Scripture is truthful because there is support 2 Peter 1: 12-21

In the first passage that we studied in the previous class and fulfilling the purpose of the letter that
is to strengthen the faith, the apostle exhorts to add certain things to the faith so as not to be

In the portion of the scripture that we are going to study today, we are going to divide the passage
into 3 parts.

The apostle's intention to emphasize teaching

The authority that the apostle has for being an eyewitness

And the divine authority of writing.

Remember what you already have

Start the passage with a "Why" for everything that was seen in vs 1 to 11 continuing with the idea.

The audience already knew that they had to do already had faith, virtue, understanding, self-
control, etc. (vs. 5-8). It also says in 2 Peter 3: 1 "I have refreshed your memory"

They had been taught at other times and it was important for Peter to remind them. It is not
something new or a secret formula.

We tend to forget what we are, what we have, where we were taken from, who is God, who made
for us, who is jesus who did that taught who is the Holy Spirit, how acts etc

It is necessary and very wise on the part of Peter as pastor (John 21: 15-17) who takes care to
remind his brothers in this way. Not confronting them, not by trampling them but by reminding
them of their value

The purpose of this reminder of the word already heard in preaching is to continue to strengthen
and ground them in the truth Colossians 2: 7

Peter has the conviction of the Pastor and feels obliged to refresh his memory with teaching until
the last day of his life and at this point he was already seeing it as something very close, that is, his
death. So he will try hard and hard (It is not something that leaves him at random or does it in a
carefree way) It is a task that will take care of him >>> To remember the taught all the time,

Peter's authority

Now it happens to give value to the predicate is to say about the coming of Jesus in all his power
(Gr Dinamin = Power from which comes the word Dynamite) The Gospel is not weak. Romans 1:16
It is God's power.

The gospel preached is not a tale or a myth. (It is what atheists say) It is real and Peter testifies to
his GREATNESS. They saw Him on the Mount of Transfiguration.

The story is in the 3 Gospels. Imagine the emotion of Peter telling his brothers. He is not speaking
of doctrine proper at the time. He is talking about something he saw and experienced.

However. (Hebrews 4:12) No book is as valuable as writing Psalm 12: 6 / 19:10 Peter gives the veracity of the writing that is the one that serves to strengthen the faith. For us it also applies that writing is like a star on top in a dark place. Peter is reminded again and again. It is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16) No book does what writing does. which we see of Jesus and the Father that excites us and we tell others? Peter had the law and the prophets. What glory and power can we see and experience in the scriptures. To cement it. First of all remember that it does not arise from personal interpretation. The writing is non-human Divine How we should approach writing. the essence of writing is Divine. The transfiguration on the Holy Mount CONFIRMS the messianic message and prophecies of the prophets. his passion was such that he struggled because even after his departure the brothers remembered not Peter but these things and words about Jesus Christ. The teaching of this chapter is not Myth is real. It is not born of man. Now we have the complete Old and New Testament picture. With this we can be prepared to face the false teachers (Chapter 2) and to come to the day of the Lord (Chapter 3) .