Republic of the Philippines

National Capital Judicial Region
Branch 1
City of Manila

Plaintiff, CRIM. CASE NO.2017-111123
FOR: Viol. Section 11, Article 2
R.A. 9165
- versus -



THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, through the undersigned City
Prosecutor, before this Honorable Court, most respectfully file their formal
Offer of Documentary Exhibits and avers: THAT –

Exhibit A to A-3 – Affidavit of the arresting officer
Purpose: to prove that a surveillance operation was conducted that led to the
arrest of one NOEL CRUZ ALARCON at his residence at 246 Walangbuhay
St., U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila;

Exhibit B -- Item confiscated
Purpose: to prove the existence of the Three (3) pieces small zip-locked
transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance “SHABU” to
show the cause of action;

Exhibit C and C-1 -- PNP Crime Laboratory result
Purpose: to prove that the white crystalline substance confiscated from the
suspect is methamphetamine or more popularly known as Shabu and to prove
that the confiscated substance from the suspect weight more or less 3 grams;

Exhibit D to D-3 -- Affidavits of the witnesses

91123 / 5-4-19 IBP No. Avenue. ELISEO J. SALVADOR. July 4. Ermita. CITY OF MANILA PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE By: JO-AN C. Exhibit E – Chain of Custody Form Purpose: to prove that the confiscated dangerous drugs are well facilitated. it is most respectfully prayed that all these exhibits be admitted and be made part of the evidence for the complainant. WHEREFORE. BANSAO Assistant City Prosecutor Roll No. City of Manila. 2017.Purpose: to prove that the arresting officers followed the PNP Operational Manual on arresting the suspect and that the confiscated substance from the suspect indeed came from him. PABLO Assistant City Prosecutor Roll No. 91234 / 5-2-20 IBP. Exhibit F to F-2– PNP Arresting and Booking Purpose: to prove that the police authority received a report that a suspect has been arrested at 246 Walang Buhay St. No. U.N. Philippines. 912345 / Lifetime MCLE Exempt PTR Exempt JHAMEL P.. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED. Counsel for the Defense . JR. Manila. 667900 / Lifetime MCLE Exempt PTR Exempt Copy furnished: ATTY.

City of Manila Received by:___________ Date: __________ .Room 200.. New Valentine Bldg. Central Philippine University Lopez Jaena St.