Where the crime took place: 124 Rogers Road Chapel Hill, NC 98541 (a mansion


Victims: husband and wife Lily Johnson and Greg Johnson.

What happened: Lily and Greg were murdered by a gunshot that a person had committed. The person
had already left the scene before we could catch the person who committed the crime. We got a call
from the neighbor that they heard a gunshot and they told the police it was the house next door. The
neighbors did not go check the house immediately because they were scared that the person who shot
the husband and wife might’ve still been there.

Arriving at the crime scene: We secured the crime scene once we arrived and took photograph of the
whole house. We saw a footprint that was made in the mud outside of the house because there was rain
the day before the crime had happened so we took a picture of the footprint and we used casting to
take it as evidence. After that we looked inside the mansion where the murder happened and looked at
the victims bullet wound and there was blood all over the crime scene. According to the ballistics they
were shot by a firearm. The person who killed the victims also left a shoe mark inside the house but it
was smeared. We checked the upstairs and saw that a lot of these items were stolen and when the
person was stealing the items they dropped a few. The person who committed the crime left with the
back door and left evidence of fingerprint we took that evidence to the lab to find out who it was. The
lab scammed thee fingerprint and it showed a man named William Stand a 37 year old man who has
been in jail for other crimes that he committed. They tracked his information down and had his car
license plate and his house address.