Data for Experiment 1

Table 1-1
Frequency LIN Voltage (V) Power (mW) Frequency (Hz) LIN Voltage
(measured) (measured) (calculated) (expected) (V) (expected)
10,025 KHz 0,974 v 0,5 mW 10 Khz 1

Table 1-2
Frequency Start (Hz) End (Hz) Span(Hz) Span (Hz)
(Hz) (measured) (expected)
10 KHz 3KHz 13 KHz

Additional Challenge
1. Set the amplitude of the AC Voltage Source in Figure 1-2 to 1 V and the
frequency to 10 kHz.
2. Set Span = 10 kHz and Center Frequency = 8 kHz. Click Enter.
3. Verify that the Start and End frequencies are correct for the span and center
frequencies selected.