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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bertrand Calls for Bill Dix to Resign as Majority
Leader of Republican Caucus
(Sioux City, Iowa) Sioux City State Senator Rick Bertrand today called for Senator Bill Dix to
resign his position as the Republican Senate Majority Leader in lieu of the jury verdict and 2.2
million dollar damage award in the former Republican Caucus staffer Kirsten Anderson lawsuit.

“After learning the facts of this lawsuit, and reading the shocking testimony of the current caucus
staff, I believe it’s time for Senator Dix to step aside as Majority leader and allow the Senate
Republican caucus a start fresh.” Bertrand stated.

Multiple current Republican staff members testified that they witnessed this ongoing
inappropriate behavior, but did not say anything to leadership for fear of retaliation.

Testimony showed that Ms. Anderson was fired just 7 hours after delivering a formal harassment
complaint to Senate leadership.

“Senator Dix has a pattern of retaliation, we all know that, and unfortunately power has that
effect on some people, and this jury did not believe that Ms. Anderson was justly fired, and
ultimately her dismissal was Bill Dix’s decision, and that lack of judgement has consequences.”

Senator Bertrand can be reached for comment at 712-253-7096

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