From: “Mary Poppins: The New Musical”

Anything Can Happen (Broadway)



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thing can hap .co .pen if you F6 F+ F F+ x xx let it. 2005 Wonderland Music Compliments of musicnotes. and Cameron Mackintosh Ltd.times things are dif .fi .y . ! All Rights Reserved musicnotes. Inc.cult. but D7sus D7 Gm7 C7 xxo xxo x o 3 you can bet it does . Some . Inc.n’t have to be so. All Rights Administered by Wonderland Music Company. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN Music by GEORGE STILES Lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE Moderate 2 = 96 F F+ F F+ xx xx MARY: An .

thing can hap .er spade. An .com Compliments of musicnotes.y . it’s a F6 F+ F F7 5 x xx x mar .ter .es can be made. val. You can move a moun . Stretch your mind be - ! musicnotes.tain if you B /C C7 F F+ x x x o xx use a larg . You can be a but or D7 Gm7 xxo 3 just stay lar . 2 Gm7 C7 G x o ooo 3 Chang .

pen if you poco . tas . Dreams are made of D7 Cm/D D7 Gm7 A7 xxo x x xxo xo o o 3 3 strong e .com Compliments of musicnotes. vice and don’t for - Dm G9 F/C C9sus C7 xxo x ox x x x o get it.tic. A bit faster = 106 F F+ F F+ xx xx let it. Take some sound ad .thing can hap . las .y . An . ! musicnotes. C C/B Am7 5 3 x o o x xo o o yond fan .

lenge un - D7sus D7 Gm7 xxo xxo 3 til you’ve met . ! musicnotes. thing can hap . pen if you let it. 4 F F+ F6 xx x An . y . self. No one does it C7 Gm7 C7 x o x o 3 for Compliments of musicnotes. no one but your . F+ F F+ xx You won’t know a chal .

ing vi .il . tain. pos .lets get left up on the shelf. thing can hap . F F+ F6 xx x An .ble will D7sus D7/F Gm7 xxo xo x 3 soon seem cer . F+ F F+/E xx Things you thought im .lat . raise the cur . Though at first it ! musicnotes. G/B Am7 G7 B /C C7 5 x oo x xo o o ooo x x x o Vac .com Compliments of musicnotes. .co . o . y . tain.

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but WOMEN: Ah. 7 Quickly. with motion = 120 Em7 5 A7sus A7 xo o o xo o o If you reach for the stars. all you get are the Compliments of musicnotes. Dm7 Dm7/G xxo xo we’ve found a whole new spin. MEN: . If you reach for the If you reach for the ! musicnotes.

molto rit. heav-ens. ! musicnotes. 8 G9 Gm/C D 13 x ox x x x 3 .ing.y . you get the stars thrown in.thing can hap .pen if you let it. so go and get Compliments of musicnotes. Sturt! = 96 F F + F 6 xx x x ALL: An . F F + D 7sus D 7 xx xx xx Life is out there wait . you get the stars thrown in.

thing can hap-pen.lar. pen. thing can hap . An .cial. y .ing life. Compliments of musicnotes. per . fi .y . y . hap . seize it by the scruff. You can choose the su . thing can rall. F 6 F + F F +/E D 7sus D 7 x x xx xx xx xx fi . Faster = 110 G /B A m7(add4) G B/C C F F + x x x x x x xx 4 4 ALL EXCEPT TENORS: Once you’ve start -ed liv .per or the su . pen. it’s of - TENORS: An .co .nough. you just can’t get e . 9 G m7 C 7 G m7 C 7 x x 4 4 4 4 Grab it by the col . ! musicnotes. An .

ly forth the way we’re steer-ing.pen.y .thing can hap .pen.y .pear-ing.gret it.pen.thing can hap . sta . F /C C 7sus F /C C 7sus F /C x x x x x 4 4 MARY: An . Ob .ap . cles start Sal .y . Go and chase your dreams.y .y .thing can An .com Compliments of musicnotes.ap . . cles start D 7 G m7 A 7 D m G 9 xx x x 4 6 4 dis . you won’t re .gret it. dis . Go and chase your dreams. Ob . sta . ly forth the way we’re steer-ing. rit. 10 G m7 C 7 A m7 5 x x o 4 4 Sal . ! musicnotes. an . an . you won’t re . An .thing can hap .pear-ing.thing.

com Compliments of .pen if you let it. 11 C 7sus B6 B6/9 F x x x 4 Faster = 120 hap . WOMEN: If you let it. F /C C 7 F x x 4 ! musicnotes. MEN: If you let it.