Born: 1231

Embraced: 1255
Baron: 1469
Dethroned and Escaped: 1765
Settled New Orleans: 1766
Became Primogen: 1766
Met Aurelius La Corbeau: 1779
Met Lucina: 1932
Karen becomes Lt: 1940s
Previous Prince Death: 1955
Support New Prince Marcel: 1955

Apperent Age: Mid to late 20s
Chronological Age: 761

I don't remember much of my days as a Mortal, I remember being nobleborn and that my birth year was
1231 but nothing else, not even my birth name, except that last night before being Embraced and the
sight of a shields heraldry with a scarlet rose.

It was 1255 I remember being Cold, snow was all around me whitening the landscape, In the distance i
watched a town burn, slowly everything was fading and bluring as the snow turned crimson around me,
unbearable pain in my side, It was then that she came, my savior, my sire wielding a shield with the
scarlet rose crest, she came to me and before i knew it, I felt both the greatest pain and pleasure, on that
night i became a Kindred.

My Sire Remilla Scarlet gave me a place within her House and a new name after the events of that night,
For over the next two centuries with the guidence of my Sire i learned of the Kindred Traditions, Clans,
Bloodlines and of course the Inner Politics, over the period i made many allies and perhaps some
enemies along the way.

In the year 1469 during the War of the Roses the original Baron of Carlisle died, a short period of anarchy
followed the Barons death, But I, barely just an Elder managed to rally the clans and bring order back to
Carlisle, Afterwards i took the position as the new Baron of Carlisle, part of me thought this was going to
be my place for eternity, but in Kindred years i was still young and foolish, when the year 1765 came this
may have been a proven fact.

A coup was in the works and i never saw it coming, the Primogen of Clan Toreador desired the position
that was mine, was mine, the coup was successful, so many that i would call friend and loyal allies
perished, my home destroyed..... along with the greatest woman i had ever known, I survived of course
and ran, they had me marked for death and where hunting me down, that is when i decided to board a
ship and travel to the new world, to my new home.

That is when i found myself in New Orleans in 1766, quickly i discovered that this part of the new world
had already been claimed by Kindred under the rule of Prince Doran, at first he was suspicious of me a
former prince entering his realm but quickly accepted me into his realm and allowed me to build my new
home, even allowed me to take the postion as the Ventrue Primogen, he truly was a kind Prince to accept
one with my original position.

over the next few years i started up some industusy and trade, then when word of revolution was in the

with my Arms and our Kindred abilities we easily overwelmed their postions. After the war i continued to make my Fortune and . that is also when i met Aurelius La Corbeau.air i even began arms trading. an interesting man who had alot of hatred for the english. in the year 1779 I joined some of the other Kindred who did not want interfernce from UK Mortals or Kindred began raiding attacks against the English. eventually the American Revolutionary War began.