Samples from Artists’ Sketchbooks

These resources were assembled for the November 2015 professional learning session by
Facilitators beth helfant-goldman and Robert Aviles.

Alberto Giacometti

Fairfield Porter
Keith Haring!/archives/sketchbooks#.ViZvc7vxqLc
Leonardo da Vinci
The original "renaissance man" - an artist, scientist, architect, and engineer. He kept wonderful
sketchbooks full of interesting drawings and writing. You can find huge numbers of images on
the web.

In many of his books Leonardo employed a backwards form of writing that could only be read
with a mirror. It is unknown why he did this. Some historians speculate he did it to keep his
writings private, others think that because he was left-handed he just found it easier and faster
to write this way.

Images and blurb were found at:
Georges Seurat

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Edward Hopper
A. Sketches

(Tate site is for viewing only; images cannot be copied. Zoom in for excellent details! See 6 images below from
the Whitney Museum and multiple web sources.)

Edward Hopper sketched most of his paintings and prints in accountants' ledger books using
pen and ink or pencil. In addition to Hopper’s detailed sketches his wife, Jo, wrote descriptions
of the colors and materials used, the subject matter, personal anecdotes and recorded all
business transactions associated with each work.
B. Sketches with Completed Paintings
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Sketches and Completed Work
Claes Oldenburg
Photo and Finished Works