28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos

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Strange Examples Of Art That You’ll Love – 80 Keep in touch

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By Bogdan Sandu in
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If normal art somehow bores you and you want
the next best thing or just something a bit
peculiar you’ve ended up in the right place. I’ve Sponsors
wanted to write this article for some time and
have gathered a lot of interesting pictures that I
want you to see. It’s very interesting how much
the imagination and creativity of some people
evolve to create beautiful new art forms, some of
them maybe a little strange, but you gotta
Adve rtise  He re appreciate what they’ve achieved.

Feather art
Kate MccGwire modeled pigeons’ feathers with a lot of patience to create impressive
artworks that not only look good but I think they are also give a pretty good feeling at

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28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos

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28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos

Fine art paper
I don’t know who did this but I’d love to see more examples of this brilliant idea to create
complicated cut out figures out of paper.

http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 3/41

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos

http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 4/41

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 5/41 .

designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 6/41 .

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 7/41 .designyourway.

http://www.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Viruses made of glass Luke Jerram is a man who works with viruses and no.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 8/41 . there is one.designyourway. He likes to show the people the beauty of viruses and yes. portrayed in these figurines made of glass. he’s not a virologist.

designyourway. It’s absolutely fascinating that she thought of such a thing and more important it’s incredible what she actually achieved. I say she was wrong. http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 9/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Human flowers Cecelia Webber thought it would be interesting to create flowers out of people that stand in different positions.

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 10/41 .designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 11/41 .designyourway.

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 12/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.designyourway.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 13/41 .designyourway.

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 14/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

http://www.designyourway. just slightly) than what Pei-San Ng is doing with them. I have to admit he’s doing a better job.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 15/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Art from matches I remember that when I was playing with matches it was a little bit different (of course.

designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 16/41 .

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 17/41 .designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

 Scary idea but it’s not at all as scary as it sounds: “I create images that evoke associations with people and animals.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Faceless art Faceless art has been defined by Sabi van Hemert. a dutch artist which creates fusions out of children and animals. My pictures have something in them that causes you to think what to see and feel that it gives you.designyourway. I imagine the balance between the many conflicting feelings and thoughts that a man can have. and then confirm again denied.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 18/41 . Balance between opposites as attractive / repulsive.” http://www. happy / sad or fear / security.

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 19/41 .designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 20/41 .designyourway.

http://www. He didn’t just put the tin foil on his face cause it would have been a little bit tricky to make it stay still. he placed the tin foil on an old plaster mold of his face.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Tin foil art This interesting idea was created by Dominic Wilcox and not how you would probably imagine.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 21/41 .

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 22/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

http://www. of creating objects with nails. she just couldn’t get a lot of form variations and the shapes she could do were limited. colored ones actually to get the most out of her ideas and she has done that very well.designyourway. The problem with that idea wasn’t that the nails where pointy and dangerous.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Colored pencil sculptures Jennifer Maestre had an idea which was a little bit dangerous at first.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 23/41 . That’s how she ended up using crayons.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 24/41 .

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 25/41 .designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 26/41 .designyourway.

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 27/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Xray art http://www.designyourway.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 28/41 .designyourway.

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 29/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Green sculptures This thing is massive and is very popular in Asia where people respect the human’s communion with the nature but it’s starting to become pretty popular in Europe too.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 30/41 . http://www. they’re not plastic leaves. It implies a lot of discipline and patience to cut the bush in such a way and no.designyourway.

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 31/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 32/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 33/41 .

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 34/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 35/41 .

http://www. He is also known for his full body paintings. He’s doing this thing for a long time and most of us have seen its works in advertisements. You should check out his site.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Hands art Guido Daniele is not new anymore to the scene. he has an impressive amount of pictures.designyourway. not just hand painting.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 36/41 .

designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 37/41 .28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.

designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 38/41 .

28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos http://www.net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 39/41 .designyourway.

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 40/41 .designyourway.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Tweet Share on FB Share on G+ http://www.

net/blog/inspiration/strange­examples­of­art­that­youll­love­80­photos/ 41/41 . Say something to Bogdan Sandu about this article. He's reading design books the same way a hamster eats carrots. and talks all the time about trends.28/01/2016 Strange Examples Of Art That You'll Love ­ 80 Photos Tweet Share on FB Share on G+ Bogdan Sandu Bogdan is a designer and editor at DesignYourWay. Related articles © 2015 Design Your Way Contact http://www. best practices and design principles.designyourway.