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Why Latitude of the Grand Gallery at Giza and Speed of Light match.

What do you think of this?

Latitude of Grand Gallery inside Great Pyramid is 29.9792458° N

And the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second.

That means if the Great Pyramid’s grand gallery center was built just 1 additional centimeter North or South on
Earth, these numbers would fail to be match.

I think I have why these numbers match.

All of this ties in eventually to why the latitude matches the speed of light in meters but I want to point out.....

That there are two lobes of our brain and each control a method of thinking, one side is macro views and the other is
micro views. These two viewpoints ultimately are mirrored in the age-old Science (micro) vs Religion (macro)
viewings of how the universe works. In both Science and Religion, we have people looking towards in those belief
systems for answers about the universe. And in both cases, we have people trying to explain the viewpoints of those
belief systems.

I was sitting in my bedroom drinking out of a soda bottle years ago. I realized I could describe that bottle as pure
mathematical code (as in computer programming) or I could sketch the bottle accurately as well. Soon after, I
realized that neither really exists and those were viewpoints of the truth sitting in front of me. What was in front of
me was a geometric system of electromagnetic charges. I began to see the geometry was truth and the math and
sketch would be reflective of micro or macro viewpoints of thought. To obtain the reality in front of me I had to
realize, it was a geometric system. One that contained the mathematics and macro layout.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply
and be quite insane” - Nikola Tesla

It is my belief that he was speaking about merging the macro and micro thoughts to "think sane". Too much of
either, will lead down the deeply and insane path.
The above principles are mirrored in physically reality by charged particles spiraling. too much of any polarity and
the particle will go in a spin. It needs to be pulsed via both polarities (- & +) back and forth to obtain forward
movement. But I'm sure the charged spiral particle is going quite deep and far on its internal path, like the "insane"
person Tesla referenced.

Using geometry, A key was found and applied. Now will have that key for merging macro and micro views

Now if mathematics and images are not reality but viewpoints, then the geometry really there is what needs to be
looked at.

Modern micro-biased math outlook says E=MC² to be true. It is measurable time and time again that energy has a
"squared" component to it. If energy is "squared" then energy must have a shape itself at a basic level. We are
losing precision in nature using solely mathematics as our lowest level of understanding.

Here is an example of what I mean. There is only 1 way to write that mathematically, but 2 distinct ways to do it
geometrically. The geometry can also convey information. And we lose that information when we are only using
mathematics as our descriptors.

Nature seems to use the geometry on the left as a unit of energy. So, if E=MC² then a EQ triangle would represent
the basic unit of energy. So, you get this application of that shape to our modern measurable Electromagnetic
That is a mapping of a basic unit of energy. A plank Quanta. These are 2D flat things that have a N pole, a S pole
and a electrical middle part. One the other side of the 2D energy bit is the opposite polarity charge, one side is - and
the other is +. These energy bits are also appearing to give mass to objects. The more quanta of smaller "square"
number triangles adding to the bigger EQ triangle is what gives more mass to an object in this theory. In a modern
mainstream science outlook, this triangle would represent a Boson.

For a photon, you need two of these back-to-back like this...
This would also explain why modern outlook can’t tell if these are particles or waves in terms of them not being a
piece of matter yet they are more waves of energy.

Pieces of matter are made of basic units of energy, but energy itself is not made of matter. A basic piece of matter is
a tetrahedron made up of 4 EQ triangles. BTW the modern mathematical viewpoint of these geometries at work will
place a PI for every EQ triangle used. For example, formulas for photons will include 2PI and formulas involving
building blocks of standing wave matter energy will have 4PI (or multiples thereof).

So now we have a key for a EM field too if we take that photon field on its side and fan it out like an apple cut in
slices. like this placing its N pole and our Earth’s N pole together and do the same with the Earth’s S pole. ...
Now to check to see if this geometry for EM energy fits our observations of nature....

Now that we have that triangle geometry for the physics that describes the layout of the field and the relationships
between natural forces, let’s see if it does in fact fit nature.

I'm not sure about other people but I live in NY and it gets cold out and sometimes I wear a sweater. I have rubbed a
balloon on a sweater before and it gathers charge and then it can stick to a wall. This is identical to how a gecko or
lizard is sticking to the walls with electric charge on the pads of its feet. electrostatic charge can hold stuff in place
similar to gravity.

In fact, the formula for gravitational attraction is virtually identical in structure to coulombs law for electrics charge
attraction. We call the constants different names in the formulas but the relationships of the forces are identical in
each formula.

That’s the mathematical viewpoint above. From the geometrical BOTH look like this
The above basically is showing that gravity is electrical. Gravity and electrical attraction can both only be looked at
as phenomena without the underlying causes behind those effects. This fits that key.

Taking that and modeling it over our planet again yields that we should have an electrical zone that is around our
equator geometrically. And we do. Most of the Earth lighting is at the equator. There is little to no lightning at the
poles. At those locations, we have the magnetic auroras. No auroras in the electrical zone at the equator. (Could
this be why Tesla wanted to do a ring of light around the equator region? He knew it was more electrical.)

Again, lets apply this to space and Saturn. It becomes very clear quickly that the rings are charged objects being held
with electrostatic forces in the equatorial region.

Similarly, we can scale it up again and view our planets as charged electromagnetic objects in the suns electrical
equatorial region.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. They ultimately reveal one thing about light and photons. That being they are
geometrical forces under their "hoods" powering them. Their speed is the speed of inductance in the medium of the
universe. So, if you make them more electrical resistant they slow.
The triangle key I am using is taken from my friend Kelvin's work. More about the application of the triangular key
and using that shape for nature and energy forces can be found in his works. He covered EVERYTHING from space
to matter to EM forces. He also has about 75 hours of lectures explaining stuff on YouTube.

Basically the reason why the numbers match is because in both cases it is our measurement systems based on our
micro biased thoughts. So we go right to the mathematics. In the case of latitude, you are measuring an angle from
the equator to the North pole. so north pole would be a 90-degree latitude and the Equator would be 0. Our
mathematical way of thinking is what led us to assign that number to that location at Giza.

In the case of the speed of light it is the revealed through the geometry that the speed of light is a rate of inductance
dealing with the ratio between magnetism and electric parts in the EM field known as a photon.
The electric parts are the red and grey, and the N and S magnetic areas are the green and blue in this Tetryonics
diagram above of a photon EM field. If you change that angle Between the magnetic areas and the electric areas in
the EM field you can change the fields electrical resistance. With it balanced how it is though it rests at that angle.

Now the tie in. That exact angle is the same one in the latitude of the Giza location. We are viewing the same
geometrical cause as mathematics in both cases. And that's why I think the numbers match up. They are the same
numerical reflections of the same higher order geometry.

-Neal S