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Teacher’s name : Gaby Roxana Bayeto Lescano

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Course : Advanced 1 Time : Monday, 17th January 2011 (7 a. m.)

Arcimboldo's Feast for the Eyes
Summary (150 to 300 words)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was born in 1526 in Milan. His father was an artist and this fact
allowed him to take up art since he was young. So he started his career designing cathedral
windows and then doing religious tapestries. A few years later, by 1560, he started working as a
court portraitist in the Hapsburg court, in Vienna.
In the Hapsburg court, where he served for almost 30 years, his job was mainly to paint
portraits of his royal patrons, but he did this in an unusual way: he created oddball composites
made of fruits of nature, creatures, flowers and other materials. For example, in 1590,
Arcimboldo painted the Emperor Rudolf II as a heap of fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, the
royal family was accustomed to his style: they enjoyed his imaginative paintings. They had
private collections of artworks in a kind of predecessor of museums where Arcimboldo spent
time browsing those pieces of art.
In 1569, he painted The Four Elements, a set of four paintings named Earth, Water, Fire
and Air. Those paintings had the same style as the portraits: they were formed by different
flowers, tree branches, fruits, coral fragments and sea creatures, depended on which of the
Elements was the painting about. They also contained references to the family’s symbols. Other
well-known paintings are The Four Seasons and The Four Seasons in One Head.
There are different opinions about Arcimboldo’s stuff. An art history professor says the
paintings were oddball, but they also symbolized the power of the royal family. An art historian
thinks the artists had knowledge of botany and zoology. And modern critics support
Arcimboldo suffered mental illnesses.
Personal Opinion (Min. 50 words for 150-word summaries | Min. 100 words

for 300-word summaries)

I hadn’t known Arcimbodo until I read this article about his work. But now I’m amazed
by Arcimboldo’s stuff because of two main reasons: the first one is that his art pieces are too
much creative and imaginative; and the second one, is that I think they are odd and frightening

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