Bamboo Orchid

Scientific Name : Arundina Graminifolia

The bamboo orchid, Arundina graminifolia, is a species of orchid
and the sole accepted species of the genus Arundina. This tropical
Asiatic genus extends from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand,
Vietnam, the Ryukyu Islands, Malaysia, Singapore, China to
Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea. It has become
naturalized in Réunion, Fiji, French Polynesia, Micronesia, the
West Indies, Costa Rica, Panama and Hawaii.
This orchid blooms in summer and autumn, showing rather
open clusters of showy terminal flowers, ten at the most. They
bloom in succession on the terminal racemes, which are 7 to 16
cm long. These flowers, 5 – 8 cm in diameter, are a rosy lilac and
white disk with a purple lip. The bracts are wide triangular and
surround the main stalk of the flower cluster. The occasional
fertilized seed pods contain minute powdery seeds, and small
plants often develop near the cane ends after flowering, and likely
aid in propagation if allowed to reach the soil.