A.6.5.2 See Figure A.6.5.2(a) and Figure A.6.5.2(b).

FIGURE A.6.5.2(a) Acceptable Weld Joints.

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2(b) Unacceptable Weld Joints. FIGURE A. Copyright NFPA .5.6.

6. When such situations cannot be avoided.2 Cutting and welding operations account for 4 percent of fires each year in nonresidential properties and 8 percent in industrial and manufacturing properties. In-place welding of sprinkler piping introduces a significant hazard that can normally be avoided by shop-welding the piping and installing the welded sections with mechanical fittings. As a result.2.A. the exceptions outline procedures and practices that minimize the increase in hazard. Copyright NFPA .5. the standard requires that all piping be shop-welded.