The Skateboarder


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practice 12 Activities 15 Q¡|^2]|Q| Up early 16 Activities 19 ^ Q R Q Q A real skateboarder 20 Activities 23 Project A 24 Project B 26 Word Worl< 28 Grammar 31 About Dominóes 34 Michael'smother A woman in the .story Characters Contents Before Reading vi j^^Q^QQI No skateboard 1 Activities 3 HJ^ÜJl^lll Good grades. better presents 4 Activities 7 i^m^sssfl ^*®p^ Activities ^ 11 Q I ^ ^ ^ Q Practice. practice.

Who are they? What do they learn to do? Person Learnsto. all of these people help her. Justin goes to school with her. In the story. A skatepark a place where 1 Hannah wants to be a skateboarder. She's always wheeis that can move fast: to go on liitc. And she doesn't have many friends. she's suddenly very interested in cousin the son (ordaughter) of Hannah's mother and father Owen A woman in the street Nkatcboarding. 'Don't stop. a He helps her to skateboard better. Chapter I . f She smiles at Hannah and says. The only thing is . or getting up early. two people learn to do new things. b He gives her a helmet for her head. lol of young people in the town go there after school people can What do they do? skateboard with their skateboards. c He goes to the skatepark with her. But with a skateboard llif iiew skatepark. Hannah doesn't skateboard a board with littie IIkc school very much. school students These days Hannah often goes there with her cousin learn here justin.. e Hannah changes after she watches him.Hannah has no your mother's (or father's) sister (or Nkiiteboard! brother) >^ Justin Michael Evan Match these sentences with the pictures and write the ñames.Aío skateboard BEFORE READING Near Hannah's house there's a new skatepark. . d They give a skateboard to her.' 2 In this story.

something I I I is angry with her..but not for long. b and c. suddenly Ihc wcekend after her birthday.. So re these sentences true or false? Tick the boxes.?' So she does .' I l. EADINGCHECK She doesn't want to fall off in front of everybody.?' Justin lu'.innah has a lot of friends. when you move suddenly from one place to a different place birthday the day when someone ¡s a year older maybe perhaps 2 .' h. UESSWHAT Maybe I can talk to Mom and Dad. • • 'Why don't you have a skateboard.. 2 N a school bag. • • answers.ih doesn't have a skateboard. a skateboard 2 I i filis off her skateboard. 1 I I laughs at her. lustin's birthday soon. I l. lili her birthday.skateboarding.. • [E' a lot of tricks. • • 'It's a new thing for me .iin doesn't have a skateboard. Hannah has.' Hannah thinks. trick a clever way of moving on 1 I 1 laughs at Owen. He's a good skateboarder.. do you want to get on my skateboard.inn.inn. Then she thinks.innah loves Owen's skateboarding. 'Hey. ' I H. 1 I 1.1 skateboard. Owen is fifteen.innah doesn't want to fall off. fall off to go down from 2 l Iqives something nice to her.ih's older brother Evan . k H. • • asks her. Sometimes Justin asks HannaJi. Hannah . • • 'I love Owen's skateboarding. jump to move suddenly from one I I lleaves the skatepark. Hiinnah is Justin's cousin. True False usually she watches the skateboarders. place to 3 different place. I I ] something to wear.. Hannah.»t happens in the next chapter? Tick two boxes in a. • • I l. • • want to jump and do tricks. 'My birthday's coming. He can do Ihe new skatepark is near Hannah's school. too.' Hannah h li I'.

honey!' T'. something that you give to presents. 'What good or bad mother says. There's a big present from her mother and Su I can do more.?' 'Yes. better presents NiiVN. llic skatepark with Justin..on present On Hannah's birthday morning. And it is your birthday . your school grades are good..?' to school work to show when it is 'Well. dumb stupi .. Hannah.Good grades. There aren't many people awesome very 'You like watching skateboarding videos. 'sometimes . excitedly.?' Evan asks. So happy iliiiiil) questions!' honey something birthday. I know.' Hannah opens it. Hannah opens it first.' he l l i c i c . laughs. 'Can you go numbers or letters that teachers give 'Wow!' she cries.' her 'Diili!' Hannah answers her brother angrily.' their mother says. or do tricks. But her older brother. er . I do. skateboard. hat that people wear when they 'Awesome!' Hannah cries. '('iin you jump..' lívan says.' helmet a hard Evan..' Hannah says hotly. 'But do you .van. I lannah is excited. 'It's that you say to someone you love 'Now open that present. 'It's from lliinuah's birthday. she opens her luslin's skateboard! And I have my skateboard now. Tliiil wcekend. It's a helmet. Hannah takes her new skateboard to skateboard Evan..' someone grades the father.' her father says. picase. A slcateboard! Thanks!' lusl and stay on. chapter 2 . '()K. honey.

ih s<iys.. Owen arrives with his friends. UMIn . 'OK! Let's go. hi' lii'lmet isfrom her mother / brother. r.ili h. I 1 qoes to the skatepark. Tm going I crying'. Then she jumps . 1 CU sits in the sun.' she tells Justin.. 'I'm going. b Hannah . ' t the correct words to complete these sentences. I I stays at home with 2 • falls off her 2 D i s learning to speak. She gets up quickly. .but she falls off her slcateboard. I. >li'i M liool grades are bad I good now. Vhrn I lannah jumps at the skatepark... When Hannah is on the ground. They're laughing at a picture of Owen on his phone.. Ipwrh's (riends are laughing at a picture of Hannah / Owen. Hrtiin. Justin does a trick.' Justin says. .ili never / always wants to skateboard again.ippens in the next chapter? Tick the boxes. 'No more skateboarding awful very bad for me!' she thinks. his family. somebody laughs. fíannah «fAniNGCHECK skateboards up and down.wHAT wi.'. Iiinn. 'Oh.' she thinks. and she leaves.. 'Maybe I can jump now. on"""''"''^ But Hannah's far away now. She goes faster. 1 CU is learning to walk.iiiii. 7 .i her birthday presents in Xhe(^orniñ0/evening. c A baby boy .iir«. |Hiinn. she falls I laughs. no! They're laughing at me! This is awful!' she thinks. Just then. skateboard again.ili (¡oes to the skatepark with Justin I Owen. The two cousins begin slcateboarding.

' his mother says. and claps handsthat show together to i you like his hands happily. 'Come on. do something that you can't air the space air and comes down again. When she opens her eyes again. down°i!ddeniy^° onto the ground 'Good boy Michael. now. The sun is in her eyes. Sens'andS Hannah walks past the skatepark. she sees a young Chapter 3-First stcps woman near her. something . 'Don't doveryweii above and r r v T r v aaain ' ^'^P when you around things 'He's awesome. Yes. move from one park a big garden thatis She leaves the skatepark. So she closes them. But baby boy The littie boy is trying to stand. that's right!' baby a very young child T can't skateboard there now. bench you can The sun is hot. She is sitting on the grass with her The next day. Justin stays at home with his family. He takes his ^^e other open to everyone to visit through the park.' Hannah thinks. Hannah sits down on one of the park H/r. Michael!' his mother says. watches Owen on his skateboard. 'And I'm awful. have a lot of it on the ground doing tricks. She Michael stands up slowly He takes one littie step ^^^^ . 'Stand up now.' Hannah thinks. He goes up in the and falls down.' his mother says.u 1 -j. and stands up again. and begins to walk home Michael stops crying and laughs. He laughs.' Cryiryagam. mother's hand. A lot of people are 'Good boy Michael. .j ^'^P to hit your Michael sits dov sit on thisina T i l garden or park benches. Michael sits down suddenly.

D ' ' une days later.>S+. But it doesn't matter.innah finds a parking lot near her house. D D I» Jie does skateboard practice there in the morning.time after time. Match the characters from Chapter 3 with the sentences. Yes No . And he's no more than a baby' Justin Owen Michael Michael's nnother Hannah a .. Hannah jumps and doesn't fall off. Michael stands up and falls down. She thinkf rdoroi.' 9 claps his hands.. • needs some more skateboard practice. 'He gets up and tries again . 10 . • • d When she first tries jumping. • • inii. d is sitting on the grass with her baby.' she says. e takes his mother's hand.. UESSWHAT What happens in the next chapter? Ticlc the boxes.' Hannah thinks. 'OK. But where can I go for that. • • Hannah leaves the park and walks home. Michael. f. Hannah tells her mother about her practice. • • ii.5taysathome.i.1 I l. 'I need some mor. Hannah watches them for flve minutes. b thinks.3u. Tm awful. • • • lie finds no carsin the parking lot when she visitsit.vrí. READING CHECK 'Try again.'Try again. 'He doesn't stop falling. roS" rJ? skateboard practice.' c goes up in the air and comes down again. again and again.ih is very happy when Evan comes in. about baby Michael.. h thinks about baby Michael when she walks home.ii evening. she falls off her skateboard. • • woman on a bicycle laughs at Hannah.. f says.' his mother says.