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Synactive GuiXT

SAP R/3 Screen customization and

personalization solution without ABAP,
using GuiXT components
Executive Summary

With ever increasing changes, companies are acutely aware of the need to choose the
right technologies that will enable them to remain agile and to respond rapidly to the
changing demands of the marketplace. At Synactive, we are committed to providing
you with the technology that will move your business forward and leverage on your
current investment.

The intention of this paper is to provide you with an in-depth look at GuiXT
components and to determine the best course of action for implementation in your

Enabling Technology

Recently, the push has been for user interfaces to be simple, clear and intuitive. Users
want a system that is easy to use and flexible. In line with this, Synactive launched
GuiXT with the EnjoySAP initiative.
GuiXT is an integrated tool developed by Synactive to customize and consolidate
R/3 screens without ABAP1 program changes. It is included as part of the SAPGUI
4.6 installation and therefore is part of every SAP client installation. The power for
SAP simplification and customization is already there to be used.
This technology spares you from having to build your own custom add-ons or make
changes in your SAP, as any changes you make need to be tested and upgraded in
future. With the GuiXT solution, since no additional third party code is added, your
SAPs business logic remains intact and free of custom changes.

Inside GuiXT Components

You can use GuiXT to implement a whole range of screen customization options. For
example, GuiXT can
combine and consolidate screens to reduce the number of screens users have to
wade through. In most cases, a transaction can be consolidated to a single screen

1 R/3 and ABAP are registered trademarks of SAP AG, Walldorf

Copyright 1998-2002 Synactive LLC GuiXT white paper 2

change the layout (i.e. refine terminology or delete controls that require the same
input) of any SAP screens to improve productivity and reduce errors in data
add relevant documentation by integrating web based help within SAPGUI
itself, and reduce training costs.
hide unnecessary fields that do not require entry to simplify the business
Customizing screens is made simple by using the GuiXT Designers WYSIWYG user
interface. From GuiXT, the user can choose to edit or modify the current screen.
Then the Designer generates a GuiXT script that modifies standard SAP screens

Figure 1:GuiXT Architecture

GuiXT revolutionizes changes in screen layouts; without engaging ABAP
programmers or the possibility of accidentally changing SAP business logic.
GuiXT offers flexible and scalable deployment options. GuiXT Scripts (simple ASCII
text files) can be stored and managed centrally in R/3 database using transaction

Powerful and Easy to use

GuiXT components are designed to be easy to use, scalable and reliable delivering an
outstanding performance in screen customization and enhancement.
Ease of use R/3 screen customizations are done using GuiXT Designer, a
WYSIWIG tool that lets users drag and drop screen elements in an editable

Copyright 1998-2002 Synactive LLC GuiXT white paper 3

SAPGUI screen. Customization previously being made using ABAP code is
made obsolete by this component. The Designer minimizes development time
required to tailor and combine screens.
Scalability GuiXT is able to support the needs of a wide range of
implementation sizes, from very small to very large companies. GuiXT can also
be deployed with installations running from R/3 rel. 3.x to 4.x.
Reliability GuiXT is bundled with SAP therefore eliminating any need for
additional deployment activity. Even for complex transformations, like
combining multiple screen transactions, no ABAP are coded, and therefore SAP
remains pristine from changes that would later affect future SAP updates.
Manageability Personalization and modifications are script driven. No third
party tools are added, no changes made in ABAP, RFC or BAPI. GuiXT
components come installed with SAPGUI 4.6, eliminating any need for
additional deployment.
Flexibility - Once GuiXT is activated; any and all SAP transactions can become
candidates for improvements like simplification and screen consolidations. All it
takes to unlock this power are additional scripts, no additional development or
testing are required.

Figure 2: Before and after of customized SAP


GuiXT lets you stay on the leading edge of technology by providing the latest
capabilities to your users letting you focus on your business.

Copyright 1998-2002 Synactive LLC GuiXT white paper 4

GuiXT works with R/3 releases starting from 3.X to 4.6. Synactive and SAP AG will
jointly release GuiXT for ITSGUI 6.2 (Webgui) in mid-May. Synactive has been
selected by SAP as a CSP (Complimentary Software Partner). Our implementation
partners can assist you with any customization requirements you may have.

For more information, please visit our website at:

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