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The Enemy Within The Enemy Within:

Seek out, make contact, give hope
During 24 years of Service, I was lucky enough
to lead a team of incredibly brave, yet humble
people from all three services. In Afghanistan,
the Balkan mountains and the Sierra Leone
jungle, all of them always ran towards the sound
Combat Stress: caring for
of gun fire – despite clear and present dangers UK Veterans who have been
and, too often, terrible subsequent injuries.
We see the physical scars resulting from profoundly traumatised by
unflinching commitment to their country. But
we do not see those mental scars – the Enemy
harrowing experiences.
Within – which affect so many who return from
these fierce battlefields.
This is why I am
supporting this appeal
and I urge you to do
likewise. We must
never take their
sacrifices for granted. Head Office:
Tyrwhitt House, Oaklawn Road
Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BX
Brigadier (Ret’d) Telephone Number: 01372 587100
Ed Butler DSO CBE Email:

Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society

Registered Charity No. England and Wales: 206002
Art Therapy can form a vital part of
learning to live with mental injuries.
Registered Charity No. Scotland: SCO38828
The Combat Stress Appeal
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The Enemy Within: The Enemy Within: The Enemy Within: The Enemy Within:
Seek out, make contact, give hope Our Goals How You Can Help How You Can Help
Combat Stress At Combat Stress we work with Veterans to help Please accept my/our gift of £____________
is the leading them begin to rebuild their lives. I/We enclose a cheque to Combat Stress OR
charity caring for Please debit my MasterCard/Visa/Maestro/AMEX/CAF Card:
The Enemy Within appeal will help us do this
British Veterans
in two key ways: Card no.
who have been
profoundly • We will establish a national network of Security code (last 3 digits of the number on the signature strip)

traumatised Community Outreach teams to deliver highly Expiry date / Start date / (Maestro only)
by harrowing specialised treatment to the ex-Service men
Issue no. (Maestro only)
experiences and women who need our help, while also
during their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a potential providing them and their families with support.
occupational hazard to all those who serve Signature(s) Date / /
Service career. in our Armed Forces. • Our teams will seek out, make contact and Our Community Outreach teams will help traumatised Veterans to turn their Please fill in your details:
lives around.
There has been a 72% increase in Veterans give hope. Name:
seeking help from Combat Stress since 2005 It will cost £825 every day to run each of our
• We will enhance our Address:
with 1,303 new referrals last financial year 14 Community Outreach teams around the UK.
dedicated clinical and
alone. The need has never been more profound. The crucial care we provide relies on the
therapeutic treatment
For example, a recent survey of Veterans who’d in our three Short Stay generosity of kind members of the British Postcode:
served on an operation in Iraq found more Centres, to provide public who give their support to our work, Make your gift worth 28% more at no extra cost (please tick)
than one in four had sustained some level of a vital lifeline when acknowledging that these Veterans have given I am a UK taxpayer and want Combat Stress to treat all my
mental health injury. The most serious cases the debilitating their service and deserve the best possible donations for the last four years as Gift Aid donations until
treatment. further notice.
can be highly debilitating conditions such as symptoms of trauma
N.B. You must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), severe make everyday life to the tax we reclaim on your donations, currently 28p for every £1 you give.
depression or anxiety disorders. impossible. We provide ex-Service men Contact us: 01372 587100 Please return to: Combat Stress, Tyrwhitt House,
and women, as well as their
families, with vital support. Oaklawn Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BX. Thank you.
Call 01372 587151 to make a credit card donation today.