The world first and only atomic bomb was essential the second

world war and save lives.. to this day majority of Americans
still believe it was the right thing to do. As dose one of japan
top historians, Sadao Asada who says it was prompted japan to
surrender. (Which is your point as well). But that’s not the
whole story. Did you know that a number of leading USA
military and political figures at the time were hugely critical of
President Harry Trumanle decision to nuke the Japanese.
Admiral Willain D-Leahy Truman,s Chief of Staff said that by
using Nuclear weapon “the US had adopted an ethical standard
common the the barbarians of the dark ages”. Former US
president Herbert Hoover said, “ The use of the atomic bomb
with its indiscriminate killing … revolts my soul”.
Ethical debate aside was the Bombs necessary for ending the
war? Well, six of seven five stars US Generals and admirals at
that time felt there was no need to drop the Bomb because
Japanese surrender was imminent, General Dwight
Eisenhower, latter President said “ Japan was already defeated
and that dropping the Bomb was completely unnecessary” and
he wasn’t alone in his opposition to that.
in fact, a post-war panel of 1000 experts, including surviving
Japanese leaders concluded “ Japan would have surrender even
if the atomic bomb had not been dropped”
today more and more historians are questioning the
conventional the traditional argument favoring the attack
including the top Japanese historian including Tsuyoshi
Hasegawa “ has marshaled compelling evidence that it was the
soviet entry into the pacific conflict not Hiroshima and
Nagasaki that forced japan surrender”
here is another Question WHY DROP TWO ATOMIC BOMBS ?
As US historian Barton Bernstein what ever one thinks about
the necessity of the first a-bomb, the second – drooped on
Nagasaki.. was almost certainly unnecessary” 39,000 people
men, women children were instantly incinerated in Nagasaki

My personal view about Japanese leaders of that time stays the same which is “they were barbaric and cruel to people out side japan”. its not something US President are fond of doing. Sadaat Sethi .000 in Hiroshima. Obama might be the first US sitting president to visit Hiroshima but no one is expecting an apology from USA.ll never apologize for the United States of America ever I don’t care what the facts are” Note: to all readers this article dose not poetry my personal view but the facts around “was it necessary to drop two bombs on japan or not” this article only conclude views of historians and world leaders during that time.and atleast 60.Bush “I. George H.W.