Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 

● Schedule Writers:
They take Mrs. L’s lesson plans and write the daily class schedule on the
board based on her plan
● Objective Posters:
They take Mrs. L’s lesson plans and write the class objectives on the board
for each subject.
● Cleaning Monitors:
Before 1st recess, lunch recess, and end of day dismissal they check the
floors, tables, & community areas for cleanliness and tidiness, and dismiss
ready tables.
● Pencil Management:
At first recess and lunch recess, they check and sharpen the unsharpened
pencil can and restock.
● Supply Coordinators:
They inventory class/table supplies for organization and refills on Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
● Diffuser Controler:
They fill and scent the room every morning with learning enhanced aromas.
● Brain Break/Joke of the Day Leader(s):
They select and use a variety of brain breaks/Jokes to keep students
engaged and alert to learning during scheduled times
● Lunch Count Recorder(s):
This team writes our menu choices on the board daily before going home
and reminds/records student selections, then delivers them to the cafeteria
each morning.
● Lunch Tub Team:
Ensures students put lunches in the tub and delivers to the cafeteria...after
lunch they bring the tub back to class and ensure lunches are gathered
before the end of the day.
● JiJi SWAT Team:
Only class members that are at the JiJi target percentage can do this job.
They will act as coaches for students that have 3 or more dots. They will
also fill out the weekly target chart and issue awards.
Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 

● Pledge Leader:
Daily leads the class in the pledge first thing in the morning OR right after
lunch using the call back… “Red White, … and Blue”.
● Chromebook SWAT Team:
These students will monitor the return and checking out of chromebooks,
the cleaning of them, and any technical issues that come up.
● Math Tech Team:
This team, uses Mrs. L’s lesson plans to pull up flipcharts for the upcoming
math lessons
● Inspirational Quote Committee:
Select from Mrs. L’s Quote board OR Class reading to post a weekly
inspirational or thought provoking quote to our wall for the week. Lead
class discussion/conversation about it.
● Health & Food Committee:
Keep track of the snack log for the week/day. Students that bring snack in
or want a snack sign it in/out with the food monitor. They check afterwards
to be sure the mess is cleaned up and that students were responsible to
have snack again the next time. They will also be key players in helping to
plan class parties.
● Class Library Committee
This team re-files our class library books, returns school library books
weekly, and posts book reviews to our book premier board.
Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 

Expectation How It Works

Entering the Classroom: 1) Greet your teacher at the door
2) Move ​Your Own ​Attendance Clip
3) Do your lunch count
4) Gather and prepare needed supplies
5) Check the board for morning work
and begin

Baggage Check & Parking Lot 1) Ask 3 before me
2) If you have a worry from outside the
classroom, place it inside the
baggage check
3) If you have a
worry/question/comment about a
class issue post it on the parking lot
for the quickest attention

Attendance & Lunch: 1) Tally mark your cafeteria selection for
Post Lunch Options the day
Move Your Clip 2) Move your clip to the other side of
Lunch Tub the ribbon
3) Put your lunch from home if you have
one in the tub by 9:00

Check the Class Calendar Weekly Every Monday Afternoon & Wednesday

Minimum Days 1) There are only 2
2) Dec. 1st & June 7th
3) 1st Recess comes at 10:45
4) Lunch recess happens at

Coming to Class Prepared: 1) Get Supplies: Pencil bags, Folders,

Pencil Bags 1) Pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers,
glue stick,

Lining Up 1) On my count…1, push your chairs in,
2, face the door, 3, quietly walk over
and make a straight line at the door
2) Teacher only open the door
3) Invite others to go first
Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 

4) Safe, kind, ready

Supplies 1) Each table group has a folder basket
2) Each table has a hook for pencil
3) Each table group has an accordion
binder with math papers/Spelling
4) Each table group has a group leader
that manages the organization of
these materials.

Homework 1) Use purple HW folders
2) Read 30 Min. nightly (on level AR
book comes back and forth between
home and school in purple HW
3) Log your reading in your weekly
reading log in purple folder
4) Math: the back side of your sprint

Absences 1) If you know ahead of time ask Mrs. L
for work
2) If you don’t know ahead of time ask
Mrs. L for missed work or to be
excused if necessary
3) Check the Extras box for the day to
get what you missed

JiJi Work Time 1) View the target percentages and
know where you are
2) Fill out your JiJi log every time
3) You can only ask/receive help if you
have 3 dots at the bottom of your JiJi
4) If you are behind, do it for HW

Emergency Drills 1) Fire Drill:
2) Shelter in Place Drill:
3) Hazardous Materials Drill:

Lunch 1) Lunch recess starts at 12:15
2) You come in for recess at 12:30
3) Your lunch tub should already be in
the cafeteria
4) The classroom will be locked so be
sure you have everything

Finished Early??? 1) Do your HW early ​(Make sure you
We are never done because there is always have proof for your parents)
Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 

more to learn!!! 2) Art Challenges
3) Sudoku
4) Puzzlers
5) JiJi
6) Unfinished Work
7) AR Reading/Testing
8) Spelling City

Bathrooms/Drinks 1) Unless it is an emergency wait till
independent work time
2) Always sign out on the classroom
bathroom log
3) Drink whenever you need to
4) Bring water bottles from home but
leave them on the floor underneath
your desk

Turning in Work 1) At the “Organization Station”
2) Into the correct file 4th/5th Grade

Technology 1) Ready=Be on task at all times +
accountability of my usernames and
2) Safe= Superb digital citizenship
3) Kind=Excellent stewardship of the
resources we have!

Call Backs 1) Stop what you are doing and respond
Ready, Set…. You Bet! 2) Give your full attention to your
Meanwhile…. Back at the Ranch teacher
Easy Squeezy… Lemon Peezy 3) Face the direction of the teacher
I say Chocolate, You say Chip, 4) Close your computer to half-mast
Hocus, Pocus… Everybody FOCUS!
Zip it, Lock it…. Put it in your Pocket!

Peechees 1) Return them by Wednesday
2) Take them home on Thursday
3) Thursday-Wednesday read over
information with parents and make
corrections to papers

Corrections 1) Students will be given the chance to
learn from their mistakes.
2) Graded papers lower than 70% will
be sent home in peechees with a
Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 

remark saying correct and return
3) They have as long as they need
within the trimester to make
corrections to it/seek help ​(within the
4) STUDENTS must turn in their their
corrections to the turn in box, with a
note on top that it has been corrected

Grading 1) 100-90 =A… This was easy for me!
2) 90-80= B… I get it.
3) 80-70=C… I sort of get it...
4) 60-70=D… I need help with this.
5) 60-0=F Please reteach and let me
try again!

Major Minor
Rights and Responsibilities

Positive Negative

Parent Notification Office Referral
Eagle Tickets Parent Notification
Positive Responsi

Table Supplies 1) Glue, Pencil bags, Binder Bucket,
Accordion, Genius Brains

Class Guests 1) Non DCSD employees must sign in
at the office first and wear a badge
2) Please pre-arrange with Mrs. Linford
3) Students: Make ALL feel welcome
BUT stay focused on your work &
4) Allow Mrs. Linford to interact without

Technology Programs & Accounts
Spelling City
Linford Class Jobs & Procedures 


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