Claudia Medrano

July 18, 2017


Goal Actions Targeted Evidence of Goal
(what do you want to (how will you Completion Date Attainment
achieve?) accomplish the (when do you anticipate (how will you know you goal
goal?) your goal will be met?) has been met? How will you
Dimension know whether or not it has
(what is/are the correlating impacted instruction and
dimension(s)?) student achievement?)
Goal 1:
I will make all lessons Focus the lesson By end of school Students will understand
learner centered on students year June 2018 and be able to practice
content without help
Dimension(s): Classroom
management, classroom
Goal 2:
I will incorporate Research and Through the year Lesson plans would include
differentiation strategies apply detail differentiation
differentiation content , process and
Dimension(s): Achieving strategies and products, modifications
expectations, knowledge specific content and accommodations
of students
Goal 3:
I will integrate the use of Planning lesson June 2018 Students feedback
science tools to incorporate discussions and writing
science tools, reflections, informal
Dimension(s): Achieving books and assessments
expectations, content science
knowledge materials