London is located in the south of England and is the political and economic capital of the
United Kingdom.

London has a population of more than 8 million that includes 270 (2 hundred and seventy)
different nationalities and about 300 (3 hundred) different languages.

It´s characterized by emblematic places its history, art and gastronomy.


The rains are frequent all the year. The coldest months are between December and march,
when the average temperatures are between 0 and 8 degrees.

The warmest months of the year are July and August, with 17 degrees of temperature


 In England, People drive on the left, except in street Savoy Court of London
 The taxi drivers in London are a special case. To obtain the taxi driver´s license, they
have to pass the “Test of knowledge”. They have to memorize 25 000 (thousand)
streets and 20,000 (thousand) points of reference.
 The underground of London, known as the “Tube”, is the oldest underground and
with the widest network of the world.
 The houses 23 and 24 of Leinster Gardens in London are actually false houses.