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the ir bu si ne s s
A B E R ME ( B e n i n )
SBEE (Benin)
CI-ENERGIES (Ivory Coast)
R E A ( T a n za n i a )
MEM (Cambodia)
ADER (Madagascar)
FDE (Burkina Faso)
2IE (Burkina Faso)
NEA (Philippines)
MAMWE (Comoros)
EDG (Guinea)
AER (Cameroon)
CNR (France)

These training sessions can take place either at IEDs head office in France, or using our subsidiaries lo-
gistics in Africa and Asia, or directly on site. Please contact us for more information regarding our training
program or to schedule personalized sessions.


Our courses are regularly updated based
on participants feedback and observations
As a historical partner to institutions and With a design based on stakeholders'
CUST O MIZ ED TEA CHI NG ME TH- funders involved in the energy sector for concrete experiences, the courses
O DS over 25 years, IED has developed unique offered by IED are comprehensive
Our training programme is adapted to the
expertise and know-how in areas linked to and progressive and provide partici-
trainees level.
rural electrification and renewable energy pants with full autonomy in the target-
development. ed themes.
I NS TRUCT O RS Hence, IED offers training and skill rein- Courses are offered at the IED
Our instructors are experts in their re- forcement courses, either integrated in Lyon / Francheville office or at our
spective areas and have excellent tech- subsidiaries (Cameroon, Burkina
projects or independently organized, tar-
Avenue Loudun, Quartier Tiedpalgo nical and teaching skills. They have exten- Faso, Cambodia) as well as at your
Secteur 5BP 2743 Ouaga 01
geting the various sector players: Minis-
sive expertise in the practices and realities
Ouagadougou tries in charge of energy, rural electrifica- facility.
BURKINA FASO of the participants native countries.
I E D - I N V E S T C A ME R O U N CCDE tion agencies, national utility companies,
Nouvelle Route Omnisport T RA INING CE RTI FI CAT E research departments, engineering
BP 35 109 # 181, St 352 BBK I
Participants receive a course certificate schools, independent consultants, electri-
Yaound Kan Chamkarmon,
CAMEROUN Phnom Penh as evidence of their actual participation in cal system operators CAMBODGE a training session.
Innovation nergie

2 chemin de la Chauderaie W E W O R K W I TH A D I V E R S I F I E D C U S T O ME R B A S E ; W E O F F E R T R A I N I N G
69340 Francheville FRANCE
Telephone : +33 4 72 59 13 20
Fax : +33 4 72 59 13 39
Mail :
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sessions :
Code Training Duration
Flexible and SIG01 Geographic Information System (GIS) and village level mapping 5 days
customized training GEO10 Rural electrification planning 10 days
sessions DEM01 Rural Electricity load forecasting 3 days
that meet the RES01 Distribution network electrical studies 5 days
Companys needs RES02 Distribution network mechanical studies 5 days
Training, a needed initiative ? SOL01 Sizing Hybrid PV/Diesel power plants 4 days
HYD01 Mini-hydro power plant pre-feasibility studies (MHPP) 3 days
ECO01 Economic and financial analysis of decentralized rural electrification projects 3 days
We highly value experience sharing and
BIO01 Pre-feasibility studies of energy production projects based on biomass resources 3 days
practical exercises (simulation exercises
and case studies).

A partner approach based on the will to
build long-term productive collaboration . R E G I S T R AT I O N S T E P S
A customer-oriented approach that trans-
lates into an effort to address true challeng- Please contact IED and describe your request
es and real issues. We will send you a proposal
An ethical attitude placing each participant We will send you a registration confirmation upon
as player at the heart of the session. payment of the appropriate amount
A sustainable dimension revealing clear We can help with the choice of accommodations
objectives and a result-oriented culture in You should finalize your visa procedures and in-
the acquisition of knowledge. form us of your flight schedule

Our teams of instructors are composed of consultants/engineers from the C U S T O MI Z E D S O L U TI O N S
professional world, who focus on the operational transfer of skills acquired Any training course can be custom- Group training O B J E C TI V E S
Highlight and development of knowledge and know-
in the classroom as well as in the field. ized to meet the participants' express CUSTOMIZABLE TRAINI N G MODULES MATCHING S PECIFIC how, assistance in project steering, application of
We are driven by a culture of customization and focus our attention on your needs. NEEDS acquired skills: such are the values that drive us
issues as a priority.
throughout our training courses.
Our courses are supported by internally developed software (Geosim, This is the most economically sound approach if you wish to enter
T R A I N I N G MA T E R I A L a team into a common skill development program; group training
Giselec, Demand Analyst) and reference tools recognized in the area of
The training material we use is provid-
energy (Homer, Retscreen) and intensively used as part of IED's engineering/ also has many extra advantages :
ed to participants in electronic format at
consulting activities. the end of the training session (excluding
It makes it possible to integrate the specificities of the partici-
licensed software).
pants' professional environment
A training programme customizable to the needs of your struc-
A unique experience with organizations Fosters the implementation of shared methods and reinforces a
and institutions active in the energy sec- collaborative attitude
tor, with field practice, and in particular, a Allows for great flexibility in the choices of duration, dates, and
close look at the world of electrification in training locations
numerous situations and countries. Allows for exchanges between institutions and countries