7/20/2017 How to install a mac os x 10.

8 on a windows 7 laptop (hP) - Windows 8


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How to install a mac os
x 10.8 on a windows 7
laptop (hP)
dragonitedeath123 Mar 14, 2013, 1:49 AM

How to install mac os x 10.8 on windows 7 laptop.
Hp Top Experts - Windows 8
core i5
graphics card =AtI 76423 messages since

pls help me

3 answers LAST REPLY Sep 29, 2013 Colif
16572 messages since
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2:39 AM SR-71 Blackbird 108099 messages since 8/17/09 Try the hackintosh sties..8 on a windows 7 laptop (hP) . http://www.so knowing how to navigate it is helpful. 2013.hackintosh. and doesn't work on the rest. Also to find out just how useless the overall system is! ASK A NEW QUESTION Read More WINDOWS 8 Related Resources http://www..net/  ALL BADGES   FORUM HELP  jcurry23 Mar 14..osx86. and there are times when you need to help a friend who has a mac. 3:03 PM jcurry23 said: why would you want to do that To use Garage band for one. It works on some PCs.osx86project. 3:00 AM why would you want to do that Can't find your answer ? Ask ! How to .tomshardware. 2013. partially works on others..com/  SCORES  http://www.Windows 8 Solandri Mar 14. GET THE ANSWER Josiah Ayres Sep 29.com/answers/id-1624740/install-mac-windows-laptop.7/20/2017 How to install a mac os x 10. 2013.html 2/4 .org/ http://www.

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