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Dear Host,

Thank you for offering to host a house party for David! Our grassroots supporters will be essential in ensuring
David’s victory and we are thrilled to have you as a part of our 30 House Parties in 30 Days Program this
summer. For your reference and convenience, the campaign staff has put together the following kit to assist you
through the process of hosting an effective event for David.

In the following packet you will find:

• A guide to “How to Host a House Party” pg 2
• A “House Party Agenda” pg 3
• A sample House Party Invitation pg 4
• A sample follow-up call and confirmation call script pg 5
• A sample Introduction of David pg 6

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process please feel free to contact campaign staff, our
office number is: 845-634-0686. We are happy to work with you to make your event is as successful as possible.

Thank you,
AL Benninghoff
Campaign Manager
Carlucci for New York
How To Host A House Party
Once you have picked a date:

1. Connect with Co-hosts: David’s staff can help put you in touch with other supporters in your area. Our
goal is to make sure that David meets as many people as possible at our House Parties. Co-hosts can be a
great resource to make sure the room is packed with new faces!

2. Make an invite list: Think about friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, members of your place of
worship, organizations you belong to. When you make the list, compile address, phone and email for your

We would like to have at least 20-30 people at the event. In order to make sure at least that many people
attend, it would be good to create a list of about 100 people. Working with co-hosts is a great way to reach
that invitee target! Once finalized, please send the invitee list to a Carlucci staffer.

3. Send print and email invites: The Carlucci staff will provide you with printed invites and an email invite
template. It is good to send out the invite at least 2-3 weeks before the event.

4. Make follow-up calls and track RSVPs: Call people you haven’t heard from and encourage them to come.
There is a sample script in the house party kit. You can track responses on a spreadsheet that the
campaign staff will send you. Follow-up calls should be made 7-10 days before the event.

5. Check in with the Carlucci Campaign: A Carlucci Campaign staffer will call you 7-10 days before the event
to touch base on the most finalized invite list, RSVPs, follow-up calls, and to discuss the House Party
Agenda in more detail.

6. Final Reminder: It’s a good idea to call and email your “yes” list the night before the party. They
won’t forget, and you’ll know who’s definitely coming. A sample reminder call script is also included in
the kit. A Carlucci Staffer will also check in 1-2 days before the event to go over any last minute details.

7. Final Checklist for the evening of the house party:

__ Food (Don’t feel the need to do anything fancy or expensive. Coffee and cookies or cheese and
crackers will often do the trick!)
__ Chairs
__ Drinks
__ Plates
__ Cups
__ Napkins
__A table where people can sign in (David’s staff will bring sign-in materials, literature, donation envelops
and name tags. A staff member will come early to help set up.)
__ Enjoy the evening and feel proud that you are helping get David elected!
House Party Agenda

Beginning of Event 30 min.

• Guests arrive, sign-in, mingle and have refreshments
Welcome & Introduction (Host) 5 min.
• Thank everyone for coming
• Remind everyone the purpose of the party is to meet David and hear why he is
running for Senate
• Tell a personal story related to your support for David
• A sample introduction is included in the kit to help give you ideas
David Speaks 30 min.
• Speech related to audience concerns
• Questions & Answers
Making an Ask and Thank you for Support (Host) 5 min.
• “The more people that know about David, the more likely he will win”
• Sign a pledge card
• Make a donation to the campaign
• Become a campaign volunteer
• “Thank you all for coming and learning more about David’s campaign. Together we
can make David our next State Senator and help reform Albany!
Home of [HOST NAMES]

We invite you to come by our house to meet State Senate

Candidate David Carlucci for a candid discussion about
the issues facing New York State and Rockland and
Orange Counties. Drinks and light refreshments will be


Follow-Up Calls Script

Hi, this is _______. I was just calling to follow-up about the House Party here in ________ that I’m hosting/co-
hosting for David Carlucci who is a Democrat running for NY State Senate. It will be on ______________ at
________ AM/PM at the home of __________.

Do you plan on attending?

YES – Great! I’m looking forward to seeing you on _________ at ________ AM/PM

MAYBE – The event will be a great opportunity to meet David and hear what he has to say on a number of
issues that are affecting our state.

NO – Thanks for your time and we hope you can make it to another event soon!

Reminder Calls Script

Hi, this is _________. I was just calling to remind you that our House Party for David Carlucci is tomorrow at
________ AM/PM at the home of _____________. Will you still be attending?

YES – Great! I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

NO – We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop about future campaign events in the area.
Sample Introduction of David

Hi everyone and thank you for coming. I don’t need to tell you that we are facing a difficult time in New York.
From public scandals to investigations, from career-ending trials to ethics violations, from the financial crisis to
the healthcare reform, from late budgets to government-halting coups, our government has been busy this year.
Yet, most of the news we get from Albany is not good.

Our public officials have lost their way. Instead of serving the public interest, they serve their own private
interests. This year alone, former Majority Leader Joe Bruno was found guilty of using his office to improperly
gain hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the judge said that far worse than the illegal activity was the unethical
activity that was perfectly legal! The system is never going to change unless we stand up and demand a new
direction. This year we have an ideal opportunity to do just that.

This year, the State Senate seat is vacant which gives us the ideal opportunity to win. It will be difficult, but our
candidate, David Carlucci, has never been one to turn away from a challenge. David Carlucci is running for the
State Senate this year. He has been the Town Clerk in Clarkstown for the last five years, and in that time he has
used technology to innovate the office to make it more efficient while simultaneously lowering costs. When he
was first elected Town Clerk, he was able to win that office by defeating a 28-year Republican incumbent at only
24 years old. When people said it couldn’t be done, David did it.

When he got to the office, he laid out an ambitious plan to raise money from grants and digitize the town’s
records at zero cost to the taxpayers. When people said it couldn’t be done, David did it. When he got the idea to
stagger hours to keep the office open for people who work nine-to-five, some said it couldn’t be done. But, David
did it. When David wanted to bring the services of the Town Clerk to places people go, like the bus stations and
grocery stores, when he wanted to make registering to vote as easy as sending a text message, when he wanted to
work with the police department to make missing persons searches more efficient and cost-effective, many said it
couldn’t be done. But David did it.

David’s approach to government is to make it as user-friendly as possible. If you are paying taxes, then as David
sees it, he is there to serve your needs. He is exactly the type of person we want representing us in the Senate.
He’s bright, passionate, and innovative; full of energy and always listens to what people have to say. Now, he
wants to take that energy to Albany. Some are saying it can’t be done, but if we all work together to help him,
David can do it. Let’s show Albany we need a new direction.