“Just for fun, see if you can stop me at Photo 6

an Ace.” Actually, you will riffle force the
King in the center, by riffling down the
upper left corner with your left thumb.
When they say stop, indicate that posi-
tion with the right index finger as in
Photo 2, but actually, the right thumb
picks up the block at the break being
held by the left little finger (Photo 3).

Photo 2 Photo 7

“Sleeve Aces”
with That’s what the J stands for. ‘Just’
Photo 3 missed.”
Michael Ammar The right hand, which casually holds
its packet face down, moves up to rub
... a free trick for the face of that packet against the left
sleeve (Photo 8). Pause, then show that
an Ace has appeared (Photo 9).

you right here on Photo 8
As the right hand flashes the King at
these two pages! the face of its packet, you say, “Oops, but
you were close. That’s what the K stands
for. Klose.” As you draw attention to the
King, the left little finger gets a break
under the Ace which is face down on top
In his book Variations, Earl Nelson of its packet (Photo 4).
printed a lovely routine based on Al
Leech’s Discovery of Aces. Paul Harris Photo 4 Photo 9
and I were playing around with Earl’s
handling, and we decided to eliminate
the center phase, where the red Aces turn
into the black Aces. We ended up with
something fairly different than Earl’s
original, so if this appeals to you, you’ll
probably enjoy taking a look at how Earl
Nelson approached the idea as well.

To set up, put the 2 black Aces face-to- As the right swings face down, it steals
face on top of deck, any red Ace second the Ace from on top of the left hand As the right hand shows the Ace, left
from bottom and any Jack on the bottom packet (Photo 5). Continuing in one gets break under the Jack at the face of
(Photo 1). The other red Ace is in the smooth motion, the right packet flips the its pack. The right hand places its cards
center, just below any King. Begin by face down onto left block, side jogged to
holding a break between the Ace and King Photo 5
right (Photo 10). Flip the right block
in the center of the deck. face down and pick up the Jack, as the
Jack Red Ace Red King Black Photo 1
Ace Aces Photo 10

packet held by the left hand face up, to
show a Jack (Photo 6 & 7). “Just missed.

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Photo 11 held by the left hand (Photo 21).

Photo 16

The left hand puts both red Aces onto Photo 21
Photo 12 the table (Photo 16). The right hand
uses its pack to flip the left packet face Immediately turn the left hand palm
down (Photo 17 & 18). The right turns down. This moment flows smoothly, with
no unnatural pauses, so practice the
movements of the hands to find the ideal
Once both hands are palm down, give
the packets a magical shake (Photo 22),
then turn both hands up to reveal the
Photo 13
black Aces (Photo 23). There is an extra
card face up beneath the Ace on top of
Photo 17 the left hand packet (Photo 24).

left hand moves to rub the right sleeve
(Photo 11, 12 and 13). Photo 22
Show the second Ace has appeared. Photo 18
The left hand moves to thumb the Ace
from the face of the right packet. This palm up to flash the back of the stack it
allows the right thumb to get a break holds, but be sure to keep the hands
above its bottom two cards (Photos 14 fairly close together (Photo 19).
and 15.
Photo 14

Photo 23

Photo 19

Photo 15 As the right hand turns palm down,
the hands should be positioned so that Photo 24
the backs of the two packets ‘kiss’ togeth-
er, as in Photo 20. During this moment,
the two cards below the break in the You can either secretly unload this as you
right hand are dropped onto the packet turn over the Ace, or you can get an
additional effect out of it. For example,
the right hand can return its packet
beneath those in the left hand, then do a
double turnover of the Ace and the card
beneath it. Have a spectator hold their
hand palm up, as you place the now
indifferent card from the top into their
hand. Dribble the deck onto the card in
Photos by: Hannah Ammar Photo 20 their palm, then show the Ace has trav-
eled from their palm back to the top of
the deck.

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