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Mrs. Cecelia Mayer

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Extra help can be scheduled before school or my prep, 4G.

In deciding to enroll in an AP class, you have chosen to take a rigorous, college-level course, and
because of this, the expectations are high. It is expected that you commit yourself to the class: arrive
prepared and on-time, participate in and out of class, contribute to the dialogue with questions and
insights, communicate what you do and do not understand both in and out of class, complete all
assignments honestly, and take responsibility of your progress.

As it is in all my classes, even more important than the academic expectations is the expectation of good
citizenry. Respectful, compassionate, and cooperative interactions with each other (and the school’s
property) is a norm here in C-7. Further, only turn in work that you are proud of, approach challenges with
an open mind, and don’t let the fear of making “mistakes” hold you back from learning.

Course Goals
By the end of the course, students will be able to articulate and defend statistical arguments, using
appropriate terminology correctly. Students will gather data using a variety of sampling techniques and
simulations, and summarize the results both numerically and graphically. Using probability concepts, the
same data will be used to estimate, predict, and form conclusions about populations.

Class Supplies
What you need:

• The COVERED textbook, The Practice of Statistics, fifth edition, by Starnes, Tabor, Yates and Moore.
• Math binder, with four labeled dividers (warm-ups, handouts/notes, homework, paper-including
• Something to write with.
• Calculator: Our class has a set of TI-84 here, but the holidays are coming, and if you’re planning on
continuing your education post THS and you don’t already, it is recommended that you have your
own graphing calculator (TI-83+ or TI-84 are frequently used models).
• Power School login: use it for the most updated version of your grade.
• Gmail!! Check it!

What you do NOT need:

• Your cell phone: upon walking into class every day, put your cell phone into its “cubby”; it is how I
take roll, and if it’s not there, then you’re not there.
• Food, gum, and other-than-water drinks (unless outlined by an individual education plan).
Grading Policy
Your grade is weighted as follows:

• 60%: Unit Chapter Tests THS Grading Scale
• 20%: Homework/classwork/participation
• 5%: Daily quizzes A B+ C+ D
92.00% to 88.00% to 78.00% to 60% to
• 15%: Final
100.00% 89.99% 79.99% 69.99%
Homework is collected at the beginning of every class
A- B C F
period. Full credit is given to homework assignments that 90.00% to 82.00% to 72.00% to 0% to
are completed and on time. Completed homework turned 91.99% 87.99% 77.99% 59.99%
in late is given half credit, with a deadline of the unit’s end.
If you are absent, you are responsible for getting any B C-
80.00% to 70.00% to
notes/handouts; I use my class webpage to post any 81.99% 71.99%
handouts, and Power School is regularly used to post

Unlike most other college-prep math classes, there are no test/quiz corrections or retakes for this AP class.
A test assesses what you know, so make sure to know what we’re talking about in class. Every day is an
opportunity to practice and master the material, despite if homework is assigned, so do math every day:
flashcards for vocabulary, practice problems again that we did in class, help a friend with a problem type
in which they struggle, search for our latest topic on youtube and watch a video…what’s 30 minutes?
Hold yourself responsible for your learning by taking what was taught and practicing it again.

Course Outline
Semester One Semester 2
August 22, 2017 - December 21, 2017 January 8, 2018-June 7, 2018
Chapter 1: Exploring Data Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions
Chapter 2: Modeling Distributions of Data Chapter 8: Estimating with Confidence
Chapter 3: Describing Relationships Chapter 9: Testing a Claim
Chapter 4: Designing Studies Chapter 10: Comparing Two Populations or Groups
Chapter 5: Probability: What are the chances? Chapter 11: Inference for Distributions of
Chapter 6: Random Variables Categorical Data
Chapter 12: More for Regression
AP Test: May 17, 2017
Semester One Final Semester Two Final
1G: Monday, December 18, 9:15 am 1G: Monday, June 4, 9:15 am

I am very much looking forward to sharing my genuine interest in statistics with you. It is unlike any “math”
you’ve since encountered, with many not even considering it “math.” It teaches analytical, critical
thinking skills that can potentially affect the way you interpret information. It requires a lot of work, but I
know you are capable of it if you’re up to it. Please remember that I am indeed on your side, and I am
excited and committed to help you succeed.
I have read and understand the class rules and expectations outlined in the class syllabus.

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