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APRIL - MAY - JUNE 2017 Quarterly Newsletter


What can you do? Learn the signs and symptoms of There are ways to help your brain stay healthy.
strokeact FAST and call 911 immediately if you suspect Scientists are discovering how closely our minds and
someone is having a stroke. Use FAST to remember the bodies are connected. It turns out the things you do to
warning signs: keep your body and heart healthy may also be good
for your brain.
Exercise- Walking or playing with grandkids to
Face: Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face
get your heart rate increased for 30 minutes a day.
Eat healthy- Lots of fruits and vegetables.
Arms: Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm Know your blood pressure- If it is high get it
drift downward? under control. Speak with your doctor.
Speech: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is their Moderate amounts of alcohol- Increased
amounts may cause confusion or accidents.
speech slurred or sound strange?
Get plenty of rest- Poor sleep from insomnia or
Time: If you observe any of these signs, call 911 sleep apnea may affect memory and thinking.
immediately. Discover a new talent- Learning something new
engages your brain. Challenging your brain on a
Stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is regular basis is fun and beneficial.
diminished or blocked. When this happens the brain does Stay connected with family or friends- Having
not get enough blood or nutrients and brain cells begin to regular engagement in social activities has been
die! shown to reduce some risks to your brain.
See your doctor with any concern of changes in
Remembertime is brain tissue! Learning the warning your brain function.
signs and acting F A S T could save your life or the life of
a loved one!
Summer is a Great
Time to Earn a Little $$
Client Testimony and Help a Friend!
From B. Fontana (for J. Herko)

It was moms wish that if she was ever very sick or ATTENTION ALL CNAs & HHAs
incapable of taking care of herself she would want to stay at
home We could not have done it without Vivian and Get rewarded for sending a friend or a
the superior people you provided for her care over the years relative or a co-worker in to apply!
when Vivian took some well deserved time off. We $50 PER REFERRAL
know from the first day that Vivian was an angel sent our Know someone who is a CNA or HHA who
way. Vivian become family immediately. She lovingly is looking for live in/hourly work?
cares for our mother as if mom were her own grandmother. WE ARE HIRING!
They have such a bond. Every visiting nurse, pastor, social
Tell them to call 203-634-8668 and ask
worker, friends and family would remark how well taken
care of my mother is. She loves music and Vivian sings for Ann once they are hired and work
for her. We are thankful for the great quality of moms 30 days you receive $50!
last years and I have no doubt in my mind it was because of
Vivian {Adetor}.
Bedsores (known as pressure ulcers or decubiti ulcers) are skin MONTH AWARDS
ulcers that develop when a person remains for a prolonged period
of time in one position. They are a problem often seen in the March, 2017
elderly, who have difficulty moving, combined with poor
circulation and a decreased feeling in their skin. They usually Lois Adu Live-in
develop on skin covering bony prominence, such as heels, ankles,
hips, tailbone and even back of the head. Grace Coffie Live-in
Pressure ulcers can be caused by these factors either individually or
in combination.
PRESSURE: Results in compression of soft tissue between a bony Adult Family Living / Foster
prominence and an external surface, such as a bed or wheelchair, Caregiver Program:
the blood supply to the area is impeded resulting in tissue damage.
Complimentary Assistive Technologies
FRICTION: Friction is caused when the skin is pulled across a
coarse surface such as bed linens, wash cloths or if incontinence is Assisted Living Services, Inc. and sister company
a factor. The outer protective layer of skin is pulled away. Soft, Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. have been
moist layers of skin are exposed which allows bacteria to enter. offering technology solutions to the Adult Family
SHEAR: Shearing occurs when the skin moves in one direction Living / Foster Caregiver Program (AFL) clients.
while the underling bone moves in the other direction. Shearing The AFL program is relatively new and is under the
results in cell walls and minute blood cells stretching and tearing. Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders
This can happen when if a patient slides down in bed or chair or (CHCPE) and Personal Care Assistance (PCA)
the top of the bed is raised too high. Waiver. Assisted Living Services, Inc. is a
At risk for bedsores:
credentialed provider for AFL and has RNs perform
visits that help support the Family Caregivers.
Older age individual as their skin gets thinner and Sometimes we can address particular concerns they
more vulnerable. might have by offering a free wireless technology that
Anyone with reduced pain perception. can best address the issue, according to Mary
Poor circulation due to diabetes, vascular diseases, Scagliarini RN, Director of the agencies AFL
smoking and compression. Program. We have been using technology to help
Poor diet. Especially a diet lacking in protein, vitamin C supplement care with a program the agency calls
and zinc.
CarePlus for years and more recently for all our
Reduced mental awareness, due to disease or injury,
AFL clients as well, said Mary.
may reduce person ability to take preventive action.
Incontinence of urine or feces can cause moist skin. Moist
skin macerates more easily increasing risk of skin damage For example, Nick DAquila, Technologies Specialist
and breakdown. with Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. visited an
AFL client that was at high risk of falling. The client
Tips to reduce bedsores from developing: sleeps in his room on the first floor and his daughter
is his primary caretaker and sleeps on the second
Moving clients every 15 minutes for wheelchairs and every
floor, said Nick. The father wakes up frequently
two hours while in bed.
during the night to use the bathroom without the
Daily skin inspections.
Keep the skin healthy and DRY.
daughter hearing him. There were several instances
Provide balanced nutrition to enhance good health and where he would fall during the night and not be heard
wound healing. for a period of time. We provided a wireless bed pad
Assist client with exercise, even if they must be done sensor and alarm that alerts the daughter when her
in bed. father sits up to get out of bed at night. She can now
NEVER MASSAGE A REDDENED AREA, this may cause quickly assist her father to the bathroom while
tissue damage under the skin. reducing the risk of falls during the night, according
to Nick.
How can you help: Notify the doctor, the visiting nurse
or physical therapist immediately of any new reddened area of
the skin. This is often the first sign an ulcer is forming. DO If you would like to hear more about our CarePlus
NOT WAIT. It is your responsibility to also notify your program for AFL clients, please contact Assisted
state care manager. Living Services, Inc.