Our market leading network of The SGS Geometallurgical Framework From initial planning and drill program
geochemistry labs is linked globally to successfully integrates mineralogy and management through to geological
provide an unparalleled suite of target textural information with metallurgical interpretation and resource modeling,
elements. We also offer full services for liberation and selectivity parameters. Be SGS can provide you with geological
check samples, MMI™ and on-site labs. among the first to put metallurgical data consulting and exploration management on your block model or mine plan and services. As your trusted partner, we can
develop risk profiles! provide turnkey professional services or act as a technical advisor.
Mobile Metal Ion (MMI™) is a proprietary
SGS geochemical technology for finding
mineral deposits. MMI™ is a cost SGS geologists can act as Qualified
effective, advanced surface exploration Persons to prepare, review and audit Our automated, instrumented mineralogy
technique used to accurately locate deep technical reports compliant to NI 43-101 capability allows SGS to provide cutting-
mineral deposits. and JORC. We can also perform due edge High Definition Mineralogy. Our diligence, property evaluations and pre- comprehensive Advanced Mineralogy
feasibility studies. Facilities can help with detailed characterizations.
SGS has earned the reputation as market
leader in bankable metallurgical testing
in every commodity for scoping, pre- SGS is a pioneer in resource estimation.
feasibility and feasibility testing and Our experience ensures that your
in-plant services. resource calculations are completed with the utmost accuracy and integrity.

sgs. TECHNOLOGIES + KNOW HOW EXPERTISE + TECHNICAL DEPTH www.SGS is a registered trademark of SGS Group Management SA mining and during any year of mining industry and the environmental community. We can help you take advantage of the proven COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE + PRODUCTIVITY MORE + LEAN benefits of advanced control via the implementation of an expert system.sgs. We support on-site operations with: •• Periodic technical auditing •• Trouble-shooting •• Complete on-site daily metallurgical management www. © SGS Group Management SA – 2013 – All rights reserved . simulation or optimization. Gold AND cERtIfIcAtION cOMpANy prestart-up. the SGS global team SOCIAL delivers technical TRANSPARENCY + RISK MITIGATION MARKET INSIGHT + COST REDUCTIONS ADVANCED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT + STREAMLINED PROCESSES SGS is a recognized leader in the CONFIDENCE + EFFICIENT LOGISTICS development and integration of turnkey SPEED-TO-MARKET + GLOBAL NETWORK advanced control solutions.sgs. We •• Acid rock drainage testing and are available worldwide to assist you with www.sgs. effective COMMODITIES RESPONSIBILITY services and sustainable solutions that SGS can help decrease risk and increase can enhance your project. vERIfIcAtION. We can deliver in: theoretical knowledge and the latest LOCATIONS/CONTACT US computer and software technology. Daily. •• Waste characterization •• Water and effluent treatment www. SGS MINERALS SERVICES – T3 SGS 996 2 GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES SGS offers a broad suite of geotechnical testing for the mining industry and TESTING + EXPERIENCE FOCUSED + BEST PRACTICES governments. world-renowned IN-PLANT SERVICES SGS provides world-class technical support to ensure constant optimal mill throughput and .com/metallurgy www.sgs. We offer production Certifying your management systems What’s hot? Check out SGS’ experience in: optimization contracts and preproduction/ against SA 8000 through SGS will help •• tEStING SGS IS thE wORLD’S LEADING INSpEctION.sgs. with the commencement of your organization develop and improve •• Iron Ore social accountability. Take advantage of our TROUBLESHOOTING + EFFICIENCY expertise and experience and solve PRODUCTIVITY + SUSTAINABILITY specific challenges at your site.sgs. bankability. geological and geotechnical •• Lithium MINE CLOSURE & RECLAMATION •• Tantalum SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT •• Niobium Unite the testing and technical strengths SGS has a rare blend of people with •• Nickel of SGS with the stringent needs of the practical •• Diamonds minerals@sgs. contact SGS. •• Uranium GROWTH EFFICIENCIES PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION If you need MORE growth or want to generate LEAN efficiencies. mitigation your reclamation and closure concerns. www.