Exam Class Notes Commented [1]: Be sure to add to this doc

● Use bullets if necessary

● Motivate why it's high in strategy
● Motivate why it's high in operations
● Motivate why it's high in IT
● Processes in chronological order
● Percentages

● Business Strategy 5 process (numbered), describing the business strategy used
● Linked to IT strategy, if it's not linked then do not include numbered process
● State each process and why it's a business strategy, link it to IT strategy.
● Link IT strategy to IT capabilities, then ITC to BC and BC to BS
● Lastly link to value created by comparing all 5 process
● Done in chronological order

● Definition of a Business Model
● Don't forget to answer the question
● Brief description of SCV
● Objectives and goals of the company (BS and then ITS)
● Capabilities, look at leadership and governance, company culture
● Value, brand and reputation, customer loyalty

● Identify the process (add dates in brackets)
● Looking at the computers change over +

Expand to SA
Broadband – cost of internet
Trust of internet
Connectivity – West and East of Africa
Monopoly by one company
Laws of country
Competition from other companies
Cloud computing