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Process Science & Modelling

The Process Science & Modelling (PSM) programme is a leading centre of process science, development, engineering and analysis. The programme has
leading activities in process development and manufacturing innovation for high value chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For bulk chemicals we have extensive
experience in carbon capture, biomass conversion and techno-economic analysis. Our skill base spans modelling, process engineering, safety, environmental
assessment/LCA, supply chain modelling, process analytics (PAT) and control, metabolic engineering, chemical kinetics, scale-up and pilot-scale operations.

The objectives of PSM are:

To develop, maintain and exploit internationally leading activities in key areas of process science and engineering
To maintain a relevant capability for the support of ICES, A*STAR and Singapore activities in process science and engineering
To provide a centre for the formation of excellent process scientists and technologists
To solve problems for ICES, our customers and other stakeholders

As well as over forty active researchers, we operate a range of leading-edge equipment. We have experimental capabilities in in situ spectrometry and other
measurement techniques for investigation of complex systems. The Kilo Laboratory houses a batch chemical processing facility with Hastelloy vessels at up to
60 Litre scale, as well as a growing range of continuous processing and formulation equipment. We also operate a pilot scale advanced separations test
facility and a wide range of general laboratory equipment. Our complementary activities in process-related modelling use softwares including Matlab,
Dynochem, G2, GAMS and many others.

PSM carries a wide range of projects - internally, in collaboration with other ICES programmes and with external partners or customers.

There are three teams in PSM, each bringing its own distinctive range of skills and experience:

Innovative Multiphase Chemical Transformations (IMPACT)
Innovative Chemical Engineering & Process Technology (ICEPT)
Process Engineering, Analysis and Design (PEAD)

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