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The Unexpected Beauty Queen

Rizza Paula Lacson Infante

Landing in the Top 5 was totally unexpected as she was the last to be called. She
was, at best, described as the most unlikely of all beauty queens, not the like the
stereotypical ones people see on television screens. For one, she wants people to
appreciate her as she is and not through her achievements.

When Rizza Paula Lacson Infante bagged the title Miss Culture World Heritage
last May 25, 2017 at the Teatrino Greenhills where she was also awarded Best in
Advocacy, she not only brought pride to her hometown Negros but to the entire
Philippines as well.

Winning Miss Culture World Heritage is an honor, a privilege and a responsibility

in upholding an image of a Queen and of a Filipina. The journey on the way to the
crown was full of complexities and challenges yet with the help of the people around
me, I was able to surpass this victoriously, Rizza says.

During her reign she wants to focus more on the implementation of her advocacies
on Heritage Preservation, Education of the Youth about the Culture, and
Empowerment of the Indigenous People not only in the Philippines, but around the
globe. Her goal is to eradicate the problem on Erosion of National Pride and Identity
since the scarcity of knowledge and appreciation for their own culture is not
prevalent these days.

My message is that people should embrace their culture because it is their

identity. We should be proud of who we are and love our heritage. We should
eliminate the problem of attrition of national pride and identity. Above all else,
we need to love our country first because it is who we are; then and only then
can we pride ourselves of what we can share to the world, says Rizza on her
message to the world.

Truly we can say that loving your culture first would lead to discovery and
appreciation of ones identity.

Pride of culture and self is not bad after all; it helps reflect what we can be boast off
in our country, the Philippines. Miss Culture World Heritage, Rizza Paula Lacson
Infante, is not just a beauty queen but also the ambassadress of beauty and
character, worthy to be emulated in thoughts and in deeds.

She has truly made her country proud, not only by bringing home the crown but
also by embracing our true identity as Filipinos.