School-Level Factors- Action Steps

Action Steps for a Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum:

1. Schools should provide clear delineation of content that is essential for those seeking
post secondary education only.

2. Ensure that the essential content can be addressed in the amount of time available
for instruction

3. Sequence & Organize the essential content in such a way that students have ample
opportunity to learn it.

4. Ensure that teachers address the essential context

5. Protect the instructional time that is available.
Action Steps for Challenging Goals & Effective Feedback:

1. Implement an assessment system that provides timely feedback.

2. Establish specific, challenging achievement goals for the school as a whole.

3. Establish specific goals for individual students.
Action Steps for Parent & Community Involvement:

1. Establish vehicles for communication between schools and parents and the

2. Establish multiple ways for parents and community to be involved in the day-
to-day running of the school

3. Establish governance vehicles that allow for the involvement of parents and
community members.
Action Steps for Safe & Orderly Environment:

School-Level Factors- Action Steps

1. Establish rules & procedures for behavioral problems that might be caused by
the school's physical characteristics or the schools routines.

2. Establish clear school wide rules and procedures for general behaviors.

3. Establish and enforce appropriate consequences for violations of rules and

4. Establish a program that teaches self-discipline and responsibility to students

5. Establish a system that allows for the early detection of students who have high
potential for violence and extreme behaviors.
Action Steps for Collegiality & Professionalism:

1. Establish norms of conduct and behavior that engender collegiality and

2. Establish governance structures that allow for teacher involvement in decisions
and policies for the school

3. Engage teachers in meaningful staff development activities.