Questionnaire format for Bus Rapid Transport System

Note: The survey is conducted by me, Rajni Kumar, student of M.Arch, Lovely Professional University. Your details will not be passed
onto any third party and this information will only be used for the academic purpose.
"To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your consent to process sensitive data. If you consent to us processing your
data then please answer the questions, otherwise tick the "Do not wish to answer" box in the relevant places.”
1. Bus Route__________________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Name of respondent __________________________ 2. Contact _________________ 3. Address ___________________________
4. Gender a. Male b. Female 5. Any physical disability? a. Yes b. No 6. Disability type
7. Age < 11 12 -15 16 - 24 25-35 35-45 45-65 Above 65
Q8. Timings of your travelling
Morning (7AM to 12AM) Afternoon (1PM to 4PM) Evening (5PM to 8 PM) Late in Evening (After 8 PM)
Q9. How often do you use public transport
Daily Weekly Sometimes, when needed Never
Q10. What is the purpose of your trip?
Work School Other
Q11. Do you think travelling in such public travelling saves your time? Yes No
Q12. Do the buses come in the bus station according to the Time-table? Yes No
Q13. Do you get a satisfactory reply from the Inquiry Window? Yes No
If No, then please tick a suitable one from the following:
Absence of officer Due to his misbehavior No window at all
Q14. What makes you use this public travelling?
Frequency of Buses Timings of Buses Due to Cheaper Fares Comfort Safety No other option
Q15. Thinking about travelling in and around the city by using such public travelling, how do you feel about using such services?
I would be It's not my preferred way of I would only use it if there is I would never use it
happy to use travel but still I will consider nothing else available
Q16. Are you satisfied with the services rendered by Metro Bus? Yes No
If yes, then please indicate the level of satisfaction you derive:
Highly Partially Neutral Partially Highly dissatisfied
Satisfied satisfied Dissatisfied
Q17. Are the Parking facilities near the BRTS appropriate? Yes No
Q 18. Do you find the location of Bus Stops appropriate? Yes No
Q 19. Are you satisfied with the crossing measures provided for the pedestrians near BRTS?
Highly Satisfied Partially Neutral Partially Highly
satisfied Dissatisfied dissatisfied
Q20. Are you satisfied with the routes covered by BRTS? Yes No
Q 21. Do you agree that internal space and sitting arrangement of buses are comfortable?
Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Q22. Is the public addressing system in the bus convenient to the passengers? Yes No
Q 23. Do you feel about the price charged by Metro Bus for their various services?
Very High High Reasonable Low Very Low
Q 24. Would you like to receive updates on the services of BRTS through mobile app? Yes No
Q 25. Rate Bus Stops on the following Parameters
(where 5 stands for highest marks and 1 stands for lowest marks)
Parameters/ Factors
Sitting arrangements
Inquiry counter
Water facility
Advance Ticket Window
Q26. Give your opinions/suggestions about the improvement of such transport services: