Quality Workshop #8

Topic: 3G/4G – Installation Standard
Site: ME288
Trainer: Fabio Gilabert
Date: 30/5/16
Duration: 4 days
Area: Prov. de Mendoza

1) Overview This document has as first mission. give proof of people that took Quality Workshops. Secondly.Quality Workshop . Trainings and Quality Alignment for CLARO AR Project and make aware them of best‐in‐class customer perceived value. Purpose © Nokia 2015 . targeting towards Virtual Zero service quality and flawless performance of our networks in the field. working and rolling inside our partners and how it fits into the Networks vision and strategy. ensure that Quality mission.Fabio Gilabert/ Federico Sadino Confidential . policy and principles are in the field.

Fabio Gilabert/ Federico Sadino Confidential . signed as proof of given competence and TL9000 conformity: Signature © Nokia 2015 .2) Minute of Signature – ME288 Name Company Roll Fabio Gilabert Nokia Trainer – Quality Field Engineer Gabriel Silvera RF Group Operator – Start up and Integrator Anderson Bobadilla RF Group Operator – Work at heights Roman Silva RF Group Operator – Work at heights Each trained resource.Quality Workshop .

feel confident to move forward. #maketechhuman Play the game © Nokia 2015 .Quality Workshop .Fabio Gilabert/ Federico Sadino Confidential .3) Photo gallery It is fun to see how people supported with the correct trainer. sure to become specilist of the matter.

NOKIA – Quality Team .