112. A nut
75. Wagner’s “Ring of the _” 12. Soapstone 114. Troubles
78. Teen lingo 13. Apportions 115. Beery Jr. or Sr.
80. Card game 14. Disposed 116. Musical work
84. Literary collection 15. Troops position: 2 wds. 118. Information
85. Agent 86 16. Custard 120. Bondservant
87. Wade messily through water 17. Safecracker 121. Leonine cry
89. Wither 20. Start for dontics 124. Totality
90. The proceeds 25. Triangular wall part 125. One of 26
92. Dignified 28. Pop-tops 126. NT book
24 94. Too fond one 31. Impulse
Live Music Live Music Live

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Email all listings to • Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication

2010/08/05 (Thu)
5 Collin Raye -Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention
Center, 1777 Isle Parkway Bettendorf, IA
DJ Night -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W. Mayne
The Karry Outz -Martini’s On the Rock, 4619
34th St Rock Island, IL
Karaoke Night -The Old Stardust Sports Bar,
1191 19th Street Moline, IL
Alan Sweet -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. Dav- The Mercury Brothers -Rascals Rock Memora- Live Lunch w/ Ellis Kell (noon) -Mojo’s
St. Blue Grass, IA bilia Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL (River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St
enport, IA E11eventh Hour (6pm) -Poopy’s Pub & Grub,
Black Thursday -Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S Linn uneXpected -Ducky’s Lagoon, 13515 78th Ave Davenport, IA
1030 Viaduct Rd Savanna, IL Andalusia, IL Open Mic w/ J. Knight -The Mill, 120 E Burling-
St Iowa City, IA Ephraim Zenh - Mad Monks -Iowa City Yacht
Dierks Bentley -Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, W900 -Greenbriar Restaurant and Lounge, 4506 ton Iowa City, IA
Club, 13 S Linn St Iowa City, IA 27th St Moline, IL
2815 W. Locust St Davenport, IA Fat Dawgs Productions Karaoke & DJ Service
2010/08/10 (Tue) 10
Hart to Hart DJ Service -Beer Bellies, 1704 2nd
Ave. Rock Island, IL
Irie Soundsystem w/ DJ THC -QC Zone, 1516
-Shannon’s Bar and Grill, 252 S State Ave
Hampton, IL sunday
2010/08/08 (Sun)
Amelia White -The Mill, 120 E Burlington
First Friday Coffeehouse (5pm) -Beadology
5th Ave Moline, IL Iowa, 220 E Washington St Iowa City, IA Blake Shelton -Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Iowa City, IA
Jam Session w/ Alan Sweet -The Muddy Waters, Free Moral Agents - Mija - E Sho - Nocando 2815 W. Locust St Davenport, IA Blitzen Trapper - Adam H. Stephens -Gabe’s,
1708 State St. Bettendorf, IA -Racer’s Edge, 936 15th Ave East Moline, IL Breille -The Hat Eatery & Pub, 1618 W. Locust 330 E. Washington St. Iowa City, IA
Jason Carl -Creekside Bar and Grill, 3303 Brady Friday Live @ 5: Firesale (5pm) -RME (River St. Davenport, IA Glenn Hickson (5:30pm) -O’Melia’s Supper Club,
St. Davenport, IA Music Experience) Courtyard, 130 W. 2nd Crusin (2pm) -Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, 2900 Blackhawk Rd. Rock Island, IL
Live Lunch w/ Chris Dunn (noon) -Mojo’s St., Davenport, IA 3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA Live Lunch w/ Jonathan Turner (noon)
(River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St Funktastic Five -Martini’s On the Rock, 4619 Dead Kenny G’s featuring Mike Dillon - 5 in -Mojo’s (River Music Experience), 130 W
Davenport, IA 34th St Rock Island, IL a Hand -Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S Linn St 2nd St Davenport, IA
Open Mic Night -The Dam View Inn, 410 2nd House Arrest -Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Eric Church @ Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds – August 7 Iowa City, IA Open Mic Night w/ Steve McFate (6:30pm)
St Davenport, IA 2815 W. Locust St Davenport, IA Karaoke Night -The Muddy Waters, 1708 State -Cool Beanz Coffeehouse, 1325 30th St.
The Burlington Street Bluegrass Band Hi-Fi -Rieck’s Roadhouse, 916 Albany St. Erie, IL St. Bettendorf, IA
Shoeless Revolution -RIBCO, 1815 2nd Ave. Karaoke Night -Sneaky Pete’s, 207 Cody Rd. Rock Island, IL
(6:30pm) -Pedestrian Plaza, Downtown Karaoke Night -Moe’s Pizza, 1312 Camanche River City Six: Music on the Levee -LeClaire
Rock Island, IL N. LeClaire, IA Open Mic w/ Jordan Danielsen -Bier Stube
Iowa City, IA Ave Clinton, IA Park, River Dr & Ripley St Davenport, IA
Stoney Larue -Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St. Karaoke Night -The Dam View Inn, 410 2nd St Davenport, 2228 E 11th St Davenport, IA
uneXpected -Uptown Neighborhood Bar and Night and Day: A Big Band Show -Orpheum Rootless Experience (4pm) -Blueport Junction,
Iowa City, IA Davenport, IA Open Mic w/ the Pena Brothers -Racer’s Edge,
Grill, 2340 Spruce Hills Dr. Bettendorf, IA Theatre, 57 S. Kellogg St. Galesburg, IL
The Steady Rollin’ Blues Band featuring Jim- Live Lunch w/ Ren Estrand (noon) -Mojo’s 6605 W River Dr Davenport, IA 936 15th Ave East Moline, IL
ZZ Top -Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Open Mic Night -Coffee Dive, 226 W. 3rd St. Russ Reyman, Pianist (10am-2pm brunch
mie Lee Adams -Rascals Rock Memorabilia (River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St The Chris & Wes Show -Rascals Rock Memora-
Locust St Davenport, IA Davenport, IA performance) -The Lodge Hotel, Spruce
Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL Davenport, IA bilia Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL
Open Mic Night -One Library, 230 W. 3rd Street
Tony Hamilton Orchestra -Bass Street Landing
Plaza, Moline, IL
Milltown - Orangadang! -RIBCO, 1815 2nd
Ave. Rock Island, IL Saturday
2010/08/07 (Sat) 7 Davenport, IA
Pappa-Razzi -Beer Belly’s, 112 N College Ave
Hills & Utica Ridge Bettendorf, IA
The Avey Brothers -Rascals Rock Memorabilia
Tuesday Patio Party w/ Buddy Olson (6pm)
-Greenbriar Restaurant and Lounge, 4506
Richie Lee -Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL 27th St Moline, IL
Troy Harris, Pianist (6pm) -Red Crow Grille, Andy Jess -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. Daven- Aledo, IL
3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA The Five Bridges Jazz Band (10am) -Brady Twosdays Jam with Lojo Russo -Mojo’s
2504 53rd St. Bettendorf, IA port, IA Richie Lee -Riverside Casino and Golf Resort,
Rooney - Deluxe Republic - Slip Silo -The Red- Street Chop House, Radisson QC Plaza Hotel (River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St
Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke & DJ -Crabby’s, 826 3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA
2010/08/06 (Fri)
6 stone Room, 129 Main St Davenport, IA
Rotate the DJ w/ Chronik Solutionz -M.D. W. 1st Ave. Coal Valley, IL River Prairie Minstrels (6pm) -Mojo’s (River Mu-
Davenport, IA
The Israeli Scouts -Tri-City Jewish Center, 2715
Davenport, IA

ABC Karaoke -Circle Tap, 1345 Locust St.

Green’s, 1808 2nd Ave. Rock Island, IL
Russ Reyman Trio (5pm) -The Rusty Nail, 2606
DJ Night -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W. Mayne
St. Blue Grass, IA
sic Experience), 130 W 2nd St Davenport, IA
Salsa Dancing -Club Boulevard, 1801 10th
30th St. Rock Island, IL
Together We Sing (6pm) -Pearl Plaza, 208 W.
2010/08/11 (Wed) 11
Davenport, IA E11eventh Hour -Hook’s Pub, 318 N. 4th St. St. Moline, IL
W Locust Davenport, IA 2nd St. Muscatine, IA Dave Ellis -Circle Tap, 1345 Locust St. Dav-
Alan Sweet & the Candymakers -The Muddy Clinton, IA Sin City Orchestra -Toucan’s Cantina / Skinny
Smooth Groove -Jumer’s Casino & Hotel, 777 Troy Harris, Pianist (11:30am) -Bass Street enport, IA
Waters, 1708 State St. Bettendorf, IA Eric Church -Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 Legs BBQ, 2020 1st Street Milan, IL
Jumer Dr. Rock Island, IL Chop House, 1601 River Dr Moline, IL Lunchtime on the Plaza (11:30am) -Great
Andy Jess -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. Daven- W. Locust St Davenport, IA Smooth Groove -Jumer’s Casino & Hotel, 777
South Pacific: In Concert -Englert Theatre, 221 River Plaza, The District of the Rock Island
port, IA
Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke & DJ -Commodore
East Washington St. Iowa City, IA
Sweet Country (6pm) -Toucan’s Cantina / Skinny
Fran Cosmo -Riverside Casino and Golf Resort,
3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA
Jumer Dr. Rock Island, IL
South Pacific: In Concert -Englert Theatre, 221 monday
2010/08/09 (Mon) 9 Rock Island, IL
Tap, 2202 W. 3rd St. Davenport, IA Legs BBQ, 2020 1st Street Milan, IL Gray Wolf Band -River House, 1510 River Dr. East Washington St. Iowa City, IA Dawes - Young Man -Gabe’s, 330 E. Washing-
Bob Log III - Pork Torta - Wolf Wars -The Mill, The Avey Brothers -Rascals Rock Memorabilia Moline, IL The Dawn - The Premium $ellouts -RIBCO, ton St. Iowa City, IA Continued On Page 26
120 E Burlington Iowa City, IA Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL 1815 2nd Ave. Rock Island, IL

 
 
 


River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010


 25
Live Music Live Music Liv
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Email all listings to • Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication

The Steady Rollin’ Blues Band featuring Jim- Karaoke Night -Moe’s Pizza, 1312 Camanche
Continued From Page 25 mie Lee Adams -Rascals Rock Memorabilia Ave Clinton, IA
Ya Maka My Weekend: The Ark Band
(1:15pm) - Natty Nation (4:30pm) - Yab-
Open Mic Night -The Old Stardust Sports Bar, Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL Kevin Presbrey -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. ba Griffiths & Traxx (7:45pm) - Indika
1191 19th Street Moline, IL Troy Harris, Pianist (6pm) -Red Crow Grille, Davenport, IA (11pm) -The District’s Jumer’s Casino &
Social Dancing, Listening, & Fellowship (1pm) 2504 53rd St. Bettendorf, IA Melovine - Park Lane - Speed’s the Thing - Hotel Stage - West, Rock Island, IL
-CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1035 W. Tug Fest: Keep Off the Grass -LeClaire Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St. Iowa City, IA
Kimberly Road Davenport, IA
“Tennessee,” That Nashville Cat (noon) -
Riverfront, LeClaire, IA Memphis -Riverside Casino and Golf Resort,
3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA SUNday
2010/08/15 (Sun) 15
Open Mic Night (7pm) -Mojo’s (River Music
Experience), 130 W 2nd St Davenport, IA FRIDAY
2010/08/13 (Fri) 13 Natty Nation (12:30am) -RIBCO, 1815 2nd
Ave. Rock Island, IL
A.J. Haut -Racer’s Edge, 936 15th Ave East
Moline, IL
The Burlington Street Bluegrass Band -The A.J. Haut (5pm) -Uptown Neighborhood Bar and Nitrix -The Office, 305 3rd St Sherrard, IL Breille -The Hat Eatery & Pub, 1618 W. Locust
Mill, 120 E Burlington Iowa City, IA Grill, 2340 Spruce Hills Dr. Bettendorf, IA Open Mic Night -Coffee Dive, 226 W. 3rd St. St. Davenport, IA
The Chris & Wes Show -Mound Street Landing, ABC Karaoke -Circle Tap, 1345 Locust St. Davenport, IA Concerts on the Lawn: Good Company (4pm)
1029 Mound St. Davenport, IA Davenport, IA Open Mic Night -One Library, 230 W. 3rd Street -Broadway Presbyterian Church, 710 23rd St.
The Craig Bentley Trio -Rascals Rock Memora- Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke & DJ -Commodore Davenport, IA Rock Island, IL
bilia Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL Tap, 2202 W. 3rd St. Davenport, IA RiverCity 6 (2pm) -Davenport Public Library Karaoke Night -The Muddy Waters, 1708 State
Blue Collar Band -Edje Nightclub at - Eastern Ave. Branch, 6000 Eastern Ave.
2010/08/12 (Thu) 12 Jumer’s Casino and Hotel, I-280 & Hwy
92 Rock Island, IL
Dub Dis @ Ya Maka My Weekend – August 14
Modern Mythology -Rascals Rock Memorabilia
Davenport, IA
Salsa Dancing -Club Boulevard, 1801 10th
St. Bettendorf, IA
Memphis (2pm) -Riverside Casino and Golf
Ya Maka My Weekend: Kingly T (5pm) - Mr. Resort, 3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA
An Evening with Brenda Lee -Quad-Cities Bones (5pm) -Clinton Riverview Bandshell, Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL St. Moline, IL
Myers (7:15pm) - Now Generation Band Polka Club of Iowa, Inc. - Eastern Chapter
Waterfront Convention Center, 1777 Isle Clinton, IA Rotate the DJ w/ Chronik Solutionz -M.D. Section7 (6pm) -Toucan’s Cantina / Skinny Legs
(9:30pm) - Pato Banton & the Now Genera- Dance (1:30pm) -CASI (Center for Active
Parkway Bettendorf, IA David Zollo - Songbird -Gabe’s, 330 E. Washing- Green’s, 1808 2nd Ave. Rock Island, IL BBQ, 2020 1st Street Milan, IL
tion Band (11pm) -The District’s Jumer’s Seniors), 1035 W. Kimberly Road Daven-
DJ Johnny O -Greenbriar Restaurant and ton St. Iowa City, IA Rude Punch (12:30am) -RIBCO, 1815 2nd Six to the Chest - Reelfoot Rift - X+X - Emplyfi
Casino & Hotel Stage - West, Rock Island, IL port, IA
Lounge, 4506 27th St Moline, IL DJ Night -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W. Mayne Ave. Rock Island, IL -Racer’s Edge, 936 15th Ave East Moline, IL Russ Reyman, Pianist (10am-2pm brunch
DJ S.F. -RIBCO, 1815 2nd Ave. Rock Island, IL
Hart to Hart DJ Service -Beer Bellies, 1704 2nd
St. Blue Grass, IA
Emily Jawoisz (6pm) -The ARTery, 1629 2nd Ave
Russ Reyman Trio (5pm) -The Rusty Nail, 2606
W Locust Davenport, IA Saturday
2010/08/14 (Sat) 14 Smooth Groove -Martini’s On the Rock, 4619
34th St Rock Island, IL
performance) -The Lodge Hotel, Spruce
Hills & Utica Ridge Bettendorf, IA
Ave. Rock Island, IL in the District Rock Island, IL Section7 (6pm) -Toucan’s Cantina / Skinny Legs Songwriters in the Round (3pm) -River Music
B2A DJ -Circle Tap, 1345 Locust St. Daven- The Avey Brothers -Rascals Rock Memorabilia
Irie Soundsystem w/ DJ THC -QC Zone, 1516 Fat Dawgs Productions Karaoke & DJ Service BBQ, 2020 1st Street Milan, IL Experience, 129 Main St Davenport, IA
port, IA Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL
5th Ave Moline, IL -Shannon’s Bar and Grill, 252 S State Ave The Beaker Brothers (6:30pm) -Pedestrian The Blackstones -The Muddy Waters, 1708 State
Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke & DJ -Crabby’s, 826 The Terry Hanson Ensemble (10am) -Brady
Jam Session w/ Alan Sweet -The Muddy Waters, Hampton, IL Plaza, Downtown Iowa City Iowa City, IA St. Bettendorf, IA
W. 1st Ave. Coal Valley, IL Street Chop House, Radisson QC Plaza Hotel
1708 State St. Bettendorf, IA Five @ 5: Danika Holmes (5pm) -RME (River Mu- The One Night Standards & The Old 57’s Tug Fest: Karaoke (4pm) - Spike (5pm)
Blue Collar Band -Edje Nightclub at Jumer’s Davenport, IA
Jason Carl -Creekside Bar and Grill, 3303 Brady sic Experience) Courtyard, Davenport, IA -Uptown Neighborhood Bar and Grill, 2340
Casino and Hotel, I-280 & Hwy 92 Rock - The Tailfins - The Gibbs Brothers (8pm) Third Sunday Jazz Series featuring Lois De-
St. Davenport, IA Funktastic Five -Greenbriar Restaurant and Spruce Hills Dr. Bettendorf, IA
Island, IL -LeClaire Riverfront, LeClaire, IA Loatch & Friends (6pm) -The Redstone
Joy Kills Sorrow -Riverside Theatre, 213 N. Lounge, 4506 27th St Moline, IL The Recliners -The Mill, 120 E Burlington
Hardball -Martini’s On the Rock, 4619 34th St Caught in the Act -Mulligan’s Valley Pub, 310 W Tug Fest: Steve K’s Karaoke (4pm) - Cross- Room, 129 Main St Davenport, IA
Gilbert St. Iowa City, IA Iowa City, IA
1st Ave Coal Valley, IL roads (7pm) - Lynn Allen (10pm) -Port Troy Harris, Pianist (11:30am) -Bass Street
Live Lunch w/ Dave Maxwell (noon) -Mojo’s Rock Island, IL Tony Hoeppner (noon) -Mojo’s (River Music
John Pena Band -The Muddy Waters, 1708 State DJ Night -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W. Byron Levee, Downtown Port Byron, IL Chop House, 1601 River Dr Moline, IL
(River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St Experience), 130 W 2nd St Davenport, IA
St. Bettendorf, IA Mayne St. Blue Grass, IA uneXpected -Route 61 Bar & Grill, 4320 N. Brady Who Cares Band (5pm) -The Captain’s Table,
Davenport, IA Tug Fest: Corporate Rock (8pm) - Hap Hazzard
Karaoke Night -Sneaky Pete’s, 207 Cody Rd. Emily Jawoisz -The Grape Life Wine Emporium, St. Davenport, IA 4801 River Dr. Moline, IL
Open Mic Night -The Dam View Inn, 410 2nd (10pm) -LeClaire Riverfront, LeClaire, IA
N. LeClaire, IA 3402 Elmore Ave. Davenport, IA Wylde Nept -The Mill, 120 E Burlington Iowa Wild Oatz (4pm) -Blueport Junction, 6605 W
St Davenport, IA Tug Fest: Minus Six -Port Byron Levee, Down-
Karaoke Night -The Dam View Inn, 410 2nd St FNR: Fine New Rebellion -Uptown Neighbor- City, IA River Dr Davenport, IA
RiverCity 6 (6:30pm) -Kewanee Veterans Park town Port Byron, IL
Davenport, IA hood Bar and Grill, 2340 Spruce Hills Dr. Ya Maka My Weekend: Rude Punch (12:30pm)
Gazebo, E 2nd St Kewanee,
Seth Bradley -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. Dav- Kevin Presbrey -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St.
Davenport, IA
Ya Maka My Weekend: Jumbies (6pm)
- The Ark Band (8:15pm) - Dis N Dat
Bettendorf, IA
Johnny Lee & the Urban Cowboy Band
- Kingly T (3:45pm) - Rebel Roots (7pm)
- Dub Dis (10:15pm) -The District’s Plaza
2010/08/16 (Mon) 16
enport, IA
Memphis -Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, (10:15pm) - Ardie “Cuban Cohiba” Wal- -Mooney Hollow Barn, 12471 Highway 52 Stage - East, The District Rock Island, IL Karaoke Night -The Old Stardust Sports Bar,
3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA lace (11:30pm) -The District’s Plaza Stage Green Island, IA 1191 19th Street Moline, IL
- East, The District Rock Island, IL
River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

ve Music Live Music
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Live Lunch w/ Ellis Kell (noon) -Mojo’s “Tennessee,” That Nashville Cat (noon) - Shame Train - Old Man -Iowa City Yacht Club, Karaoke Night -Moe’s Pizza, 1312 Camanche
(River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St Open Mic Night (7pm) -Mojo’s (River Music 13 S Linn St Iowa City, IA Ave Clinton, IA
Davenport, IA Experience), 130 W 2nd St Davenport, IA Spatterdash -Uptown Neighborhood Bar and NINE-1-1 -Uptown Neighborhood Bar and Grill,
Open Mic w/ J. Knight -The Mill, 120 E Burling- The Chris & Wes Show -Mound Street Landing, Grill, 2340 Spruce Hills Dr. Bettendorf, IA 2340 Spruce Hills Dr. Bettendorf, IA
ton Iowa City, IA 1029 Mound St. Davenport, IA Steady Rollin’ Blues Band -The Muddy Waters, Nitrix -City Limits Pay Station, 1303 10th Ave.
The Craig Bentley Trio -Rascals Rock Memora- 1708 State St. Bettendorf, IA Viola, IL
2010/08/17 (Tue) 17 bilia Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL
William Fitzsimmons - Rosi Golan -The Mill,
Sweet Country (6pm) -Toucan’s Cantina / Skinny
Legs BBQ, 2020 1st Street Milan, IL
Open Mic Night -Coffee Dive, 226 W. 3rd St.
Davenport, IA
Glenn Hickson (5:30pm) -O’Melia’s Supper Club, 120 E Burlington Iowa City, IA The Funnies -Jesse’s Saloon, 803 1st Ave. Open Mic Night -One Library, 230 W. 3rd Street
2900 Blackhawk Rd. Rock Island, IL Davenport, IA
Silvis, IL
Live Lunch w/ Steve Couch (noon) -Mojo’s
(River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St
2010/08/19 (Thu) The Goddamn Gallows - The Afterdarks
- The Krank Daddies -RIBCO, 1815 2nd
Pappa-Razzi -Beer Belly’s, 112 N College Ave
Aledo, IL
Davenport, IA Hamell on Trial - The Lonelyhearts -The Mill, PB & the Jam - Smashing Pumpkins Tribute w/
Ave. Rock Island, IL Smashed Pumpkins -Iowa City Yacht Club,
Open Mic w/ Jordan Danielsen -Bier Stube 120 E Burlington Iowa City, IA The Lower Dens featuring Jana Hunter -The
Hart to Hart DJ Service -Beer Bellies, 1704 2nd 13 S Linn St Iowa City, IA
Davenport, 2228 E 11th St Davenport, IA Mill, 120 E Burlington Iowa City, IA
Ave. Rock Island, IL River Roots Live B Stage: Jimmy Riches
Open Mic w/ the Pena Brothers -Racer’s Edge, The Shawn Kellerman Band -Rascals Rock (noon) - Milltown (1pm) - Mondo Drag
936 15th Ave East Moline, IL Irie Soundsystem w/ DJ THC -QC Zone, 1516
5th Ave Moline, IL
Matt Alber @ Englert Theatre – August 18 Memorabilia Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL (3pm) - Treologic (5pm) - The Diplomats
The Chris & Wes Show -Rascals Rock Memora-
Live Lunch w/ Ren Estrand (noon) -Mojo’s of Solid Sound (7pm) - Jonathan Tyler &
bilia Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL
Tuesday Patio Party w/ Buddy Olson (6pm)
Jam Session w/ Alan Sweet -The Muddy Waters,
1708 State St. Bettendorf, IA
Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke & DJ -Commodore
Tap, 2202 W. 3rd St. Davenport, IA (River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St
Davenport, IA
2010/08/21 (Sat) 21 the Northern Lights (9:30pm) - -LeClaire
Park, River Dr & Ripley St Davenport, IA
-Greenbriar Restaurant and Lounge, 4506 Jason Carl -Creekside Bar and Grill, 3303 Brady Cosmic -11th Street Precinct, 2108 E 11th St A.J. Haut -Downtown East Moline, East Mo-
Neutral Uke Hotel - Golden Bloom - The River Roots Live Main Stage: Bumper Crop (2pm)
27th St Moline, IL St. Davenport, IA Davenport, IA
Motion Sick -Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St. line, IL - Tim Stop Trio (4pm) - 56 Hope Road (6pm) -
Live Lunch w/ Rose ‘n’ Thorns (noon) -Mojo’s DJ Night -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W. Mayne Bee All U Can Bee Karaoke & DJ -Crabby’s, 826
Creedence Clearwater Revisited (8pm) - Grace
wednesday (River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd St St. Blue Grass, IA Iowa City, IA
2010/08/18 (Wed) W. 1st Ave. Coal Valley, IL Potter & the Nocturnals (10:30pm) -LeClaire
Davenport, IA Fat Dawgs Productions Karaoke & DJ Service NINE-1-1 -Edje Nightclub at Jumer’s Casino
and Hotel, I-280 & Hwy 92 Rock Island, IL Caught in the Act -Jimmie Lee’s, 108 S. Main Park, River Dr & Ripley St Davenport, IA
Central High School: Music on the Levee Open Mic Night -The Dam View Inn, 410 2nd -Shannon’s Bar and Grill, 252 S State Ave
Open Mic Coffeehouse -First Lutheran Church St. Port Byron, IL Salsa Dancing -Club Boulevard, 1801 10th
-LeClaire Park, River Dr & Ripley St Dav- St Davenport, IA Hampton, IL
- Rock Island, 1600 20th St. Rock Island, IL Con Queso - The Blood Beats -The Mill, 120 E St. Moline, IL
enport, IA Seth Bradley -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. Dav- Funk Syndicate -Riverside Casino and Golf
Phyllis & the Sharks -Martini’s On the Rock, 4619 Burlington Iowa City, IA Smooth Groove -River House, 1510 River Dr.
Dave Ellis -Circle Tap, 1345 Locust St. Dav- enport, IA Resort, 3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA Moline, IL
34th St Rock Island, IL DJ Night -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W.
enport, IA Sexy Delicious - Red Daughters - Purple As- Golden Tones (6:30pm) -CASI (Center for The Afterdarks -Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds,
River Roots Live B Stage: 500 Miles to Mayne St. Blue Grass, IA
Daytrotter Presents: The Watson Twins teroid Cadillac -Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington Active Seniors), 1035 W. Kimberly Road 2815 W. Locust St Davenport, IA
Memphis (6:30pm) - Cory Chisel & the Funk Syndicate -Riverside Casino and Golf
- Idpyramid - Ferraby Lionheart - Tennis St. Iowa City, IA Davenport, IA The Karry Outz -Greenbriar Restaurant and
Wandering Sons (8:30pm) - Backyard Resort, 3184 Highway 22 Riverside, IA
-The Circa ‘21 Speakeasy, 1818 3rd Ave. Shaggy Wonda -RIBCO, 1815 2nd Ave. Rock Gray Wolf Band -Len Brown’s North Shore Inn, Lounge, 4506 27th St Moline, IL
Tire Fire (10:50pm) -LeClaire Park, River Funktastic Five -Rascals Rock Memorabilia Bar,
Rock Island, IL Island, IL 7th Street and the Rock River Moline, IL The Warmth - Chico Fellini -RIBCO, 1815 2nd
Dr & Ripley St Davenport, IA 1414 15th St. Moline, IL
Lunchtime on the Plaza (11:30am) -Great The Steady Rollin’ Blues Band featuring Jim- Just Chords -Kilkenny’s, 300 W. 3rd St. Dav- Ave. Rock Island, IL
River Roots Live Main Stage: Lojo Russo Gray Wolf Band -Len Brown’s North Shore Inn,
River Plaza, The District of the Rock Island mie Lee Adams -Rascals Rock Memorabilia enport, IA The Wheelers - Nebula Was - The Post Mor-
(5:30pm) - The Right Now (7:30pm) - The 7th Street and the Rock River Moline, IL
Rock Island, IL Bar, 1414 15th St. Moline, IL Karaoke Night -Sneaky Pete’s, 207 Cody Rd. tems -Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St. Iowa
Marshall Tucker Band (9:30pm) -LeClaire HI-FI -Edje Nightclub at Jumer’s Casino and
Matt Alber -Englert Theatre, 221 East Washing- Troy Harris, Pianist (6pm) -Red Crow Grille, N. LeClaire, IA City, IA
2504 53rd St. Bettendorf, IA Park, River Dr & Ripley St Davenport, IA Hotel, I-280 & Hwy 92 Rock Island, IL
ton St. Iowa City, IA Karaoke Night -The Dam View Inn, 410 2nd St Theresa Gibbs Benefit: Wicked Liz & the
Rotate the DJ w/ Chronik Solutionz -M.D. House Arrest -Uncle Harley’s Bar & Grill, 202 W.
Open Mic Night -The Old Stardust Sports Bar, Davenport, IA Bellyswirls - Lonnie & Ray - Ryan & Gibbs
1191 19th Street Moline, IL
Social Dancing, Listening, & Fellowship (1pm)
2010/08/20 (Fri) 20 Lee Blackmon & The Gamblers (6:30pm)
-Mojo’s (River Music Experience), 130 W 2nd
Green’s, 1808 2nd Ave. Rock Island, IL
Russ Reyman Trio (5pm) -The Rusty Nail, 2606
Mayne St. Blue Grass, IA
John Resch and Detroit Blues -The Muddy
- Larry Boyd - Gray Wolf Band (4pm) -Len
Brown’s North Shore Inn, 7th Street and the
ABC Karaoke -Circle Tap, 1345 Locust St. W Locust Davenport, IA Waters, 1708 State St. Bettendorf, IA
-CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1035 W. St Davenport, IA Rock River Moline, IL
Davenport, IA Scorpions - Dokken -i wireless Center, 1201 Justin Morrissey -Martini’s On the Rock, 4619
Kimberly Road Davenport, IA uneXpected -Gambino’s Place, 1500 13th St.
River Dr Moline, IL 34th St Rock Island, IL
East Moline, IL

River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 17 No. 758 • August 5 - 18, 2010

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •



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