Student Information Guide

Academic Year 2016/2017

OOW, Chief Mate, Master, EOOW,
Second & Chief Engineer

catering and leisure facilities. and you are strongly encouraged to visit the Campus Facilities area of the website for information on 2 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 You will find a lot of information on the website to help you settle in to life at Warsash Maritime Academy.Contents SECTION TITLE PAGE 1 Introduction 3 2 Student Hub 3 3 The Academy Student and Business Operations Office 4 4 Accommodation and Catering 5 5 Enrolment on Courses 6 6 Library 7 7 IT Facilities 7 8 Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Exams 7 9 NAEST and Proficiency in Medical Care 7 10 Communications to Students on WMA campus 8 11 Attendance and Punctuality 8 12 Conduct and Progress 9 13 Smoking 9 14 Dress Code 9 15 General Medical Information 9 16 Leisure Facilities 10 17 Important Information for International Students 10 18 Useful Contact Information 12 This guide has been produced to be read in conjunction with the Warsash Maritime Academy website: www.

2. WMA is committed to the pursuit of inclusive and flexible forms of education which meet the needs of employers and prepare maritime professionals to succeed in a fast-changing competitive environment. Council Tax exemptions are not available for all courses. Attendance Letters and To Whom it May Concern letters The Academy Student and Business Operations Office can provide you with introductory letters for opening bank accounts and To Whom It May Concern letters (for Council Tax exemption purposes. your first point of contact should be the Student Hub. With its extensive range of training and recreational facilities. 3 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 . which provides a wide range of degree and other Student Hub – Your First Point of Contact If you have any questions about your studies or student life at Solent. at East Park Terrace (EPT) at the bottom of the main concourse. and our attractive waterside campus is equipped to provide professional and vocational maritime training which meets all the current national and international standards. To contact Student Hub phone 023 8201 5200. Students enrolled on courses at WMA are able to take advantage of all the facilities and services offered by the University. No matter how big or small your query is. WMA is part of Southampton Solent University (SSU). nor until you have a permanent term-time address. WMA is ideally placed to give its students the best possible start to their careers and then provide them with opportunities later on to upgrade their academic and professional qualifications. and in many cases will arrange an appointment for you. e-mail students@solent. You should complete the necessary form (with the full address of the bank you wish to use). This cannot be done before enrolment. Introduction Merchant Navy officers and other maritime industry personnel have been trained at Warsash Maritime Academy (WMA) for nearly seventy years. Proof of address (eg tenancy agreement) will be required when collecting To Whom It May Concern or twitter@studenthubSSU. and the decision to give exemption for any course rests with the appropriate Council. You can find the Student Hub in the Moyana Building at the Warsash Maritime Academy. They can also advise you about more specialist services. the team in the Student Hub will work with you to help resolve it. and allow five working days for the letter to be prepared. for example) where applicable.

otherwise you will be billed for the full amount.warsashacademy. including enrolments.3.30 – 10. Payment of Fees If your fees are to be charged to your company (or any other body).00. Current prices. Lost or stolen campus cards must be reported to the Student Hub.aspx 4 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 .00 and 12. so you are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. The daily opening times are: Monday – Friday. located on the ground floor of Coastguards Building. can assist students with a number of matters. Campus Cards You will be issued with a campus card after you have formally enrolled.accommodation@solent. Important Note: All official correspondence during scheduled teaching periods will be sent to the term-time address given on your ‘Student Contact Form’ completed at the time of registration. accommodation brochure and a booklet detailing essential information about staying in Warsash student residences can be found on the website: http://www. Any changes to the contact information must be notified to the Academy Student and Business Operations Office. A fee of £5 is charged for replacement cards.00 – 16. The Academy Student & Business Operations Office The Academy Student and Business Operations Office. detailing those charges it will SQA examination application forms and short course information and official correspondence will be sent to your home address (for non-EU students this means your overseas address). Outside of this It is essential when requesting accommodation at Warsash that you complete and return the Accommodation Booking Form (available online) with a £150 pre-payment at least four weeks before the course starts. 08. first served basis. Information is also updated regularly on the MyCourse page. There is no provision for family accommodation on campus. Accommodation and Catering To reserve accommodation on WMA campus. you must bring with you a written statement from that organisation. Accommodation is limited and is operated on a first come. 4. please contact the Accommodation Officer on (0)23 8201 5013 or email

warsashacademy. plus the contact person in that Catering Warsash accommodation is a fully inclusive residence and all resident students will be provided with a choice of breakfast and evening meal as part of the accommodation cost for five or seven days depending on the accommodation tariff chosen. d) Birth Certificate and Passport (if you do not already possess a full passport. Additional hard copies can be obtained from the Accommodation Office on request.30 on a Friday).00 Monday to Thursday and 08. any international certification of vaccination and ENG 1 Medical Certificate if c) Your medical card. Lunch or snacks are available to purchase in the restaurant. an email will be sent to students several weeks prior to the course with log in details.warsashhousing.Residents in campus accommodation are bound by the residential regulations.facilities/catering. Please bring the following information and original documentation with you on your first day for enrolment on your course: a) Official notification of examination results. which are published on the website. b) The full name and address of the company paying your fees.aspx Payments for accommodation are made at the Accommodation Office in Reception (opening hours from this can be found at: www.warsashacademy. contained in the Residency Terms and Conditions. f) A photocopy of the Passport personal details page.sassh.00 to Students seeking off-site accommodation in the local area should refer to www. you should obtain one before joining WMA). Enrolment on Courses Students complete an online registration prior to attending WMA.00 to Further details regarding catering arrangements are available on the website: http://www. or other proof of your qualifications relevant to the course for which you have applied. 5 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 . e) Visa (International students only).uk/facilities/accommodation/howtoapply/essentialinformati There may also be opportunities to source alternative accommodation through the University's directory of private student accommodation in Southampton and the surrounding area. 5.aspx Payment Accommodation fees and payment methods are detailed on the Warsash website: http://www.

It is forbidden to use your own software. However. The SQA examination timetable will be displayed on the notice board in Coastguards Building. h) Students with learning difficulties must bring along a photocopy of their educational psychologist report and any other supporting documentation. except when one is required for teaching purposes. and a current and valid Notice of Eligibility (NOE) must accompany your application. 9. There are also several Apple Macs located in the outer Library corridor. Further information is available here: https://www. Each provides a comprehensive library and information service designed to meet the study needs of students. in the Library. Students must complete an introductory course and be allocated a password before being allowed to use the computers in the IT suites. You must provide evidence of having a current and valid Medical First Aid or Medical Care certificate (less than 5 years old) in order to do the PMC. Both suites are ‘open access’ during Library opening hours. IT Facilities Two Information Technology suites are situated in the library building at WMA. NAEST and Proficiency in Medical Care (PMC) Courses NAEST(O) and NAEST(M) places are allocated once you have enrolled on either your Officer of the Watch or Chief Mate course. in Admiral Jellicoe teaching block and on the student Portal. This course is booked in the Academy Student and Business Operations Office and you should enrol on the relevant course within two weeks of arrival at college. to play games or to use the internet to view or download material of an unacceptable nature on University machines. Library Students have access to libraries on both the WMA campus and the East Park Terrace campus. Scottish Qualification Authority Exams (SQA) Application for the written SQA examinations must be made by completing the relevant application form via the Academy Student and Business Operations Office.g) Seaman’s Discharge book (if already held).pdf 6. Candidates undertaking MCA written exams conducted by IAMI / SQA will require a report carried out as an adult (post 16) and within the last 10 Fees for exams must be paid at the time of application. 8. 7. WiFi access is also available in most areas of the campus. 6 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 .uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/282399/min435. a minimum of four weeks prior to the exam date. it is the responsibility of the student to book and pay for a Proficiency in Medical Care (PMC) course if needed.

Attendance and Punctuality Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled lectures and activities. the principal responsibility for ensuring that you progress to a successful completion of your course is yours. 7 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 . You can read more about the University's sponsorship duties and your obligations at: http://www.ukcisa. Under the terms of our Tier 4 Sponsor Licence. Overseas Students You will be required to have 100% attendance at University unless you are sick. SmarT. The Marine a student who arrives more than five minutes late for a lecture or activity will be excluded from that lecture or activity. of any changes to your contact details. and advise the Academy Student and Business Operations Every effort must be made to complete your course and examinations within the term of your visa. Failure to attend when required to do so could result in your immigration permission (visa) being withdrawn. the University is required to monitor attendance and report unauthorised absences to the Home Office. However.e. 12. please seek the assistance of the Student Achievement Officer who will help you to follow the correct procedures. Conduct and Progress Where appropriate regular reports on individual performance. and to organisations who have contributed funding for the courses. illness). and any student who is persistently late or absent may be subject to disciplinary action.g. and for additional tutorials or events organised by lecturers outside of the primary schedule. via text messages and the ‘My Course’ site. Notices may also be passed using the Student e-mail system. 11. (i.10. You are encouraged to check your student e-mail account and ‘My Course’ daily and to update via the Portal in the first instance. Communications to Student on Warsash Maritime Academy Campus Notice boards and electronic displays are located in the entrances to Moyana and Admiral Jellicoe buildings. Leave During Term Time If additional leave of absence (other than seasonal leave) is required. to avoid disruption of the class to the detriment of both the lecturer and other students. Students are expected to be punctual for all lectures and other activities. and Authorities). particularly e-mail and mobile phone numbers . progress and conduct are made to sponsoring companies. Unless there is a valid and notified reason (e.

from the Student Achievement Officer in the Student Support Office. It also has resistance machinery for all parts of the body and an excellent range of free weights. 16. except in the designated smoking shelters. Leisure Facilities Warsash Gym is open seven days a week and is well-equipped with cardiovascular equipment. A list of local surgeries is available from the Student Support Office. for help with paying for NHS prescriptions and dental treatment. runners. 13. including bicycles. you must seek advice. There is also a wide range of activities available in the local area between Southampton and Portsmouth. or you need to suspend your studies for any reason. 8 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 . If you think you may be falling behind with your work. or if you are experiencing personal difficulties of any kind which have a bearing on your progress. Dress Code Senior students are not required to wear uniform. An Accident and Emergency (Casualty) department is located in the Queen Alexandra Hospital at Cosham near Portsmouth. take action immediately – the longer you leave it. EU students should ensure that they obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) from the authorities in their country to prove their entitlement to NHS treatment. Smoking Smoking is not permitted in or around WMA Campus buildings and grounds. A selection of sports equipment can be borrowed from the gym. including dumbbells up to 45 kg and Olympic weights and bars up to 400 kg. 14. the harder it will be to catch up. in confidence if necessary. 15. while bicycles are also available for hire. rowers and cross-trainers. General Medical Information Students are advised to register as a temporary resident with a local GP as soon as possible after arrival at WMA. but a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene is expected. is available from the Student Support Office.If you are struggling with any aspect of your studies. An HC1 form.

Important Information for International Students Bank Accounts In order to open an account with a UK bank you will require the following documentation: a) A valid passport. and to pay your course which should be less than three years Immigration Health Surcharge This is a new charge for accessing the NHS (National Health Service) introduced from April Read the full guidance on the official UK Government website at https://www. It is very important that you register for this before you apply for your It may take up to fourteen days to open an account. d) Documentation to confirm your current term-time UK immigration/visas. You should therefore ensure that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during this time. or a utility bill which is less than three months old. b) A bank statement for your account in your home country. Another very useful source of information for International Students is the UK Council for International Student Affairs website http://ukcisa. Tier 4 visa holders can work part-time. Visas Our newly updated webpages at http://www.solent.aspx contain information about every aspect of the visa application process for students. You are strongly advised to check your visa for any work restrictions and to seek advice if you are unsure of any of the conditions of your stay. Please see our page about this at http://www. 9 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 .ac.solent. If you are caught doing so your visa may be curtailed [cut short] and you may face a ban on re-entering the From here you can read about the recent changes to the Entry Clearance processes and the introduction of Biometric Residence Permits for new arrivals to the UK. subject to restrictions. c) Documentation to confirm your home address for the last three .immigration/immigration-health- surcharge. Important Note: Working in Breach of your Immigration Conditions is a criminal offence.aspx Visa Restrictions on employment Holders of Short-Term Student visas (courses of six months’ duration or less) are not entitled to work.

ac. This means that you will normally have to show funds in your bank account that cover your full course fees.Living Expenses A student coming to WMA from overseas will have to pass a maintenance test when applying for entry clearance. see http://www. and who can be classed as an ‘Official Financial Sponsor’ Web page: www.solent. See if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa. Details can be found on the website at: Southampton Solent University has an International Advisor who can give help and advice. TB Testing If you are applying to come to the UK for more than 6 months from certain countries you may need to be tested for TB before applying for your visa. go to To check if your country is on the list. Useful Contact Information WMA Reception 023 8201 4206 WMA Duty Officer 07740 924873 Accommodation (Warsash) 023 8201 5013 Email: wma@solent. Warsash Maritime Academy reserves the right to change information. the money will need to be in your account for 28 days before you Please be aware that you are expected to have enough money to support yourself during your time at Southampton Solent 10 ASBOO/SIG/BW/Aug16 .ukcisa. 18. especially for those coming to the UK for the first time. In all You will also have to show a further £680 per month for each dependant that you bring with you. If you experience long-term hardship or financial difficulty whilst you are studying here you may have to consider suspending your studies and returning home so please ensure that you are financially For a detailed breakdown of the money you will need to show. up to a maximum of 9 plus a minimum of £1. up to a maximum of 9 Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this document is accurate and up to date at the time of going to print. If you have an Official Financial or Government Sponsor you will be required to provide a letter from them confirming that they will be financially responsible for you throughout your studies.warsashacademy.015 per month for each month you are in the UK.