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Teacher’s name : Robel Francisco Lévano Mallqui

Dictionary used : Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Course : Advanced 3 Time : 7:00 a. m. – 8:40 a. m.

Ten Royal Weddings to Remember
Summary (150 to 300 words)

History of British royal marriages reveals it has been full of infidelity and fatality. For

instance, in 1525, Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and his marriage to Anne

provoked the severance of England and Catholicism. However, she ended up beheaded for

adultery and he married Jane Seymour eleven years later.

Also there have been stories of true love. Queen Victoria had to propose to Albert, the

man she fell in love when she was seventeen. They had a happy marriage and when he died, she

wore black for five decades until she also died. Another example comes from 1936, when King

Edward VIII fell madly in love with Wallis Simspson and in order to marry her, he divorced her

wife and abdicated.

Furthermore, some exemplary royal couples worked for the commonwealth. George VI

and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wed in 1923 and not too much time later they became king and

queen. They formed a happy family with two daughters and their reigning restored the country’s

confidence in monarchy.

But also there have been love triangles. Probably, Prince Charles and Diana Spencer’s

wedding were the most covered story in 1995. And also it was the Prince Charles’ divorce from

Diana Spencer (he has an affair) and her subsequent death the next year in a car crash.

Now, Kate Middleton and Prince William (Diana and Charles’ son) are the next couple

to get married and take part of the British royal history.

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