how have you
been? Well, summer is
here, and I had to break
out the “roll out” AC units
to keep the house cool. I
don’t do well in the heat,
my brain seems to melt.
I’ve emailed previously
about the “slaughterhouse
babies” that I have in my
Well, people see their
listing on PetFinder, and I
get request after request
for applications from
people that want to adopt.
This is nothing new, but
out of all the applications I
send out, only a
percentage of them come
back to me. Some people can’t be bothered completing a 4-page application, or maybe when I
ask what vet they use for current/past pets, they know if I call, I will discover that they have not
been the best pet owner. Then there are the ones that return the application, perhaps thinking I
won’t actually check their vet reference, (which I do) and after speaking to the vet, they are
denied for various reasons. (Pets not properly cared for in the past, etc.)
Then there are ones that get very good references and I start to make arrangements for them to
meet the babies when they are about 4 weeks old and pick which one they want. They are
excited. Emails go back and forth as I send them updated pics as I take them. They say they
can’t wait to meet them and choose one. Then, out of the blue, I get: “Well, I got a kitten
instead…” or “Found a rabbit somewhere else….”. Ends up so far that 3 babies that I thought I
had homes for, I don’t. Now mind you, if they change their mind that easily, they are probably
not the right home for the bunnies anyway. But, this is a segway to...reasons WHY and
reasons WHY NOT to adopt a bunny.

Here’s the reasons NOT to:
● They need space. IN the HOUSE space. They can’t be much of a companion if they are
outside in a hutch. They need to see you, hear you and like to be part of the family.
They need time out of their (roomy) cage every day to play. Keep them locked in a
cage most of the time, and they can become “cage protective” (lunging, grunting, nipping
when you put your hand in their cage). Or stuck in a cage all the makes them
“depressed” due to lack of mental stimulation. Think about it: how would *you* feel
being confined to one room most of your life. You would get bored. So do they if
confined to a cage.
● They need “specialized vets”. Many vets only see dogs and cats. Rabbits are “exotics”
and need an experienced exotic vet and vet tech...which can cost more than a vet that
only sees dogs and cats.
● That cute little baby you are adopting...well, if you don’t get it spayed or neutered when it
matures, it may spray urine, and exhibit other unwanted hormonal behavior. (Chewing,
digging, nipping, leg humping, etc.)
● They are not good pets for young kids. They have very delicate skeletal systems. One
drop by a child because the bunny doesn’t want to be held, can turn out to be fatal.
Broken back, broken leg…
● Another reason they are not good for kids: most rabbits do not want to be held and
cuddled and carried about. And if owners insist on doing this, at the very least the rabbit
will avoid them….or end up biting, scratching, etc. Then no one is happy: not bunny, not
● They are not “starter pets”. Expensive vets, exercise requirements, knowing body
language of a “prey species” make them far from starter pets. They hide illness and if
you don’t know what to look for, you may wake up some morning to a rabbit that has
passed….and you don’t know why. AND...they live 8 - 10 years or longer. Are you
ready to make that long of a commitment?
● Even though they do not require yearly vaccinations like a dog or cat, they DO need
yearly well-pet exams. Their nails never stop growing, nor do their teeth. The self
groom like cats, yet cannot “vomit”, so a hairball can become serious matter. Yearly
checks and being able to spot problems “early on” are critical. You vet will look at their
teeth, palpate them, and make sure all is well. No vaccinations...but still costs $$ at the
● And oh….about buying from a pet shop. Countless times people buy two bunnies from
a pet shop and were told they were both the same sex, only to be surprised when a litter
appears. Most pet shop staff cannot properly “sex” a young rabbit. Adopt from a rescue
or shelter, where you *know* what sex you are getting and they are spayed/neutered
before adoption, so you know you won’t end up with any surprises.
Okay, so I told you why you should NOT have a rabbit.
Here’s all the reasons you would LOVE to have a rabbit...IF you prepare and educate yourself.
● They binky. You may ask: “What is a binky?” Got to YouTube and type in “bunny
binkies” and you will find endless videos of bunnies doing this “happy dance” they do.
They are showing you pure joy and they are pure joy to watch.
● They “tooth purr”. Again, you may ask: “What is that?” Well, when they are super
content - being petted by you - if you listen closely, you’ll hear the softest “teeth
chattering”. Nothing better than being trusted by, and loved by a bunny. Think about it:
as a prey animal, they have much more to lose by trusting than a predator does. When
a bunny trusts you, you should feel privileged and your heart should melt. (I know mine
● They may be small, but their personalities are far from small. Every one has a different
personality, ranging to “meet company at the door” to “I’m staying out of sight until
company leaves” and everything in between. Know what kind of personality you want,
then pick by personality - not by breed, color, or size.
● They want to “do stuff” when you do. They are “crepuscular” - meaning they are active
during the morning and evening. The rest of the day, they just kinda hang out. So when
you are up in the AM and home at night, that’s when they are “doing stuff” with you.
Pefect if you work or go to school.
● They can be litter trained like a cat - without the “smell” of a cat litter box. (We all know
how that can be “right after”.) None of that with rabbits. They don’t eat meat, so their
feces don’t have the same odor as a dog or cat.
● They do well in apartments. They don’t bark or make noise. Even a small apartment
can be set up so there is plenty of room for them to run and play.
● If you’re allergic to dogs or cats, you may not be allergic to bunnies. Many that can’t be
around cats or dogs, do just fine with bunnies as pets, and they are just as
affectionate...just in a different way.
● No need to buy expensive toys from a pet shop. A card-board paper towel tube, stuffed
with hay is a toy. An empty box with a hole cut into in becomes a play house. An old
phone book can be shredded and torn up (after which you may find them happily
sprawling in the “mess” they made after they are done!)

Of course, it goes without saying, whatever species of pet you decide to add to your family, do
your homework. Back when I did mostly dog rescue, people would surrender a Dobe or
Rott….and say: “It got too big.” I heard that so many times that if I had a dollar for every time,
I’d be rich. What did they expect?
“Miss Summer” adopted by Walt and Tina almost a year ago. She was not a “young bun” when
they adopted her, and while she is “getting up there in years”, she is still loved and cared for.
(Miss Summer originally came from the same slaughterhouse that Sophia and her babies came
from.) They also donated to Kind Heart to help with that litter of “slaughterhouse babies”.
Thanks to you both!
“Tommy”, adopted by Frank and Amy made himself right at home. LOL
Tommy was found in a park in a box. He had obviously been dumped….because people didn’t
do their homework before adopting. And what a nice bunny! They don’t know what they are
Dan and Michele adopted “MJ” a mischievous little girl, who he describes as “pure energy”.
LOL So far he calls her “Little One” or the “Nut”. After some research he believes she is an
“American Tan Rabbit”. And if you google that breed, her description fits her precisely!

“Tiger” an adorable Lop bunny was adopted by Rebecca. What a nice bunny he is. Very
friendly and laid back.

Carol will be adopting “Sophia” (the slaughterhouse bunny-mom) and one of her girl babies,
once they are old enough. She will keep them bonded.

Sondra adopted two female Holland Lops that found themselves in a bad way when their
owner’s new baby developed allergies.
FYI - I now have a Facebook page dedicated exclusively to Kind Heart Rescue. You can find us
at, uh, “Kind Heart Rescue”. LOL Please “Like” us and share our page with other bunny

Fundraising still goin' on! Have Mom and 7 babies (plus one other - "Shaker")
that I pulled from the slaughterhouse that will all need spays/neuters, cages, etc.
We are a NJ Non-Profit Rescue and all donations are tax-deductible!

You can donate in three ways:

●​ and “search” for “Kind Heart Placement and Rescue”
and you’ll see “Slaughterhouse Bunny Vet Bills”. (Ignore where is says:
“​$1,635 raised of $500”. For some reason that is from my last campaign
months and months ago, but it won’t update to the actual donated amount
from this campaign…)

●​ - Our ID is:

● Or mail to: Kind Heart Rescue
Baby Vet Bills
3 Hyacinth Court
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
● Jane Diamond
● Lisa & Jim (through for the slaughterhouse bunnies)
● Tara (also through for the slaughterhouse bunnies)
● Allison (also through for the slaughterhouse bunnies)
● Cathy (also through for the slaughterhouse bunnies)
● Freddie sent a donation...that will be matched by her employer. She does
this with every donation, therefore doubling what she donates!
● Andrew sent a donation through the Truist Distribution.
● And….another donation from Freddie, also matched by her employer!
● Carol (who is adopting Sophia and one of her babies, sent a donation to
help with their care while they are here!
● Caroline (who adopted “Ems/Snow” from Kind Heart some time ago), sent
along a donation.
● And a very special donation came from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
It’s very special for one rescue to donate to another because we’re all just
trying to keep our rescues going. Safe Haven has a “Bunnies Helping
Bunnies” fund. Very nice!

● Cleaning Products
○ Bleach
○ Laundry Detergent
○ Dish Detergent
○ White Vinegar
● Toys and Treats
○ Any Oxbow treats
○ Wicker balls, mats and tunnels
● Misc
○ Heavy crock bowls
○ Bagged hay (Orchard Grass, Botanical, Oat Hay, etc.)
○ Gift Cards from PetCo, PetsMart,,

Kind Heart Rescue
3 Hyacinth Court
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
609-738-7425 ←New phone number
Email: ​
Website: ​

Well, guess that’s about it this time….hope you
all enjoy the summer!
And remember, if it’s too hot for *you* outside,
it’s too hot for your pets!