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Mending Spirits Animal Rescue Summer 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

Happenings & Goals 2nd Quarter Donors
Wow, we’re already past 1/2 way through 2017 and we
have rescued over 179 animals! 52% of the animals that come  Pet Expo
into our care have required significant medical care, emotional  Teri Bauman
rehabilitation, or both by our loving volunteers.
 Deanna Staples
 Debra Roiger
 Linda Tinsley
 Sven Eelma
MID-YEAR REFLECTION……  Lucille Mounce
 Elizabeth Torgerson
 Evelyn Rogotzke
 Leonard Runck
(27 IN THE PAST 2 MONTHS), 2  Bonnie Nielsen
RABBITS, AND A GERBIL.  Cheryl Beussman
 Perry Meyer
 Gene Slettedahl
Our expenses increased substantially for special needs  Rachel Scharlemann
animals, we remain in need of support, as medical costs are  Charles Grannes
sometimes quadruple an animal’s adoption fee. Overall in
 United Health Group
2017, 79% of our funding to provide for all of our animals is
sustained from adoption fees. Sadly, less than 21% of our  Karnell Wolseth-Johnson
funding comes from donations and fundraising efforts.  Sharon Sprenger
 Lori Wightman
So far in 2017 we have spent $22,205.00 on vetting for
 Clark Grannes
animals in our care. MSAR has had Leg amputations, FHO hip
 Marjorie Frederickson
surgeries, seniors, Major dental issues. All of these things play a
big part of what we spend on our vetting care. Please think  Larry Soma
about becoming a sustaining donor so we can continue  MSU
helping those most in need. Becoming a sustaining donor is  3M
a wonderful way to give all year and support a great cause,  Samantha Evans
no amount is too small. If you wish to donate or become a  Shanon Nowell
sustaining donor, please, visit our website and click on  Kristy Olson
the donate tab; there will be an option for you to give once  Shannon Bishop
or monthly reoccurring.  Jill Wagner
 Mankato Brewery
Contact Us at:
Mending Spirits Animal Rescue 501(c)(3) non-profit

We continue to grow and are able to maintain a
compassionate, diverse team that is over 150 members
strong! Our rescue family is always on the lookout for Foster Donors Continued
Providers to care for the ongoing volumes of animals that are
in need on a daily basis. Our rescue provides all supplies  Bethany College
while you provide the care, compassion, and love.
 Chipotle
 Dean Gilbertson
Wanted: A donated small space where we can store our
items, perform animal intake, etc. Being a non-profit, we are  Jonny B's
frugal in our spending and work on a limited budget,  Stacy Doust and Family
therefore, we are unable to afford to rent, buy, or lease any  Kevin & Misty Thompson
space at this time.  Christina Sample
 Daryl Simon
Our Event Team is in need of more volunteers to be present
 Larry Soma
and assist with many areas such as grant writing,
photography, marketing, building community support with  Consolidated Communications
local businesses, sharing awareness in the community;  The Paw
creating, hosting and volunteering at events, supply drives,  Darcy Fastner
securing donations and matching donors for fundraising  Rachel Casey
events, and so much more. You are always welcome and we  Buffalo Wild Wings
greatly honor anyone who can gift our organization with their
 Prairie Automation
time and talent.
 Pizza Ranch

Events – Past and Future Mack & T Food Truck

The Event and Fundraising Committee had an
amazing and busy quarter with numerous events.


Spring Bake Sales - 2 spring bake sales during THANK YOU ALL!
April. Thanks to Pet Expo for allowing us to hold
these events at their store. We raised just over
$1,400 which allowed us to take into care a few
special needs dogs with extensive medical costs.
One had to have a leg amputation and one had
FHO hip surgery. We also like to give back and
support our community, therefore, we donated a
portion of our sales to two other local non- profits,
Forever Home Rescue by New Ulm and Kitten
Care Group of Mankato.

MSU held its annual Foosball Tournament and
invited MSAR to this event. Our volunteers
brought some of our adoptable animals and
provided information. Thank you MSU for
including us in this event.

Our first ever online auction was held. We had
28 items up for auction from generous community
donors. This was a new event and we will be Contact Us at:
Mending Spirits Animal Rescue 501(c)(3) non-profit

doing it again in the future. This event raised event, and we hope it continues to grow each
about $900 which went towards the animal year. We raised just over $550 at these events.
medical expenses.
Buffalo Wild Wings hosted a percent of sales
night for MSAR. We received a donation for
those who ate dinner at BW3’s and mentioned

Pizza Ranch of Mankato we waited tables and
greeting customers. We even had our special
MAY volunteer from England here for this event.
Everyone loved talking to him. We received a
MSAR was invited to the Paw’s Pet Products
percentage of the sale and all tips for the night.
Swap Meet where we hosted our own table.
We had a busy night and raised just over $400.
Thank you to Lola’s of New Ulm who donated the
food. We provided information about MSAR, met June was Microchip awareness month. We
many new friends, sold food, grab bags and held a community involved event at Pet Expo
many other pet items, raising almost $900. Distributors. Microchipping 24 animals for just $25
each. These chips are a lifelong registration chips.
Tip night at Jonny B’s in Mankato. We provided
This is our way of helping animals find their way
a table of information about MSAR and what we
back home if they should get lost or escape. We
aim to do, to be The Bridge Between; for Animals
would like to extend a huge Thank you to
in Need. Thank you to our generous tippers.
everyone who attended. We will be doing this
Chipotle had a night for nonprofits to get a event again next June. If you would like your
percentage of the sales of the night when animal chipped and were unable to attend our
mentioning an organization. Thank you to the yearly event, please email Angie
Foosball group from MSU who helped set this up at: to
for us, every little bit helps. schedule a time.

Yoga on Tap at the Mankato Brewery. For just June was also our 2nd online auction. We sold
$10, you got an hour of Yoga and pint of beer 35 items we had received from generous
afterwards. This was a fun event which we also donations from the community. We raised just
participated in last year. We had 15 people who over $500.
attended, enjoyed some stretch time, and a
Excited to host a meet with one of our
amazing partners, Kc Willis and Light Shine
Rescue who helps to save thousands of animals
on the reservations in South Dakota. She and her
JUNE team work around the clock saving animals in
need, on the run, and with no one to love them.
Mankato Brewery hosted the Barks and Brews Many MSAR dogs come from Light Shine. We love
event. This was a fun event with local bands helping those in need. We had 25 people attend
playing on the patio. Dogs were allowed at the this event who learned about Kc, Light Shine, and
event and $1.00 from each beer sold was what they do.
donated to MSAR. The weather was amazing
and we had a great turnout each evening. We
also sold grab bags with puppy toys and treats.
This was the 2nd year we participated in this
A HUGE thank you to everyone who
attended, participated, and donated to our Contact Us at:
Mending Spirits Animal Rescue 501(c)(3) non-profit

events this last quarter. Because of you, MSAR
was able to raise $5,943.18 to be used for the July 12th - Mending Spirits will have a night at
special medical need animals that we love to the Moon Dogs. We receive $3 from each $8
help! ticket we sell.



THIRD QUARTER EVENTS August 20th - We will be operating the Cash
Wise Brat Stand in New Ulm, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
JULY We receive 100% of the tips and 100% of the net
Do you like caricatures? Mark your calendar,
July 9th & 15th - Pastor Jeff Bovee will be doing SEPTEMBER
caricatures of pets and their owners. People can
submit their photo along with their pet on July 9th Sept 18th Jonny B’s in downtown Mankato from
at our Meet and Greet at Pet Expo from noon 4 to 8 p.m. tip night. Come visit us.
until 2pm. Pastor Bovee will be available on
Saturday, July 15th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to do
additional caricatures.

July 24th - We will have a Tip Night at Taco Johns
in New Ulm from 5 to 8 p.m. We will receive 100%
of the tips and a percentage of sales Contact Us at:
Mending Spirits Animal Rescue 501(c)(3) non-profit

The charts below represent our Income
&Expenses thus far for 2017.

Income Expenses
Lawyer Misc
Donations 6% 6%
Events Taxes
10% 14%
5% Supplies
Fundraising Events Donations

Corp. Donations Adoption Fees Vetting Supplies Taxes Lawyer Misc

The charts below represent our Intakes
and Adoptions thus far for 2017.

Intake Summary Adoption Summary
Others Others,
2% Dogs Dogs,
Medical/ 19% 21%
Sr., 43%

Cats, 10%
Cats Kittens,
11% 11%
2% Dogs Puppies Cats
Dogs Puppies Cats
Kittens Medical/ Sr. Others
Kittens Medical/ Sr. Others Contact Us at: