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Response and Assessment Tools

Lesson Idea Name: Guess That Shape
Content Area: Math
Grade Level(s): Kindergarten
Content Standard Addressed:
MGSEK.G.2 Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.

Technology Standard Addressed:
1. Empowered Learner: Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and
demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.

Selected Technology Tool:
Socrative iRespond Quizlet Plickers Kahoot! Office365 Forms

URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):

Technology that student will use to respond to questions/prompts:
Computer Hand-held student response system (like iRespond) Phone Tablet (such as iPad)
Other wireless device (such as iPod Touch)
Type of session:
Teacher-Paced Student-Paced
Blooms Taxonomy Level(s):

Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Describe the instructional activities that will occur PRIOR to the SRT activity and how you will introduce
the SRT activity.
The teacher will have an anchor chart ready for when the students come into the classroom. Once all of
the students are seated, the lesson about shapes will begin. As the teacher is going over each shape and
explaining the definition of each shape, they should try and stay as close as possible to the definition from the
Quizlet (this way students are informed on what they are looking for). When the introduction to shapes is
over, the anchor chart should be put away just while students are working on the Quizlet (it can be brought
out and posted to the wall when the lesson is over).

Describe the purpose of the SRT activity (check all that apply):
Assess prior knowledge Anticipatory set (Create interest in a topic) To illuminate common
misconceptions Formative assessment of content knowledge (for purpose of differentiation and
mastery for ALL students) Summative assessment of content knowledge Test preparation
Survey/Poll Discussion starter Homework collection Other (please explain):

Briefly describe what will happen DURING the SRT activity:

During the SRT activity, the students can use tablets (if available) or the class can take a trip to the
computer lab. The students will bring up the Quizlet and start reviewing the flashcards. Once the students
have gone through the flashcards and feel comfortable, they are free to go onto the matching/review section
of the Quizlet. For the review section, the students should show the teacher their score. Once the teacher has
seen the students score, they are free to play the review game on the Quizlet.

Summer 2017_SJB
Student Response and Assessment Tools
Type of questions/prompts used in this activity (check all that apply):
Multiple choice Multiple select True/False Yes/No
Short open-ended response or fill-in the blank Longer open-ended response

Right/Wrong answers: Will there be right/wrong answers to these questions?

Yes No
Mixed (Some will have correct answers, other will not.)

Immediate corrective feedback: Will you pre-select correct answers to some of all of the questions and
display correct response to the class after the SRT activity?
Why or why not?
I want students to know if they are on the right track or not. Giving students the answers as they go along
will help them with the answers they may have gotten wrong before. Students will have the opportunity to do
these more than once and the repeated practice with the answer will hopefully help them learn.
Describe what will happen AFTER the SRT activity?
After the SRT activity, the class will come back together as a whole and review the section of the
matching/review section of the Quizlet. This is to let any students who may have gotten a question wrong
review the material. Any of these student are able to retake the Quizlet to see if they do better after the
whole class discussion.

How will the data be used?
The data for this lesson will be used as a pacing tool for the class. the data will show what students are
succeeding and what students may need to spend more time with the information. The scores for the
matching/review sections will be written down by the teacher (just so they can keep track) but will not be
used as a grade or any kind.

Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.
Ive never taught from just an anchor chart so it would be interesting to see how that went. It would also
be interesting to see how Quizlet works as an assessment tool and if being in the computer lab is an
appropriate place for something like this to take place. My hope is that students will learn by doing for this
activity. The students have multiple ways and multiple chances to learn the material through this lesson and
Im hoping the repetition will aid in the learning.

Other comments about your SRT activity:
The SRT portion of this lesson does not need to be done as a whole class, students can do this individually
during independent work time. They would still need to show the teacher their score for the SRT activity.
Learning about shapes is a section of a standard, so being tested formally on this content would come
later, students would not be tested at the time of this lesson.

Summer 2017_SJB