3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin

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March 29

The 7 Most Effective Exercises
to Get Rid of a Double Chin
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Eating right and being physically active are a few examples of good habits that can help your
body stay fit and young. But this is also true for our facial muscles which tend to lose their Video (/video­of­the­day/have­you­ever­
firmness as we age.

With that in mind, we at Bright Side have compiled a list of the best exercises designed
to help return your face to its former glory.
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Warming up the muscles We also recommend

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8 Brain­Itching Riddles That Only
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Just like before any other workout, you’ll want to warm up your facial muscles. quizzes/8­brain­itching­riddles­that­only­
For this purpose, move your lower jaw forward and backward and then side to side. All
movements should be performed slowly and smoothly without sudden jerks. Repeat the
exercise 8­10 times.

1. The scoop


https://brightside.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 1/10

me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 2/10 . 81 014 (/wonder­animals/19­adorable­cats­who­were­born­to­become­famous­264710/) 2. Repeat 5­7 times. photography/16­seriously­mind­blowing­ pictures­untouched­by­photoshop­120055/) While performing this exercise make sure that the corners of your lips are completely relaxed. and roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth. Fungal Infections. Move your head down in a scooping motion.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin 52 406 (/inspiration­health/this­is­the­only­product­that­kills­viruses­fungal­infections­and­bacteria­all­in­one­go­289410/) (/inspiration­health/this­is­the­only­ product­that­kills­viruses­fungal­ infections­and­bacteria­all­in­one­go­ 289410/) This Is the Only Product That Kills Viruses. and close Untouched by Photoshop (/creativity­ your mouth while lifting your head. and Bacteria All in One Go! (/inspiration­ health/this­is­the­only­product­that­kills­ viruses­fungal­infections­and­bacteria­all­ in­one­go­289410/) 274 769 (/creativity­photography/16­seriously­mind­blowing­pictures­untouched­by­photoshop­120055/) (#image12549660) (/creativity­photography/16­seriously­ mind­blowing­pictures­untouched­by­ Open your mouth. Touch your nose (/wonder­animals/19­adorable­cats­who­ were­born­to­become­famous­264710/) 20 Adorable Cats Who Were Born to Become Famous (/wonder­ animals/19­adorable­cats­who­were­born­ to­become­famous­264710/) 1 004 508 (/inspiration­family­and­kids/ten­funny­illustrations­that­show­how­a­mans­life­changes­after­marriage­173755/) (/inspiration­family­and­kids/ten­funny­ illustrations­that­show­how­a­mans­life­ changes­after­marriage­173755/) 11 Funny Illustrations That Show How a Man’s Life Changes After Marriage (/inspiration­family­and­ kids/ten­funny­illustrations­that­show­ how­a­mans­life­changes­after­marriage­ 173755/) (#) https://brightside. Imagine that you need photoshop­120055/) 17 Seriously Mind­Blowing Pictures to scoop water with your lower jaw.

 The perfect oval face 47 803 (/wonder­curiosities/16­brilliant­ideas­that­took­the­service­industry­to­a­new­level­and­simplified­our­lives­305960/) (/wonder­curiosities/16­brilliant­ideas­ that­took­the­service­industry­to­a­new­ level­and­simplified­our­lives­305960/) 17 Brilliant Ideas That Took the Service Industry to a New Level and Simplified Our Lives (/wonder­ curiosities/16­brilliant­ideas­that­took­the­ service­industry­to­a­new­level­and­ simplified­our­lives­305960/) (#) https://brightside. masculine­299910/) This Test Will Determine What’s More in You: Feminine Stick out your tongue as far as possible.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 3/10 . will­determine­whats­more­in­you­ feminine­or­masculine­299910/) 3. and try to reach your nose with the tip of your or Masculine (/wonder­quizzes/this­test­ tongue. That is why they also (/wonder­quizzes/this­test­will­determine­ whats­more­in­you­feminine­or­ need to be strengthened.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin 58 408 (/inspiration­girls­stuff/14­beauty­tips­from­top­models­that­will­be­useful­for­every­woman­288810/) (/inspiration­girls­stuff/14­beauty­tips­ from­top­models­that­will­be­useful­for­ every­woman­288810/) 14 Beauty Tips From Top Models That Will Be Useful For Every Woman (/inspiration­girls­stuff/14­ beauty­tips­from­top­models­that­will­be­ useful­for­every­woman­288810/) 22 331 (/wonder­people/9­women­who­changed­the­course­of­history­forever­312210/) (/wonder­people/9­women­who­changed­ the­course­of­history­forever­312210/) 9 Women Who Changed the Course of History Forever (/wonder­people/9­ women­who­changed­the­course­of­ history­forever­312210/) 1 839 422 (/wonder­quizzes/this­test­will­determine­whats­more­in­you­feminine­or­masculine­299910/) (#image12549710) A double chin is also associated with weakness of the hyoid muscles. Repeat 5 times. Keep your lips relaxed.

straining the muscles of your neck. Repeat 5 times on each side. You should feel the muscles on the left of your neck stretching. "Kiss the giraffe" (#) (#image12549810) Imagine you need to kiss a giraffe (or someone who is very tall). Then turn your head to the right and do the same movement.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 4/10 . https://brightside. 4. do the following exercise: turn your head to the left. and pull your lower jaw forward.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin (#image12549760) If you want to return the shape of your face to a younger look and pull your cheeks up.

 and pucker your lips as if you are going to kiss someone. hold for 3 seconds. Smile (#) https://brightside. The pressing force should gradually increase. and strain your muscles while overcoming the resistance.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin Lift your face up. you should feel a strong tension in your neck. and repeat the exercise 5­7 times. Hold the position for 5 to 8 seconds and release. Resistance (#image12549860) For this exercise. If you are performing the exercise correctly. Slightly bring your lower jaw forward. 6. Then relax. you need to make two fists and place them directly under your chin. When you reach maximum resistance. and look at the ceiling. Then begin to move your lower jaw slightly down on your fists. Repeat 5 times. 5.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 5/10 .

me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 6/10 . If you feel a strong tension in your chin muscles. Hold this feeling of tension for 5 seconds. Puffy cheeks (#) https://brightside. Now push your tongue against your hard palate. 7. gradually increasing the pressing force. and try to stretch the corners of your lips as wide as possible. then you have performed the exercise correctly.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin (#image12549910) Clench your teeth with your mouth closed. Repeat 5­8 times. and then relax for 3 seconds.

 Model Olga Zakharchenko (https://www.fitnesshealthzone. Photographer Roman Zakharchenko. and fill it with air.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin (#image12549960) Inhale deeply with your mouth.com/reduce­double­chin­exercises. then release the air and relax.com/exercises/facial­exercise­to­tone­the­face­muscles/).com/olga_zaharchenko/) for BrightSide. Hold for 3­5 seconds. Source ladyformula (http://ladyformula.com/thrive­market/workout­facials­can­ exerc_b_8602496. and puff up your cheeks. huffingtonpost (http://www.html)  Illustrator Daniil Shubin.huffingtonpost.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 7/10 . Now press your palms on your cheeks so that you feel tension in your muscles.me  Based on materials from fitnesshealthzone (http://www. Close your mouth.html)  Share on Facebook (#) Share on Twitter (#) Share on Pinterest (#) We’d love to hear your views on this… (#) https://brightside.instagram. Repeat the exercise 5­6 times.

  Training those muscles will help tone the surface just like abdominal exercises. I guess you have some psychological issues connected to health and body in general. If it is not then i worry about the intelligence of the writer. but there are a lot of normal weight people (and underweight ones) that have a visible double chin. These exercises will not get rid of a double chin. Sometimes it's a combination of gravity and lax muscles. 2017 9:24am Gosia Adamska · Jagiellonian University In certain age. Like · Reply ·  91 · Jan 26. Ltd. Al­Ghamdi Said the medical reference. Craig Butler · Southampton Double chin is excess fat. you cannot train fat. 2017 11:50am Load 10 more comments Facebook Comments Plugin You might like these as well: (#) https://brightside. 2017 10:18am Yergio Lp · Rancho Cucamonga. California I just want to kiss you Like · Reply ·  7 · Jan 26. 2017 10:47am Waqar Ahmed · Pakistan Marine Academy Ansa Like · Reply · Jan 26. Stop talking rubbish. There are even special exercise devices for toning those muscles which work more effectively. 2017 9:45am Moath J. there again i suspect this is a joke. Try a healthy diet and life style. Like · Reply ·  313 · Jan 26.   I worry about the intelligence of got­it­all­figured­out people like you actually.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 8/10 . Double chin can be fat in overweight/obese people. Sometimes it's hereditary.. It is not always pure fat due to being overweight. Savita Gujran Check this out Like · Reply ·  1 · Jan 26. 2017 10:28am Sameen Rizvi · College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Tehreem Rizvi Like · Reply · Jan 26. double chin is coming from flaccidity of face muscels. Like · Reply ·  135 · Jan 26.. 2017 11:28am Show 10 more replies in this thread Uday Salian · Executive at MOL Information Processing Services India Pvt.3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin 130 Comments Sort by  Oldest Add a comment. Like · Reply ·  47 · Jan 26. 2017 10:47am Karin Johnson Sorge · Special Ed Teacher at Marion County Public Schools It's not always fat.

3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin nternets­14­most­popular­culinary­life­hacks­320910/) 5 236 650 (/wonder­curiosities/what­life­looks­like­before­and­after­you­turn­30­122805/) 586 209 (/inspiration­tips­and­tricks/12­unexpected­but­great­uses­for­vicks­vaporub­266460/) (/creativity­cooking/we­test­the­internets­ (/wonder­curiosities/what­life­looks­like­ (/inspiration­tips­and­tricks/12­ 14­most­popular­culinary­life­hacks­ before­and­after­you­turn­30­122805/) unexpected­but­great­uses­for­vicks­ 320910/) What Life Looks Like Before and vaporub­266460/) We Test the Internet’s 14 Most After You Turn 30 (/wonder­ 12 Unexpected but Great Uses for Popular Culinary Life Hacks curiosities/what­life­looks­like­before­and­ Vicks VapoRub (/inspiration­tips­and­ (/creativity­cooking/we­test­the­internets­ after­you­turn­30­122805/) tricks/12­unexpected­but­great­uses­for­ 14­most­popular­culinary­life­hacks­ vicks­vaporub­266460/) 320910/) 77 040 (/creativity­cooking/19­tricks­from­chefs­that­will­simplify­your­life­320810/) 69 064 (/creativity­home/7­brilliant­housewife­tricks­for­the­cleanest­bathroom­ever­205905/) (/creativity­cooking/19­tricks­from­chefs­ (/creativity­home/7­brilliant­housewife­ that­will­simplify­your­life­320810/) tricks­for­the­cleanest­bathroom­ever­ 19 Tricks From Chefs That Will 205905/) Simplify Your Life (/creativity­ 7 brilliant housewife tricks for the cooking/19­tricks­from­chefs­that­will­ cleanest bathroom ever (/creativity­ simplify­your­life­320810/) home/7­brilliant­housewife­tricks­for­the­ cleanest­bathroom­ever­205905/) ess­what­these­10­things­are­really­used­for­320760/) 276 433 (/inspiration­health/this­japanese­method­will­help­you­quickly­get­rid­of­belly­fat­320310/) 69 634 (/wonder­people/12­star­daughters­who­are­no­less­charming­than­their­parents­320710/) (/wonder­curiosities/we­bet­you­cant­ (/inspiration­health/this­japanese­method­ (/wonder­people/12­star­daughters­who­ guess­what­these­10­things­are­really­ will­help­you­quickly­get­rid­of­belly­fat­ are­no­less­charming­than­their­parents­ used­for­320760/) 320310/) 320710/) We Bet You Can’t Guess What This Japanese Method Will Help 12 Star Daughters Who Are No Less These 10 Things Are Really Used For You Quickly Get Rid of Belly Fat Charming Than Their Parents (/wonder­curiosities/we­bet­you­cant­ (/inspiration­health/this­japanese­method­ (/wonder­people/12­star­daughters­who­ guess­what­these­10­things­are­really­ will­help­you­quickly­get­rid­of­belly­fat­ are­no­less­charming­than­their­parents­ used­for­320760/) 320310/) 320710/) /101­superb­pieces­of­interior­design­advice­177905/) 75 758 (/inspiration­health/5­easy­natural­ways­to­firm­and­shape­your­breasts­320610/) 4 848 (/wonder­people/10­exceptional­celebrities­who­went­the­extra­mile­for­their­fans­320960/) (/creativity­home/101­superb­pieces­of­ (/inspiration­health/5­easy­natural­ways­ (/wonder­people/10­exceptional­ interior­design­advice­177905/) to­firm­and­shape­your­breasts­320610/) celebrities­who­went­the­extra­mile­for­ 101 superb pieces of interior design 5 Easy Natural Ways to Firm and their­fans­320960/) advice (/creativity­home/101­superb­ Shape Your Breasts (/inspiration­ 10 Exceptional Celebrities Who pieces­of­interior­design­advice­177905/) health/5­easy­natural­ways­to­firm­and­ Went the Extra Mile for Their Fans shape­your­breasts­320610/) (/wonder­people/10­exceptional­ celebrities­who­went­the­extra­mile­for­ their­fans­320960/) (#) https://brightside.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organ… 9/10 .

 All materials on this site are copyrighted and may not be used unless authorized by The Bright Side. (#) https://brightside. All rights reserved.me) Copyright policy (/article/copyright­policy­117605/) (https://www.co (https://twitter.com/b (/rss/) © 2017 Always See The Bright Side Of Life. Inc.me/inspiration­health/the­7­most­effective­exercises­to­get­rid­of­a­double­chin­295310/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_orga… 10/10 .facebook. 3/29/2017 The 7 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin rticle/this­is­why­women­live­longer­than­men­8755/) 42 192 (/creativity­photography/20­things­only­true­lazybones­will­understand­320460/) 446 698 (/creativity­design/these­guys­got­carried­away­on­the­job­226510/) (/article/this­is­why­women­live­longer­ (/creativity­photography/20­things­only­ (/creativity­design/these­guys­got­carried­ than­men­8755/) true­lazybones­will­understand­320460/) away­on­the­job­226510/) This is why women live longer than 20 Things Only True Lazybones Will 20 Hilarious Situations When men (/article/this­is­why­women­live­ Understand (/creativity­photography/20­ People Had One Job and Failed longer­than­men­8755/) things­only­true­lazybones­will­ Miserably (/creativity­design/these­guys­ understand­320460/) got­carried­away­on­the­job­226510/) crets­as­seen­from­a­scientific­point­of­view­238410/) 415 707 (/wonder­curiosities/7­well­known­symbols­whose­meaning­we­knew­nothing­about­295010/) (/inspiration­girls­stuff/beauty­secrets­as­ (/wonder­curiosities/7­well­known­ seen­from­a­scientific­point­of­view­ symbols­whose­meaning­we­knew­ 238410/) nothing­about­295010/) 15 Beauty Secrets That Will Solve 7 Well­Known Symbols Whose Your Skin Problems (/inspiration­girls­ Meaning We Knew Nothing About stuff/beauty­secrets­as­seen­from­a­ (/wonder­curiosities/7­well­known­ scientific­point­of­view­238410/) symbols­whose­meaning­we­knew­ nothing­about­295010/) About Bright Side (/article/how­we­make­bright­side­83405/) Vacancy (/article/vacancy­freelance­writer­for­bright­side­83455/) Contact us (mailto:welcome@brightside.