1) Fill in the blank in each sentence with the simple past form of the
verb given in brackets. Use the active or passive voice as required.
I. The stadium __________ (build) five years ago.
II. The girls _____________ (arrange) the chairs while the boys put
up the decorations.
III. The prisoner _______________ (execute) at dawn.
IV. The bus delay ____________ (delay) by a traffic jam.
V. The buglers ______________ (ransack) the house and got away
with much cash and jewellery.
VI. The police arrested three men and _____________ (detain) them
for questioning.
VII. The villagers ____________ (vaccinate) during the smallpox
VIII. John ______________ (smell) smoke as he entered his bedroom.
IX. The first thing he _____________ (do) was to find out where it
came from.
X. Robert Louis Stevenson ______________ (write) the book
“Treasure Island”.
2) Give the comparative and superlative forms of the following
adjectives and adverbs.
I. bad
II. comfortable
III. expensive
IV. low
V. brightly
3) Change the following statements into reported speech.
I. He said, “The earth travels round the sun.”
II. He says, “I am always ready to help.”
III. They said, “What a beautiful place!”

” VII. The team hopes to win a championship. “Finish your work today. He told the entire story. “Where are you?” 4) Directions: Create a compound sentence by combining the two simple sentences below with the connecting words (and. “May I sit here?” VI. She says to him. The little girl said. but). He said to them. She said to me. Susan does not like to ask a partner . Michael likes to play basketball. Michael likes to play football. Jacob will have to listen to the teacher. The crowd still did not understand it. The team wants to win the game. IV. __________________________________________________________ 5. 1. __________________________________________________________ 3. Jacob will not learn much in class. “I ‘m scared!” V. The woman asked. “Don’t play here. __________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________ 4. Susan loves to dance. or.” VIII.