Carrie Newman

The Sioux and Cherokee Tribes

Both the Sioux and the Cherokee tribes lived in what is now
the United States of America, however they lived at opposite
ends of the country. The Sioux tribe lived in the Western United
States, and the Cherokee lived in the Eastern United States.
While they didn’t live close together, they did eat many of the
same things. Both tribes ate a lot of meat, and both grew corn
and other vegetables. Because the Cherokee lived next to the
ocean, they also ate a lot of fish. The Sioux tribe did not eat
any fish.
The clothing that the members of these tribes wore was also
very similar. They both mainly used fur and animal leather to
make their clothes. The Sioux tribe lived in a colder climate,
so their clothes were often heavier than the clothes that the
Cherokee wore. This is also true for their houses. The Cherokee
had more open houses made of sticks and wood, whereas the Sioux
had to have more substantial houses made out of clay.

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