Welcome to 6th, 7th and 8th


Azalea Middle School {2017 – 2018 Class Syllabus}
Mrs. Melissa Creaser  Rm #2-205  creaserm@pcsb.org
This year long course is a program which operates on the principle that if you hold students accountable
to the highest standards, provide academic and social support, they will rise to the challenge.
We focus on preparing students for a 4 year college education.
Materials needed daily:
In this class you will experience…
 A pencil / pen
 Collaboration with others
 Organizational skills  Tutorial spiral notebook (Tues / Thurs)
 Goal setting  Loose leaf paper
 Inquiry  AVID Binder (taken to all classes)
 Writing
 Reading
 Leadership skills Each week a student is required to bring in 2
 Career research tutorials per week due on Tuesday and Thursday.
 College research / experiences Each tutorial is graded on competition properly.
These assignments are participation based and
will not be able to be made up if missed. Each
grading period there will be atleast one major
Class assignments: project and rubrics will be used for student self-
Tutorial Request forms  Daily class assessment. One test will be given each grading
period based on AVID strategies. Grading scale
participation  Khan Academy SAT
will follow Pinellas Cty Public Schools’ district
practice  College/Career Projects grading policy.

Student expectations in the AVID room: Khan Academy will be assessed on time spent on
the program working on core class topics or SAT
Respect, Responsibility & practice. Each week the student is required to do
1 hour for a 30 pt assignment.
Donations Definitely Needed:
I would like the students to be able to make AVID tie-
dye shirts in class to show their pride around school
that they are AVID students. If you could help us out
that would be great. We need:

 Iron paper / letters

 White t-shirts

 Tie dye kits