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Claudia Medrano

July 18, 2017

Madeline Hunters Eight Step Design:

1.Purpose/Objective: 2. Anticipatory set: 3. Input: 4. Modeling:

States clearly-The A short activity or prompt that The vocabulary, skills The teacher shows or
purpose of todays focuses the students attention and concepts the demonstrates what the
lesson, why the before the actual lesson begins. teacher will impart to finished product will look
students need to learn Used when students enter the the students the like
it. What will they be classroom or in a transition. A stuff the kids need to
able to do and how question given to the students know in order to be
they will show learning at the door, a review questions successful in the lesson.
as a result. written on the board, a
perplexing problem for
reflection, are examples of
anticipatory sets.

8. Closure 7. Independent Practice 6. Check for 5. Guided Practice

A review or wrap up of The teacher releases the The teacher leas the
the lesson. Tell me, student to practice on their The teacher uses a variety of students through the
show me what was own based on #3 - #6. higher order thinking steps necessary to
learned today. Every questions to determine if the perform the required
lesson must have closure students understand the task. Teacher works
--- even if you are going assignment and have grasped through multiple
to build on the topic the the required skills. examples with
next day. Determines whether or not students.
the teacher moves forward or
takes a step back.