Preliminary hypermedia project hand-in

1 Required Documentation for the preliminary hand-in
For the preliminary hand-in deadline (see dates on the first class-slides: “Course
introduction”), a three-part document should be written, which will be consisting of:
• Hypermedia title and a detailed description of the objective, contents, and main
focus of the work
• Preliminary storyboard
• A first draft of the user interface

1.1 Hypermedia title and abstract
Here you are expected to introduce the project you are going to develop. Each student
has to explain what the development plans for the project are. At this point you have to
specify exactly what the topic is, and inside that topic what the focus is. Describe all
aspects you are going to consider in this development, as well as the aspects that,
although related, you will leave out on purpose. Take into account that this is, more or
less, a two-month project, so you cannot include everything in the world about some
given topic. Just be sure that the stuff you decide to include is consistent and as self-
contained as possible. In this document you should also describe what information you
have gathered so far.
Example: one possible topic is “the sea”, but this will immediately raise the question of
what about the sea are you planning to cover… everything? Probably not, as this would
be too much for this project. So, you will need to specify if you are going to talk about
orography, ocean currents, fauna, flora, submerged volcanoes, climatology, etc.

1.2 Preliminary Storyboard

In this part you will have to present the storyboard developed so far. It need not be too
long, but it must have a certain degree of elaboration. Even more, as we explained (or
are going to explain) in the practical classes, the storyboard is neither a definitive nor a
fixed document; it changes continuously over time until the very last day. For instance,
on certain topics you might find much more information than originally expected, and
on others much less. This will force a change in the storyboards that is both logical and
natural. We expect this to happen.

projects should be developed twosome (preferred). 2 Observations: • Remember. These links are good candidates to go into the menu in the final implementation. It is clear that you have thought of a few of these links when designing the hypermedia. there might be some modules that have several incoming and outgoing links when viewed in the storyboard. For instance. because we don’t have enough time.3 Draft of the user interface From the information you have presented so far. • At the end of the project you DO NOT need to deliver the storyboard again. These nodes/modules should be carefully considered as valid interface candidates. • You can also send me a PDF file. as we must ensure our design is complete and. considering them is crucial. However. Just a few stapled pages is ok. . or at most alone. you must now start thinking about which nodes should have a direct link in the menu. take into account that it doesn’t need to work on all browsers. With the hypermedia document we have enough. Subsystems User needs 1. correct. • Do not deliver a “fancy” document. so I can use to evaluate your work. and tell me which one. even if at the end it turns out that they will not go there. hopefully. especially the storyboard. but you will probably discover more through close examination of the hypermedia. Be sure it works in a “decent” one. • For the final project.

. Also.) This can be done with a link to a Dropbox (or similar) file. In that case. but remember: finding a server is your responsibility.3 About the final hand in Basically. Actually. the main file must be called “index. Just send me the URL and I will grade from there. 4 Extra time If anyone needs ONE extra week.. for the final hand in you have to send/give/hand in the files comprising your hypermedia project (web pages. No further extensions will be granted after the second week . images. Important: • In ANY case.html”. • You can use whatever technologies you might want. I'll be pleased to grant it. js. See above. you can optionally provide with a web address where the assignment can be graded directly. no need to hurry (this is compulsory given the university’s regulations). more or less) or personally with a USB pendrive or a CD or DVD. I can grant up to TWO weeks: just send me another mail by the end of the first one. If wanted. inside that folder add a text file indicating the authors and the name of the starting file for your hypermedia. you can hand the source files in the following week. attached to a mail (take into account that my server will bounce anything larger than 2MB. grading will be done from the URL you provided. . CSS. • Put everything in a folder named with the names and surnames of the assignment authors • If you change any of these guidelines. Just drop me an e-mail.