SEPTA Regional Rail & Rail Transit What You Need to Know

About Passes
Doylestown TransPasses not valid on Regional Rail Trains except
New Jersey
Delaware Valley College West Trenton NJ for travel on Airport Line trains between CCP stations
4 New Britain
Chalfont 4 Amtrak to:
and Philadelphia International Airport. Not valid for travel
Link Belt
Colmar Yardley New York between any two Center City Philadelphia stations.
Fortuna Warminster Woodbourne Montreal

Fare Guide
NJ Transit to:
Lansdale Neshaminy Falls New York Zone 1 TrailPasses valid weekdays on Regional Rail for
Pennbrook Trevose New Jersey Points
North Wales
Willow Grove Somerton travel from CCP Stations to all stations located within the
Gwynedd Valley
Penllyn Crestmont
Forest Hills
Trenton geographic boundaries of the City of Philadelphia, on trains

3 scheduled to depart 30th St, Suburban, or Market East
Ambler Roslyn Bethayres Transit
Fort Washington Ardsley Meadowbrook Center
Stations before 4:00 p.m. or after 7:00 p.m. (except Forest
Amtrak to: Oreland
North Hills Rydal River Line
Harrisburg to Camden

3 Hills and Somerton Stations)
Norristown Glenside
Chicago Jenkintown-Wyncote Levittown
(Elm St) Chestnut Elkins Park
Thorndale Main St Hill East Bristol
Zone 1 TrailPasses valid on Regional Rail for travel from

Downingtown Gravers Melrose Croydon
Norristown Fox Chase stations located within the geographic boundaries of the
Whitford Norristown Trans. Ctr. Chestnut Wyndmoor Fern Rock Park Eddington
Exton Mt Airy Trans. Ctr. Fern City of Philadelphia, to CCP Stations, on trains scheduled
Hill West
Trans. Ctr.
Malvern Rock Ryers Cornwells Heights
Paoli Highland Stenton T.C. Frankford Trans. Ctr. to arrive at 30th St, Suburban, or Market East Stations after
Spring Mill
St. Martins
Allen Lane
Washington Lane Olney
Germantown T.C.
Lawndale Torresdale
9:30 a.m. (except Forest Hills and Somerton Stations) July 1, 2013

Devon Bridgeport Miquon Carpenter Margaret- Holmesburg Jct
Wister Logan Orthodox
Strafford DeKalb St Upsal
Wayne Hughes Park Ivy Ridge Church Tacony
Gulph Mills Wyoming Allegheny Allen Lane Angora
St. Davids Manayunk Erie-Torresdale

Chelten Ave Wayne Jct. Bridesburg

Radnor Matsonford Hunting Park

County Line Wissahickon Queen Lane Bridesburg Carpenter Chelten Ave


N. Phila (CHW) Tioga

Villanova East Falls Chestnut Hill East Chestnut Hill West East Falls

Radnor Allegheny

N. Phila

Villanova Rosemont Allegheny North Philadelphia Somerset
Stadium (Ithan Ave) Bryn Mawr Cynwyd
North Broad Huntingdon Fern Rock Fox Chase Germantown
Garrett Hill
Roberts Rd
Susquehanna-Dauphin Temple U.
York-Dauphin Gravers Highland Holmesburg Jct
Bala Cecil B. Moore Trolley Route:
Bryn Mawr
Wynnewood Wynnefield Ave
15 to Port Ivy Ridge Lawndale Manayunk
Fairmount Richmond
Ardmore Ave Narberth Trolley
15 to
63rd St
Mt Airy North Broad North Philadelphia
Ardmore Jct Merion 40th China-
Wynnewood Rd Overbrook
Trolley Route: 30th Street
Spring Garden town Spring
& Delaware
Olney Overbrook Queen Lane
Race-Vine Market
10 to
East City Hall Camden Ryers St Martins Sedgwick
Customer Service
Walter Rand Trans. Ctr.
Township Line Rd
Parkview Mill- Ferry Ave, Camden Stenton Tacony Torresdale
bourne 63rd 60th 56th 52nd 46th 40th 34th 30th 15th 13th Collingswood
69th Street Trans. Ctr. Westmont Tulpehocken Upsal Washington Lane
Fairfield Ave 11th 8th 5th 2nd Haddonfield
Wayne Junction Wissahickon Wister 215-580-7800
4 3
Walnut St 36th Woodcrest
Avon Rd 37th 33rd 30th 22nd 19th 13th Ashland
Wyndmoor Wynnefield Ave 49th St
Hilltop Rd 40th City Hall
Beverly Blvd Trolley Routes: Lindenwold
Congress Ave
Lansdowne Ave 11 to Darby Walnut-Locust 9th/10th
Drexel Park 13 to Yeadon/Darby University NJ Transit to:
Drexel Hill Jct City 15th/16th Atlantic City
Zone 3 TrailPasses: Valid weekdays on Regional Rail for
Irvington Rd 34 to Angora
Huey Ave

Customer Service TDD/TTY
36 to Eastwick 12th/13th
School Lane
Aronimink Garrettford
49th St
Lombard-South travel from Center City Stations to all outlying Stations, on
Anderson Ave Drexel Manor Ellsworth-Federal
trains scheduled to depart 30th Street, Suburban, or Market
Drexelbrook Marshall Rd Angora
Drexeline Creek Rd Fernwood-Yeadon Tasker-Morris
Scenic Rd
Springfield Rd
Baltimore Ave
Penn St Lansdowne Snyder East Stations before 4:00 p.m. or after 7:00 p.m.
Saxer Ave Springfield Rd Gladstone Oregon
Leamy Ave Clifton-Aldan

Providence Rd
Woodland Ave
Thomson Ave Clifton-Aldan Magnolia Ave AT&T Zone 3 TrailPasses: Valid on Regional Rail for travel from all
North St Market-Frankford Line
outlying stations to Center City Stations, on trains scheduled
Springfield Mall Sports & Entertainment Complex
Paper Mill Rd Primos Bartram Ave
Broad Street Line
Pine Ridge
Beatty Rd
Secane Andrews Ave
MacDade Blvd Darby
& Broad-Ridge Spur to arrive at 30th Street, Suburban, or Market East Stations
Providence Rd Morton Norristown High Speed Line
Manchester Ave
Edgmont St
Monroe St
Jackson St
Sharon Hill Glenolden
Curtis Park
Sharon Hill
Folcroft 1 between 69th Street and Norristown
Trolley Lines (Routes 10, 11, 13, 15,
34, 36, 101 and 102)
after 9:30 a.m.

Olive St
Veterans Sq
Moylan-Rose Valley Norwood
Prospect Park
Regional Rail Lines
(end shows route destination)
Cross-County Passes: Valid for intermediate travel over the
Media Ridley Park PATCO Line entire RRD system. Valid to/from or Via CCP with payment of
Orange St
101 Crum Lynne train to New Jersey (not a SEPTA service)
Media Eddystone Terminal A
(East & West) Free interchange additional Zone 1 fare
Chester T.C. Philadelphia (no transfer needed between transit services)
Highland Ave Terminal B International
Elwyn Marcus Hook Terminals C & D Airport Pedestrian Connection
Claymont Terminals E & F
(additional fare needed for connecting service)
Wheelchair accessible station
Trans/Trail/Cross County Passes: “ANYWHERE”
privileges on Weekends & Major Holidays
Churchmans Crossing

Newark 4 Airport
1, 2, 3, 4 Represents Regional Rail
Fare Zones
Amtrak to: NJ New Jersey Regional Rail Major Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial
Effective as of July 01, 2013 Washington DC Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

and Temple Children 5 years and older Cash Fare ($2. Subway.00 One Day Convenience Pass $8.00 $5. Trolley $2. (Train Arriving/Departing 30th St. Valid Monday-Friday.00 $10.00 Transfer: $.00Valid for 8 rides on any With Valid ID: Individual $12.00 $7.00 Transfer $1.Monthly $91. and PHLASH (May-October) Valid Senior Travel ID Riders with Disabilities AT ALL TIMES Family $29. Regional Rail (after 9:30 a.m.00 $62.00 • Valid on Bus. Suburban.00 $3.00 • PA Disability Transit ID Card • Medicare Card (issued by Social Security Administration) Senior Citizen (65 and older) FREE AT ALL TIMES Transfer-Purchase $.septa.00 No additional zone fare 4 $6.00 $29.00 .com/ Zone 1 Stations: North Philadelphia and North Broad Token + $.50 .00 (Weekly or Monthly) Zone fare required purchase a TransPass to pay their fare • Valid for 8 trips on Bus. or 2 tokens + $.40 or a Zone 2 or higher TransPass $24.00 Cash boarding required 3 $5. (Train Arriving/Departing 30th St. Sunday.80 With Valid ID & Payment of Fare: Cash $2.00) Pass Transit Route taken on one day • PA Senior Citizen Transit ID Card • Good for one day of UNLIMITED travel on Bus.m.00 Senior Citizen (65 and older) AT ALL TIMES person • NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL ON REGIONAL RAIL Pass Travel in PA .00 Valid for unlimited rides Children Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Independence on any Transit Route ZONE Cross Cross Transfer $1.75 $5. 4 years or under.75 $6.00 – base fare No additional zone fare 1 $27.00 TransPass $24.75 $5.50 FARE COST NOTES Evening & 10 TRIP Weekday ZONE Weekend TICKETS Tokens $1. 7:00 p.m.00 No additional fare at TrailPass TrailPass • Up to 2 children.50 $8.50 Token $1.00 $7.00 $5.00 . Subway. and Trolley +$. riding with fare paying • PA Senior Citizen Transit ID Card Children adult: FREE AT ALL TIMES • Medicare Card (issued by Social Security Administration) • Good on Philadelphia (B) Cash Fare: Purchase from Train Conductor All fares subject to change Cash Fare $2. Trolley.25 $101.00 Valid for 8 rides on any (A) Advanced Sales: Purchase at Ticket Office or online at shop. 4 years or under.25 Exact fare required (A) (B) (A) (B) (A) • PA Disability Transit ID Card Token $1.m.transfer 2 $36.00 $191.00 (To/From NJ $44. – 7:00 p. Pass one day Subway. Weekdays for travel to Center City).00 $54.125.00 $109.00 $9.Monthly $109. with Valid PA Disability Transit ID or Medicare Card With Valid ID: at least 1 but not more than 2 individuals 18 years or older Cash Fare $1.00 $45. Suburban Station.50 Purchase at beginning of trip One-way cash fare.00 TrailPass required (Weekly or NJ $9. – last train Cross County Pass Weekly $29. Market East Stations) Travel ID Suburban. 5.50 per child .00) Riders with Disabilities AT ALL TIMES 50% of Weekday Fare • Family Pass good for up to 5 people traveling together. 30th Street.00 • Children 5 years and older Fare required per child School Fares During Authorized Hours Customers currently using a Zone 1 (NHSL) or Zone 2 (123. Subway.00 $80.00 $163.00 Cash Monthly) WEEKDAY EVENING/WEEKEND Valid Monday-Friday. riding with fare paying Pass taken on one day County County boarding required adult: FREE AT ALL TIMES Riders with $1.00 One-way fare Cash Payment Only Seniors FREE With valid Senior 4:00 a.50% of Weekday Fare One Day Independence Pass One Day Convenience $8.50 Children No additional Zone fare required With Valid ID: Up to 2 children.thecommuterschoice. 3 $44.75 $7.00 No additional 124.50 $135.00 $3. in one day by one Individual Independence $12.$1.00 • Additional children: Fare required per child Additional Fare Instruments Accepted Disabilities required $ .00 Transfers $1.00 Valid for unlimited rides on any Transit Route taken on one day To/From NJ/DE . Market East. Subway. • Railroad Retirement Annuity Card Senior Citizen (65 and older) FREE AT ALL TIMES • Medicare Card (issued by Social Security Administration) Trolley. 150) TrailPass to travel on these Routes can now Anywhere $53. 4 years or under.00/$91. Subway. Subway. Children ages 5 though 11 yrs 50% of Weekday Fare riding with fare paying adult: FREE AT ALL TIMES • Additional children: Fare required per child CCP Stations: University City. Trolley Shared Ride Paratransit $4.00 $10. Market East Stations) All day Saturday. 124.80 No additional Zone Sold in 2. 125 & 150 TICKETS Save Time & Money Buy Passes/Tokens Fare: $1.00 fare required • Good on Bus.50 TransPass Weekly $24.75) or http://www.00 No additional fare at ADA Paratransit $4. 10 packs • Medicare Card (issued by Social Security Administration) CCP/1 $4.75 $6. Trolley 2 $4.80 No additional Zone fare PASSES required Individual $12. CITY AND SUBURBAN TRANSIT FARE SUMMARY REGIONAL RAIL FARE SUMMARY Bus.00 $38.00/$91.00 (To/From NJ $17.25 Cash Fare Riders with Disabilities AT ALL TIMES BUS ROUTES 123. Major Holidays • Valid on any Bus or Trolley operating outside of the City of NORRISTOWN HIGH SPEED LINE One Day $8. Trolley • Up to 2 children.25 Convenience Transit Route taken on • Valid Weekdays within the City of Philadelphia on Bus.