Synastry Report

Prepared for: jessica and homeboy
March 21, 1995 at 01:27 (GMT -8 hours), 122w25, 37n46
November 18, 1994 at 12:00 (GMT -8 hours), 122w04, 37n40

The dual cosmodyne TOTAL score between jessica and homeboy is 74.47.

Negative scores show discord between two people, which is undesired.

An average HARMONY score is about +10.

First, check the dual cosmodyne harmony/discord score (the dual cosmodyne TOTAL score)
given right above this section. What you are looking for is a positive number greater than +10.
Since +10 is average harmony, you would like to see something +30 or more to indicate
greater basic harmony between you. You certainly do not want to see a negative number as
that indicates discord between you, which is something to avoid. Why settle for someone with
whom you have discord when there are people out there that can harmoniously blend with
your planetary energies?

Second, regardless of the amount of harmony between you, there will always be individual
planetary energies between you that are discordant. The below planetary interaspects are
sorted from most discordant to most harmonious. Why are the most discordant planetary
aspects listed first? Because these energies are what we most need to work on and transform
in our relationship with the other person. The good energy comes naturally, but the discordant
energy must be transmuted into positive energy if we are to make the most of any

Third, by understanding the below, use your best energies in order to improve and overcome
your worst energies.

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jessica is Mars and homeboy is Mercury (discord = -8.69) -- Mercury square Mars - Here there
is a conflict between jessica's aims and aggressive spirit and the reasoning tendency of
homeboy. This aspect can cause misunderstanding, arguments, quarrels and even more
serious friction between the two of you. Cooperation will be difficult to achieve. jessica's
qualities prove irritating and disturbing to homeboy, though there may be stimulus to thinking.
But, homeboy, this stirs up quick temper or tactless speech in you unless you are

jessica is Pluto and homeboy is Saturn (discord = -7.14) -- Saturn square Pluto - jessica will
probably act as the transformer or reformer and, homeboy, jessica will challenge your attitude
toward your own responsibilities of life. If the majority of aspects in the comparison are
harmonious, an unfavorable SATURN-PLUTO combination such as this will be mildly testing.
If there are many adverse aspects, such a combination as this indicates mutual resentment,
hateful attitudes and a desire to harm each other. This is an especially difficult combination
when found in the charts between parent and child.

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Mars (discord = -5.53) -- Moon square Mars - This aspect
may indicate an attraction in some cases, but the attraction is usually temporary unless there
are many other favorable aspects in the comparison to promote endurability. homeboy can be
highly irritating to jessica. homeboy's actions can upset the poise and disposition of jessica.
This aspect produces serious personality conflicts. If the woman's MARS aspects the man's
MOON, she will tend to nag. homeboy will be rude or abrupt toward jessica. jessica is
hypersensitive in reactions to homeboy.

jessica is Uranus and homeboy is Venus (discord = -5.01) -- Venus square Uranus - This
aspect is stimulating, but jessica seems uncertain, unpredictable and undependable to
homeboy. Though exciting and interesting, romance can be disappointing or even unfortunate.
You may be fickle toward each other and may not be able to depend upon each other. There
may be changes of heart, disappointments for both of you, and separations. Unless there are
many good aspects to balance this aspect, it is not recommended for marriage.

jessica is Mercury and homeboy is Saturn (discord = -4.52) -- Mercury conjunct Saturn -
homeboy's effect on jessica is much stronger than jessica's effect on homeboy. jessica can
learn much from homeboy, assuming that homeboy is either the older or more experienced of
you two and has the knowledge and wisdom to offer. homeboy can prove discouraging,
disparaging or too critical of jessica's ideas, reasoning, judgments or mental
accomplishments. homeboy can cause jessica to feel inadequate or ineffectual in some way.
homeboy will hold jessica to promises and will cause jessica to feel the pressure of any
responsibility that could exist in the relationship. homeboy can restrict jessica's urge for
learning, education or self-expression or, if homeboy approves, will be very critical and
watchful of jessica's progress. homeboy will tend to nag at times. jessica can encourage
homeboy and talk him out of negative attitudes or worry, and also encourage progressiveness
in homeboy. jessica, if you are the older of the two, you will have to answer the many

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questions that homeboy asks. homeboy would be resentful of jessica in some way or other.

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Saturn (discord = -3.22) -- Moon square Saturn - This aspect
tends to weaken sympathy between the two of you. homeboy disciplines jessica and the latter
may resent it. homeboy can be unjust, critical, unkind, inconsiderate or selfish toward jessica.
homeboy will oppose more readily than agree with jessica. homeboy arouses worry,
discouragement or some other negative attitude in jessica which may become difficult for
jessica to throw off. homeboy disregards the moods and feelings of jessica, who becomes
more sensitive in reaction as time goes on unless an inner defense is built. Between members
of a family or in marriage, homeboy may place too much responsibility on jessica, or blame
jessica for troubles, or limit jessica in some way.

homeboy demands much attention from jessica and is hard to please. This will try the
patience of jessica. jessica will have to learn patience and forbearance in this association. In
marriage there may be domestic difficulties and financial disagreements, or troubles with other
members of the family which threaten marital harmony.

The above is the description of MOON opposite SATURN. MOON square SATURN is similar
to the above but more productive of conflict. homeboy discourages, limits, frustrates and
delays jessica's efforts and progress, disregarding jessica's feelings. homeboy's duties and
responsibilities will discourage or depress jessica. Unless there are many good aspects
between your two charts to balance this aspect, you will not be of much benefit to each other.
homeboy would derive the most benefit. This aspect is not good for marriage, especially if the
man's SATURN aspects the wife's MOON. If the woman's SATURN aspects the man's MOON
she will tend to nag and will be too critical, exaggerating trifles. This can be a source of
misunderstanding and disagreement. Sometimes in-laws will prove a source of trouble
between the two of you.

jessica is Venus and homeboy is Sun (discord = -2.70) -- Sun square Venus - Power or
creative urge conflicts with social or love urge. No aspect between SUN and VENUS could be
seriously antagonistic. Here there is less complete harmony and sympathy between the two of
you than if these two planets were conjunct, sextile or trine. There may be differences of taste,
background, or of cultural, social or recreational inclinations. There may be a little envy,
jealousy, possessiveness and extravagances or overindulgence of one of you toward the

jessica is Venus and homeboy is Jupiter (discord = -1.10) -- Venus square Jupiter - There are
differences of taste. The two of you can overdo tact, courtesy and manners toward each other,
creating some irritation. This aspect is not actually harmful, but it makes for a bit of boredom.
You may not be completely frank or sincere with each other. Also, there may be differences of
opinion concerning the handling of finances or concerning religion and philosophy.

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Pluto (this aspect is neutral and could go either way) -- Moon
conjunct Pluto - This aspect can be either very good or very bad, depending on other aspects.

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homeboy enlarges the conceptions and ideas in jessica and stimulates jessica's imagination,
but homeboy can also arouse fears or vague repulsions of jessica toward homeboy. homeboy
is absorbing and possessive, sometimes given to jealousy. jessica, homeboy may try to
dominate you and change and reform something in your nature. Between the sexes, this
aspect is a testimony of physical attraction.

jessica is Pluto and homeboy is Sun (this aspect is neutral and could go either way) -- Sun
conjunct Pluto - Power urge combines with reforming or destroying urge. There will be a
struggle for authority, especially if both of you are strong willed. jessica forces change upon
homeboy, changes of circumstances, or through experiences together; even personality
changes can occur. Whether these happen for good or ill depends on other aspects in the
comparison. Conflict is threatened if the two of you are of different generations, for different
generations bring different viewpoints of life.

jessica can have a hypnotic influence on homeboy which is either good or bad depending on
the comparison as a whole. This aspect is sometimes found when there is an attraction
between individuals of widely different cultures or educational backgrounds and sometimes
between people of different races.

jessica is Sun and homeboy is Uranus (this aspect is mildly harmonious) -- Sun sextile Uranus
- Creative urge and individualism blend harmoniously. There is spiritual harmony and usually
a mutual benefit from this combination. Exchange of ideas stimulates originality in both of you.
Intellectual and creative powers are awakened. You are always interesting to each other.
Where romance and marriage are considered, this aspect enlivens the romantic feelings and
increases mutual interests and companionship.

jessica is Venus and homeboy is Mars (this aspect is mildly discordant) -- Venus opposite
Mars - homeboy's desire nature stimulates jessica's love nature. This is a strong aspect of
physical attraction between the sexes. There is much appeal to the emotions. homeboy
sometimes tends to be possessive, jealous or impetuous in this association. jessica finds
homeboy too impatient. Sometimes one of you will resist or repulse the other or perhaps this
attraction is not felt by both of you. A little too much emotion in this combination can lead to
friction and disputes. Jealousy will often raise its head. Unless many harmonious aspects
balance this aspect, there will be considerable tension or conflict in love and marriage

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Neptune (harmony = 0.27) -- Moon sextile Neptune - This
aspect indicates a psychic tie. You are unusually sensitive to each other's moods and feelings.
There is often a telepathic communication between you. There is much sympathy between
you. homeboy may seem a bit aloof to jessica at times. This aspect can indicate much mutual
inspiration, and in high-type individuals, spiritual accord and mutual devotion. There is much
consolation and comfort. Any interest in mysticism or occult study in either of you will be
brought out and increased by this aspect.

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jessica is Saturn and homeboy is Neptune (harmony = 0.35) -- Saturn sextile Neptune -
homeboy can be an inspiration to jessica. jessica can stabilize homeboy. This is a harmonious
aspect, but not a very important one.

jessica is Saturn and homeboy is Mercury (harmony = 1.65) -- Mercury trine Saturn - jessica
stabilizes the mind of homeboy and suggests rather than criticizes. homeboy can appreciate
the knowledge and experience of jessica and can give jessica new ideas.

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Uranus (harmony = 2.43) -- Moon sextile Uranus - homeboy
awakens and inspires ideas in jessica. jessica's imagination can stimulate originality and
versatility in homeboy. Your relationship always has something unusual in it. homeboy assists
jessica in unusual or unexpected ways.

jessica is Pluto and homeboy is Jupiter (harmony = 2.47) -- Jupiter conjunct Pluto - This
aspect is variable as it can be either favorable or unfavorable depending on other
combinations in the comparison. jessica can be possessive and domineering. homeboy will
inspire and encourage jessica as a rule. This aspect will probably benefit jessica more than
homeboy. It sometimes indicates financial success in business, marriage and/or political

jessica is Ascendant and homeboy is Venus (harmony = 2.92) -- Venus sextile Ascendant -
Indicating mutual harmony and friendship and general emotional and social compatibility, this
aspect is favorable for marriages, romantic relationships and business partnerships. There is
sexual attraction if this combination is combined with other comparative influences of a similar
nature. You can help each other in the diplomatic, public relations aspects of social and
business affairs.

jessica is Ascendant and homeboy is Mars (harmony = 3.02) -- Mars trine Ascendant -
Effective and harmonious mutual action is favored by this combination. It indicates sexual
attraction. You can coordinate your actions effectively and will respond instantly to each
other's needs. This is a favorable aspect for mutual efforts in physical and mental
self-improvement. You can work together effectively in business, financial and professional

jessica is Uranus and homeboy is Sun (harmony = 3.61) -- Sun sextile Uranus - Creative urge
and individualism blend harmoniously. There is spiritual harmony and usually a mutual benefit
from this combination. Exchange of ideas stimulates originality in both of you. Intellectual and
creative powers are awakened. You are always interesting to each other. Where romance and
marriage are considered, this aspect enlivens the romantic feelings and increases mutual
interests and companionship.

(harmony = 3.95) -- Sun trine Sun - Creative and power urges harmonize easily.
Temperaments adjust readily. There is mutual sympathy and understanding of ideals and
aims. This aspect is favorable for any and all relationships, provided the comparisons show no

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great number of conflicts. This position is usually good for marriage.

jessica is Uranus and homeboy is Jupiter (harmony = 4.22) -- Jupiter sextile Uranus -
Humanitarian qualities of personality are brought out in both of you. You will respect each
other's need for freedom and individuality of expression. You can encourage talent
development and self-expression, ideals and altruistic views in each other. You inspire each
other in many ways. There is much stimulus of ideas, ideals and creative objectives, also
many mutual recreational enjoyments.

jessica is Sun and homeboy is Jupiter (harmony = 4.74) -- Sun trine Jupiter - Creative power
urge blends with benevolent, protective urge. This is an inspirational influence, a sign of
mutual encouragement, tolerance, helpfulness and forgiveness. There is sympathy,
protectiveness, loyalty, generosity, and, as a rule, mutual trust and confidence. When you try,
you can and instinctively will bring out the best in each other. You benefit each other in either
or both a spiritual and material way. Regardless of any adverse aspects between your two
horoscopes, there will be a desire to protect and help each other. jessica, you will probably
benefit more from this association than homeboy will.

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Jupiter (harmony = 5.28) -- Moon conjunct Jupiter - This is an
unusually good aspect. This aspect encourages mutual confidence and respect. homeboy
stimulates jessica's imagination, ideas and self-confidence. homeboy lends assistance to
jessica, and will be patient, tolerant, protective and generous. If the association is not an
especially happy one, homeboy will never hold any lasting ill-will toward jessica. jessica, you
will usually have favors granted when you appeal to homeboy. homeboy here is especially
protective, generous and helpful, but can be too indulgent, as well. jessica will be generally
adaptable and cooperative. In marriage, this aspect stimulates fertility, assuming the health
and age of the wife are conducive to child-bearing. homeboy, if you are religious or spiritually
inclined, you can have a very inspiring and ennobling effect on jessica, bringing out the best
facets of jessica's personality.

jessica is Neptune and homeboy is Sun (harmony = 5.91) -- Sun sextile Neptune - Power urge
harmonizes with spiritual urge. This aspect indicates a spiritual tie, much inspiration,
understanding, sympathy, empathy and unusual sensitivity to each other. There is a psychic
tie or stimulus of occult interests between the two of you. Between persons of the opposite
sex, this aspect inspires reverence, romance, devotion, idealism, tolerance and personal
sacrifice. Much compassion and sometimes pity establish the relationship. The attachment is
subtle, but forges a strong bond. This aspect aids mutual confidence. There is much attraction
and sympathy between the two of you. In friendships, enjoyment of music and aesthetic,
occult or metaphysical interests ensures congeniality.

(harmony = 7.54) -- Mercury trine Mercury - This aspect indicates harmony and agreement on
the mental level. It abets understanding. Any differences of opinion can be easily resolved,
adjusted or reconciled. Many mutual interests are discovered. This aspect encourages mental
development in each of you and stimulates ideas and conversational facility between you. You
can learn much together and from each other.

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jessica is Sun and homeboy is Pluto (harmony = 7.60) -- Sun trine Pluto - Power urge
harmonizes with the reforming urge. There is not much reaction here. The aspect can be
favorable for the exchange of ideas. It stimulates enterprise and ambition in both people. It
can be favorable for business or political associations, and especially good if both persons are
engaged in research or promotional activities.

jessica is Neptune and homeboy is Jupiter (harmony = 10.06) -- Jupiter sextile Neptune -
There is encouragement of idealism, spiritual or religious interests and charitable instincts in
each other. There is often a strong psychic tie. Both planets are expansive and so can
encourage efforts toward realization of material ambitions, too. In the case of business
associates, this aspect is propitious for the accumulation of wealth, if the charts are
harmonious and show good endurability.

jessica is Moon and homeboy is Sun (harmony = 11.35) -- Sun conjunct Moon - Creative and
power urge blends with the domestic, submissive urge. The masculine and feminine instincts
of both of you combine well. Here there is harmony of personality, interchange of sympathy,
good mental affinity and mutual understanding. Your personality traits complement each
other, yet are not identical. Each of you possesses something of the other's nature. jessica is
intuitive and sensitive in reaction to homeboy. homeboy is protective toward jessica. This
aspect is a powerful attraction between the sexes. This aspect indicates ability to achieve
compatibility and harmony. When the woman's SUN conjuncts the man's MOON, she might
try to lead or dominate him, which is not so wise, though if she is aware of this tendency she
can overcome it. Perhaps the wife may become "too bossy", a complaint of many an unhappy

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The ability to get along harmoniously with our fellow men and women is an asset impossible
to overestimate. The success and happiness of every individual rest upon it. There is scarcely
any activity or situation in life that does not involve contact with other human beings. The more
easily a person adjusts himself to family, community, and the associations he forms in earning
his livelihood, the smoother will be his path in life. Nearly all the tension and strain of modern
living is brought about, not by difficult conditions, but by disturbing emotions aroused in
personal, group, or public contacts.

A prime requisite for getting along with others is self-understanding and self-control. If you
understand yourself, you will find it easier to understand others. Self-control enables you to
handle your contacts more positively.

Astrology emphasizes SELF-UNDERSTANDING because you must first know where your
own faults lie in adjusting yourself to others. In a horoscope we read individual personality
through the sign ascending at the hour of birth - the rising sign; therefore the opposite point
(the 7th house) is one's projected attitude toward others, or what we may call the general
public. Every square or opposition aspect in our horoscope can be viewed as a personality
trait which tests our ability to get along harmoniously with others. The testing may not come
out as an open conflict, and the more emotionally mature the individual is, the less apt it is to
do so. In this case it remains a psychological factor, part of the character or spiritual growth.
Such a tension or problem of adjustment may present itself in family relationships or marriage,
or in business or friendships. The planets symbolize one's instincts and urges, and if there is
an inner conflict, as indicated by a square or opposition aspect in the individual horoscope,
and by some of the conjunctions (principally those in which one of the malefics is involved -
Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto), this inner conflict will express itself in many, though
probably not all, of his human contacts.

Bear in mind that in comparing horoscopes you are analyzing the effect of one individual upon
another. The purpose of comparing horoscopes is to explore the possibilities and problems of
an association; to understand why another person affects you as he does and how you are
apt to affect him.

It is a law of attraction that our attracting or being attracted to certain persons or environments
is rarely, if ever, pure chance. When the association or environment is testing or unpleasant,
the experience has been attracted because of a conflict of personality in the individual nature
that needs to be resolved. We must come to terms with our own conflicting urges. Sometimes
the test may be up to our discrimination in accepting or refusing a situation or an association.
Some individuals may need to develop the courage and willpower to say "NO" to an
association that could be harmful to them.

Regarding romance and marriage, it is very important to distinguish the difference between
personality and character. Romance may begin with an attraction of personalities, but it is
CHARACTER that decides the success of a marriage. Astrology is the best way to diagnose
the character of a person or the characteristics of a relationship. Yet remember, the

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horoscope shows tendencies only. It is a matter for you to determine how any position will
work itself out. That will be determined by the use you make of your own WILLPOWER.


According to the dictionary, to attract is to "draw by some winning influence: charm, allure, to
entice, to win." We can insert parenthetically that some people are more attractive to the
opposite sex than others, and so attract more opportunities for romance and marriage. If you
are attracted to another person, you are interested, curious, have a friendly feeling, and are
disposed to look with favor upon that person. You'll pursue and encourage the
acquaintanceship. An attraction felt between members of the same sex creates friendship.
When two people of the opposite sex are strongly attracted and feel the pull of animal
magnetism, or what we can term the polarity of opposites, we have the basis for romance.

Sometimes such an attraction is superficial and temporary. Many a person has felt attracted to
another person of the opposite sex for a brief period and afterward wondered exactly what he
or she had seen in that person. Sometimes an attraction is one-sided. Many people mistake
pity for love, or are misled by flattery and attention. Sometimes an attraction springs from
sheer loneliness. If real love is to develop, the attraction should be more than a superficial
one. In comparing horoscopes we analyze various factors, and the greater the number of
aspects of attraction, the stronger will be the attraction.

Most IMPORTANT in judging attraction are the aspects between the Ascendant or
Descendant of one chart and the planets of the other chart, and vice versa. Unless the
Ascendant or Descendant of one horoscope combine with the planets of the other by sign
and/or aspect it is doubtful that, whatever the attraction, that it would result in marriage. It is
the Ascendant, symbolizing the personality of the individual, that determines the real power or
magnetism of the attraction. The Ascendant of one chart in aspect to planets of the other chart
CONFIRMS and SUPPORTS any congeniality and compatibility as read in the aspects formed
between planets in the respective horoscopes.

Couples who get along well usually agree in viewpoint. Temperaments may differ, but they
should be congenial. That is, they should blend or balance each other, not clash. This is
known as polarity. In astrology temperament is described by the elements: that is, fire, earth,
air, and water. It is important that the Ascendants of the two people be compatible, since the
Ascendant represents basic disposition and temperament. Fire combines easily with fire or air.
Earth combines easily with earth or water. Any other combination will probably denote friction
due to "rubbing each other the wrong way." Perhaps a simple example will better aid in
understanding. Imagine fire and water combining. They do not combine easily because their
natures are different. Either fire boils water and produces steam or water drenches fire and
extinguishes it. The same thing can happen when a fire person combines with a water person.
There is an analogous effect between people for the other combinations of the elements.


The astrological interpretations in this report have been formulated with the assumption that
both peoples' birth dates, times, and places are accurately given and have been accurately

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entered into the program. This includes whether the birth time was daylight savings time or
standard time. Even a difference of one hour in birth time can invalidate much of the
interpretation given in this report. If inaccurate birth data is used, then the interpretations in
this report will probably not apply, according to the ancient axiom, "garbage in, garbage out."

By no means is this astrological analysis of your relationship complete. Obviously, your
relationship is far more complex than what a few pages of writing can depict. Hopefully, this
short description of your relationship and its inner character will lead you on your way to really
discovering what your relationship is and what it can become.


The text in this report is taken from the following book: SARGENT, Lois Haines (1958), How to
Handle Your Human Relations. Tempe, Arizona: American Federation Of Astrologers, Inc.,

Many thanks go to the AFA (American Federation Of Astrologers) in allowing me to use the
text from this wonderful book. Please visit for all your astrological

Following are links where you may purchase the above-mentioned book:

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