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verifies functionality under all conditions. The SediCon Sluicer is characterized by extreme reliability. Costa Rica. India. Japan. Norway with subsiduary in Costa Rica. We provide conceptual and detailed design to maximize sediment exclusion and minimize construction and operation cost. reduce turbine wear and thus increase the production. Honduras. including: Studies Design Equipment Operations Solutions for desilting basins and sand traps: Studies include sediment sampling and analysis. and representative in Ecuador and Japan. low water consumption and by the possibility for custom design for any capacity and type of sediment. and without affecting the power production: The SediCon Sluicer is a fixed sediment removal system where sediments are flushed out through an outlet pipe to an area lower than the pressure level of the sand trap. and work with local partners when appropriate. Sediments are removed in a controlled. SediCon can increase reservoir storage. Nepal and a large number of offshore projects worldwide. Sedicons headquarter is in Trondheim. without external energy input. Ethiopia. Projects in Norway. Equipment for sediment removal includes the Sedicon Slucier (The Slotted pipe sediment Sluicer) which provides efficient sediment removal without pumps or movable parts. environmentally friendly way. Complete sediment handling solutions SediCon provides complete sediment handling solutions from the very start of a project to the end.SediCon AS Sedicon is a supplier of proven and reliable sediment handling solutions. sediment removal studies and optimization of sand traps and desilting basins. SediCon Sluicers with 3000 ton per hour sediment removal capacity under installation installed at Khimti headworks. With in depth knowledge and in-house developed technology. .

sediment sampling and analysis and optimization of sediment removal strategies.Solutions for intakes ponds and reservoirs Studies include sedimentation studies and reservoir lifetime assessment. hour in Cebadilla. Costa Rica . SediCon Dredge removing 120 m3 sediment per No power input is required. The energy head between the water surface and the outlet is the driving force. The Sedicon Dredge Equipment for sediment removal from reservoirs includes the SediCon dredge which provides efficient sediment removal without pumps and without interfering with reservoir operation. eliminating the necessity for an external source of power. Sediments are removed without lowering the water level or interrupting the water supply from the reservoir. where the service is supplied in co-operation with a partner. The Sedicon dredge itself will be custom designed for each single reservoir. The reservoir dredge is custom designed for long transport distances and any required capacity. Design works will include conceptual and detailed design to maximize sediment exclusion and minimize construction and operation cost. Dredge can be operated by local personnel. Sediment removal from reservoirs is normally supplied as a complete service.

Olav Tryggvasonsgate 24b .SediCon AS also provides custom design and specialised solutions for e. 7030 Trondheim.no www.no SediCon Latinoamerica SA P. Norway Tel: +47 73 52 93 00.: Debris/slide removal Contaminated sediment removal Dredging inside tanks and piles Archaeological excavations The Sedicon reservoir dredge provides sediment removal at high water levels and continous operation of reservoirs. Norway E-mail: post@sedicon.O. 2.sedicon. 7011 Trondheim.g. Brochsgt. Box 1348-1200 Tel-fax: +(506) 22 39 38 04 COSTA RICA . Prof.