Ieri pe vremea asta ploua.

Ce faceai martea trecuta la ora 7 jum?

Ma pregateam sa merg la fac.

Baietii jucau carti cand l-au auzit pe tatal lor intrand in casa.

Si-au ascuns cartile si si-au scos manualele.

Cand te-ai intors de la munte?

Cand ai cumparat acest televizor?

Ieri mi-am pierdut manusile.

Batea un vand puternic cand am iesit din casa.

Unde ti-ai petrecut concediul vara trecuta.

In timp ce ploua, eu conduceam masina spre Sinaia.

Cine te-a invatat sa vorbesti engleza atat de bine.

Unde ti-ai petrecut vacanta anul acesta?

M-am gandit adesea sa imi iau carnet de conducere.

Vremea s-a incalzit in ultimul timp.

El e ministru de 2 ani.

Traduc un text de 2 ore si inca nu l-am terminat.

El a scris numai 2 scrisori, de cand a plecat in strainatate.

Aceasta este casa mea. De cat timp locuiesti aici?

Locuiesc aici din 1970.

Ea a locuit la Londra de 2 ani, si dupa a mers la Edinburgh.

Shakespeare a scris o tona de piese?

Fratele meu a scris cateva piese. Tocmai ce a terminat a 2 a tragedie.

Ma intreb unde este?

Nu a mai fumat de 2 saptamani, incearca sa renunte.

Cand a ajuns el? El a ajuns la 2.

Ai incuiat usa dupa ce ai iesit din casa.

Nu pot sa merg in oras pt ca n-am terminat treaba.

Nu am baut whisky niciodata, poti sa incerci acuma.

This time yesterday. and he went to Edinburgh. He tries to quit. He lived in London for 3 years. When did you return from the mountains? I lost my gloves. How long have you been living here. My brother has written several plays. I have been translating a text for 2 hours. This is my house.El tocmai ce a iesit in oras. I haven’t seen him for 3 years. He is a minister for 2 years. What were you doing. But you can try some now. Shakespeare wrote many plays. I wonder where is he? He hasn’t smoked for 2 weeks. it was raining. The boys were playing cards when they heard they father entering the house. After leaving the house… When did he arrive? He arrived at 2. . and I have finished it yet. I can’t go out I haven’t drunk whisky. The sun didn’t set at 8 last night. They hid the cards and took out their course books. I was thinking of getting my driving license. I have been living here since 1970. Who taught you to talk English so good? The weather has got warmer lately. He has written only 2 letters since he left the country ^^. He has just finished the second play.