The 6th of July of each year marks the Day of the Teacher.
This date is celebrated thanks to the fact that during the
The word "folklore" (folklore or folklore in Spanish) was government of Manuel A. Odria and by Supreme Decree of
invented by English archaeologist William John Thoms on May 4, 1953, July 6 was established as the Day of the
August 22, 1846. Etymologically it derives from "folk" Master to commemorate this historic milestone in the
(people, people, race) and "lore" ) And is known as "popular education of our country.
knowledge". The date coincides in Argentina with the birth
of Juan Bautista Ambrosetti (1865-1917), recognized as the
"father of folk science".

. it is important to recognize that trees give us life and health. TREE DAY September 01 is the date on which the DAY OF THE TREE is commemorated. this date being instituted as an opportunity to reflect on the benefits granted by the care of the forest resources. for although at present most of the cities have left aside Green spaces to give way to large buildings and constructions.

since they showed it by playing the harp and other instruments . martyr of Christianity and patron saint of the musicians) Some sources mention that it is due to the pictures of painters of the fifteenth century the fact that Santa Cecilia is linked to music. 1879. calendar of the country. half legendary personage. The date commemorates the death of St. Board of Huáscar Monitor. ANGAMOS COMBAT DAY INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN DAY The Combate of Angamos represents for the Navy and also The Day of the Musician is celebrated on November 22. Miguel Grau Seminario and his men was marked in the Cecilia (see Cecilia of Rome. one of the highest landmarks celebrate all those who in some way or another relate and because on October 8. to for the history of Peru. the heroic sacrifice of Don know about music.

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